Religious Discrimination

Research recent cases (2015–2017) involving employment discrimination with regard to either sexual orientation or religious discrimination. Once you have identified a case of interest, discuss the following: 3 pagesName the organization involved.List the facts of the case.Analyze how the case was processed legally.Indicate the final outcome/resolution of the case (if there has been a final determination made).Was national legislation changed as a result of the case?

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Intelligence Analysis

1. What is the consumer’s role in the intelligence process?2. Explain how teamwork is essential in intelligence analysis.3. Describe the criteria for being an effective analyst.4. Discuss the principles and practice of data mining and analysis in the modern era.5. Examine and discuss what constitutes the intelligence cycle/process.Please use only peer-reviewed journal articles as references. Additional sources may be included but must be in addition to the two required scholarly references.1. Each answer will have at least two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles. (No Exceptions)2. The in-text citations and references are to follow APA Style (most recent edition) formatting.3. All answers are to be a minimum of 500 words, not including the questions and references.

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Law Enforcement Officers

1. When creating and implementing student codes of conduct, school authorities should ensure rules and consequences are written clearly and enforced in a nondiscriminatory fashion.2. Every punishment should be paired with procedural due process (notice of violation and punishment, an opportunity to refute charges before an impartial decision maker, and explanation of decision based on evidence).3. The extent of due process provided should increase as the punishments become more severe.4. If a student is expelled, then the school must provide a number of procedural protections (e.g., a full and fair hearing before an impartial adjudicator, with the opportunity to confront and cross-examine witnesses).5. Corporal punishment has not been found to be unconstitutional, but it may be prohibited by state law or local district policy.6. A student’s substantive due process rights are violated if the administration of discipline rises to the level of shocking the conscience.7. Academic sanctions for nonacademic reasons should be reasonable; related to performance, absences, or other academic concerns; and serve a legitimate school purpose.8. Students possess Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches; however, school employees need only reasonable suspicion that a student is violating a school rule or the law to search a student.9. The level of suspicion required increases with the intrusiveness of the search: searches that are highly intrusive must be supported by a greater degree of suspicion.10. A search of a student must be reasonable at its inception and reasonable in scope.11. Student athletes and those involved in extra-curricular activities can be drug tested without reasonable suspicion.12. School personnel should refrain from conducting strip searches or blanket searches of groups of students.13. Questions have been raised about the involvement of law enforcement officers, including

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Natural Law

What is virtue? Why be virtuous?What is the strongest argument in favor of Natural Law, and why? What is the strongest argument against it, and why? Cite your sources from the class readings and other course materials.

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The Law of Defamation

When we are conducting research, we want to be thinking about how we are using the sources. There is no benefit in just reiterating what other authors have stated previously, you need to ‘add value’ by providing critical analysis and demonstrating how their ideas and theories fit into your own arguments.Read the following extracts and reflect upon the differences in how the authors present the arguments and work of another. What differences can you observe, and which is the better expression of critical work?1. In a recent article, Newbery-Jones contended that “the current law of defamation is not fit for purpose and needs significant reform.” Warburton also believes that the law is unfit, stating that “defamation law is dumb.” Zavoli and a number of other scholars aggressively disagree.2. Both Warburton and Newbery-Jones have questioned the adequacy of the law of defamation in England and Wales. However, their respective positions have been criticised by a number of diverse scholars, particularly those who question the validity of Newbery-Jones’ sample participants. Furthermore, Warburton’s piece was written in 1983 and is not wholly reflective of the current state of the law. Yet, there is a commonality within the work of all these scholars. All fail to adequately address the shifting realities of the sphere in which defamation law functions in a much more technologically advanced society.

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Biometrics In Criminal Investigations

Biometrics continues to be an emerging field, and its use continues to evolve in criminal investigations. As you know, fingerprints are considered to be scientifically valid evidence that has been accepted by various courts. However, many of these new technologies have not had enough time to be scientifically recognized as valid means of identifying somebody for criminal trial related purposes. With this in mind, examine some of the challenges with the lesser accurate forms of biometrics, including facial recognition, voice recognition (voice stress analysis), or signature recognition. Prepare a 3–5 page paper that addresses the following questions:Select 1 of the above listed less accurate forms of biometrics and summarize the science behind it (i.e., how it works) and how it can be used in criminal investigations.Identify at least 2 challenges to the selected biometric. In other words, what are the limitations of its use?Provide a hypothetical example of the selected biometric being used in a criminal investigation.Support your work with properly cited research and examples of the selected biometrics applied in the public and private sector.3-5 pages

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Crime Scene Investigation

In 3–5 pages, excluding the title and reference pages, respond to the following questions:Explain the value of footprint or footwear evidence, how to preserve and photograph the evidence, and how to cast the impressions.Discuss the procedures used in the examination of firearms evidence.

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Justice Profession

needed help with my unit 6 assignment…its asking for me to identify 3 indivinviduauaindividual needs(explained) and 3 societal needs(explained) for the criminal justice field. And explain criminal justice practitioners role for these needs..i honestly dont think i even understand the difference in individual and societal needs of the cj field.01.If you could just help me understand the difference a little better….. And maybe an example for each? That would be very helpful. Thank

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Systems of Government

Compare and analyze France’s and Germany’s systems of government

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International Commercial Arbitration

A several tasks preparation for final essay, I answered the first one only and I believe it can be improved.however, you might need a specific area to answer these tasks so I would say that I’m interested in Fin-tech and Arbitration.some of possible topics you can build on: Fin-tech revelation / the Relationship between international commercial arbitration and foreign investments ( does it help ) / investments in fin-tech (what encourages gov. And institutions to invest on it ?) / and so onRefrence style is OSCOLA, Font size and type is Arial 12 for main text and 10 for footnote, 1.5 spacing for main text and single for footnote.marking criteria will be focused on answer the question, effective use of source 2 to 3 for the poster, critical analysis and presentation.Let me know if any further information is needed please.I have uploaded the file.

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