[SOLVED] Translate Poems from Spanish to English

Part 3—Dictation and Listening Comprehension The listening passage for this examination consists of two poems. You’ll hear the poems three times. These poems are to be written in Spanish as you hear them spoken on the tape. As you listen, write what you hear on scrap paper. Make any corrections necessary and transfer your final version to the Microsoft Word document described in the submission instructions. Send that version only for grading. Do not send your rough copies to the school. Listen here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jV7GthMlk7-Ns9Uw3Xi3AuUsFJFxOiTR/view?usp=sharing First Poem: ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Second Poem: ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

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[SOLVED] Cuban Revolution

Please discuss the root sources of the 1959 Cuban Revolution and describe its main protagonists (e.g., Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista). Subsequently, elaborate on the repercussions that this important event had for Latin America and the United States. Instructions: Please write 2-3 pages (double space, 12 point font) citing all relevant sources studied during the class. Rubric for the essay Root sources 1.0 points Description main protagonists 0.5 Repercussions 1.5 points Writing 0.5 points Material used and Citation 0.5 points

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[SOLVED] Economic Development of Latin America

How developed is Bolivia? How does it compare to the United States and to some other countries in Latin America? How does it compare in size (population, area, economic size)?   Check out some other World Bank indicators for your country: Go to https://data.worldbank.org/country Click on BOLIVIA and download the “Country Profile” compare some of the indicators that interest you to the United States and some other countries in Latin America.

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[SOLVED] Multimodal Comparison of Interaction of Deaf and Hearing Swimmers

1. I got 20 percent plagiarism for the thesis. I would like to have 1 percent or zero percent plagiarism. 2. I need a plagiarism check report for the thesis. 3. Proof read my thesis. 4. Work on table 1 content and please put it in a good format. Just what I did at chapter 1 and 2. 5. Work on the reference to put it in a good order 6. If I repeat myself in some paragraph. please rewrite the paragraph. 7. My thesis should be in total 20.000 words.

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[SOLVED] Homework Assignment for Spanish Class

some multiple-choice, some short answer questions, conjugating verbs and such for elementary Spanish on the college level. these homework assignments will include you signing in to my pound and completing the assignments through the account. you will get instant answer and have five attempts to complete each short answer. fewer attempts for multiple choice.

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[SOLVED]  Mexican Civilization

Description Skilled workers, much like the numerous roles they occupy, are often very different. In the motive power industry, and the automotive sector more specifically, there is increasing diversity among tradespeople and industry workers. And although in the past the Canadian workforce, especially the trades, was predominantly male, and most often Caucasian – that’s no longer the case. In recent decades a diverse group of new Canadians, First Nations People, women, and LGBTQ+ Canadians have entered the workforce in industries where they may not have been previously represented.  As a result, the Canadian workforce, industry culture, spheres of influence, and people within the automotive industry as a whole have changed. Diversity within the automotive service and repair industry now brings together not only a rich variety of ethnicities, races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, but a host of unique personalities, experiences, skill sets, and perspectives. Appreciating and respecting difference is key to their success. Women in trades Although women currently comprise less than 2% of Canadian Automotive Service Technicians, interest and numbers are growing as traditional stereotypes and social norms change. Additionally, as young women are increasingly exposed to skilled trade pathways, like the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program and other government initiatives, there is an increased interest in pursuing nontraditional employment. What’s more, finding acceptance, and having the support of male role models and industry counterparts goes a long way in helping women feel welcome and valued as productive members of the automotive indusTRY HELPFUL LINKS https://youtu.be/LItq5aScL8c https://youtu.be/-PcpkHT8xaU https://youtu.be/RIRk-PDVJto

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[SOLVED] Critical Biography of Dominican Figure

Students will choose a Dominican individual or person born in colonial Santo Domingo (SALOME URENA  is the Dominican figure) whose life represents or intersects with the themes and topics discussed in our course. The chosen historical individual must have been born prior to 1880. For their term paper, students will research the individual and create a critical biography that goes beyond the mere facts of the individual’s life and begin to consider how the individual has been portrayed in history, what role they played within the social development of Dominican society, and how we can understand their life as representative of the historical moment in which they lived.      Term papers must be approximately 8-10 pages (between 2,000 – 2,500 words). All papers must provide at least 5 secondary sources in APA citation style. These sources can include books, book chapters, peer-reviewed articles, encyclopedia entries, academic research reports, archival sources,  or .org/.edu websites.

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[SOLVED] Community Service Learning

Ethnic Studies 101 CSL Alternative There are hundreds of community based non-profit agencies/organizations. In lieu of the actual service learning due to the pandemic, I would like you to research the following the eight (8) agencies/organizations and please answer the questions: What is their Mission Statement? How are they funded? Reading Partners vs. Fresh Lifelines for Youth (How are they similar? How are they different?) Catholic Charities vs. Glide Foundation (How are they similar? How are they different?) Surf rider Foundation vs. Friends of the Earth International (How are they similar? How are they different?) ASPCA vs. Animal Rescue (How are they similar? How are they different?) Three pages. Include a Works Cited page Note: You may choose to compare and contrast different agencies in lieu of the ones provided, but you need to check with me first.

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[SOLVED] Latin American History Honors

USA/MEXICO ESSAY How has the relationship with the USA affected Mexico over the years? Has it been good or bad overall for Mexico? 3 pages long, 3 sources cited  The header should only include: name and date no title MLA cited bibliography

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[SOLVED] Spanish Migration

The student will analyze an issue in historical and/or contemporary immigration, emigration, or internal migration, focusing on the impact of this issue on the person(s) and the culture(s)/society(-ies) of origin and/or receipt. This analysis must include both a thorough description of and, if relevant, an argument regarding the issue: Include any context relevant to the issue, e.g. religious, biological, racial/ethnic, cultural, societal, legal, moral, economic, etc. Include impacts of various sorts arising from the issues, e.g. legal, cultural, financial, moral, resources, etc.

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