Appellate Brief

The Appellate Brief project that you will be working on is based upon the fact pattern in the Lesson 05 discussion question. This problem centers around the law of agency which we do not study as a class until Lesson 14, the week your final paper will be due. For this project, you will draft an appellate brief to the State of Florida appellate court. In this brief, you will present the issue(s) to be resolved in this fact pattern. You will conduct legal research utilizing the tools provided in the Lesson 05 video (How To Do Free Internet Legal Research).  You will read and apply the law that you find into a discussion/argument answering the issues raised in the fact pattern.   While you are welcome to proceed at your own pace, certain benchmarks have been provided throughout the course of the semester to keep you on track to providing a fully written and edit final paper in a timely fashion. As such, your first step after re-reading the fact pattern is to review your fellow students’ Lesson 05 discussion posts to formulate the issue(s) to discuss in your paper. STEP 1: Run a Google search to find the Wikipedia (or any other secondary source) definition of an employee and independent contractor – Lesson 06 STEP 2: Run a Google search to find the Wikipedia (or any other secondary source) definition of the term vicarious liability. Next, determine what it means for an agent “to act within the scope of their employment” – Lesson 08 STEP 3: Conduct your legal research.  Find several supporting cases, statutes or administrative regulations that may help support your client’s position and submit – Lesson 10 For all students whose last names start with A-M, you will take the side of the appellant (Chemco). For all students whose last names start with N-Z, you will take the side of the appellate (Matthews). STEP 4: Draft outline to your arguments, cover page, issue(s) to be presented on appeal and statement of facts. View the following attachment for an example of  sample brief  sample brief – Alternative Formats  . Remember, however, that your Court is sitting in Florida. – Lesson 11 STEP 5: Draft the argument section of your paper.  Here you are utilizing the research you have found to fully answer the issues on appeal – Lesson 12 Appellate Brief Rubric (100 pts): 15 pts – Grammar/ Punctuation and Spelling           15 pts – APA Formatting and References           70 pts – Content Knowledge  There is a maximum limit of 20 pages. There is no required minimum; h owever, as the “Argument Section” provides the content knowledge in this exercise, it is important to provide full arguments and answer(s) to the question(s) presented. Better papers have been those in the range of 7-10 pages, although sufficient arguments have between presented in less than 7 or more than 10 pages. Please be free to contact me at (561)231-3719 or email me at [email protected] NO PLAGIARISM!

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[SOLVED] Hip Hop Song from 1986-2000

write a paper about a song released between 1986-2000. Use the book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation”, in order to get an idea of the social aspects related to the song.

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[SOLVED] Public Health Emergency

Case Study: Investigation of America’s flawed pandemic response Read The New York Times’ investigation of the U.S. response to the coronavirus threat: Link to article: Respond to the following: 1. The reporters conducted more than 100 interviews. List all the human sources (the people) they quoted in the final article. 2. Do you find the human sources, along with the statistics, documents and data included in the story, to be credible? Why or why not? 3. The story presents evidence that the Centers for Disease Control, or C.D.C., largely failed in its traditional role of being a reliable, central source of guidance and facts during a public health emergency. List all the reasons for this failure as described in the article. 4. Do the reporters also include defenders of the C.D.C.? Use specific examples. 5. There’s lots of talk about “meeting the moment” during this pandemic and economic collapse — for both public officials and journalists. The best journalists are trying to quickly and accurately inform citizens about the virus, the U.S. response to it, and the impact on our lives. Does this story help readers understand our current situation and how we got here, or not? Was it worth reading? Use specific examples to back up your points.

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[SOLVED] Successful Writing Career

Reflect on how Native America writers had to navigate a largely white readership in order to be published and enjoy a successful writing career. What would you suggest is the purpose of Winnemucca’s writing and how do you think the reading audience of her time might have reacted to her work? Please include at least one quotation from Winnemucca’s writing in your response of at least 250 words.

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[SOLVED] The Journal Format

Write a journal on the topic below, follow the journal format. Explain the quote listed below, when you explain the quote, associate it with something in your life, the lives of people you know or life in general. Quote: “the two most important days ins your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” quoted by Mark Twain.

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[SOLVED] Clustered World

After reading both The Clustered World (Weiss) readings which provide a historical background about demographic and lifestyle trends in the country (mostly as relates to general consumption of products), take a look at the list of items in the Universal Principles of Clustering. Select two of the principles which you feel would be especially relevant to a health promotion writer. Explain how each of the principles you selected would influence your methods of writing to your audience. Would it create more challenges or more opportunities? Use the information in this week’s lesson and readings to support your answers.

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[SOLVED] Healthcare Marketing

Read the class required material first. After you are done reading, find a healthcare marketing group on the Internet. Explore the site and find a post for which you’re particularly interested. Give an overview of the post and tell me why you chose it. Be sure to provide a link to the post as well.

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[SOLVED] Jack Kelley Journalist

Why was he a disgraced journalist

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[SOLVED] Journalism in the 21st Century

– write a critical argumentative ESSAY Discuss your topic in the contemporary national and especially international media scape. Recommendation: Read John Hartley’s chapter – Journalism and popular culture from Handbook of Journalism Studies – you have it posted at the top of the Moodle course along with other readings. Grading criteria: Relevance of the assignment Size (6000 +/-500 characters) Use of English Argumentative structure (use of arguments/examples) Thesis & Conclusion Use of concepts, focus, clarity

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[SOLVED] The United States Civil War

It has to summarize the causes, the war, and the reconstruction. It must contain the following points: 1.     How did slavery in the early United States differ from slavery in colonial times? 2.     What was the 3/5 ths compromise and why was it adopted? 3.     What was the Louisiana Purchase and how did it affect the political landscape in the United States? 4.     What was the Missouri Compromise? 5.     What was the US Mexico war and how did it affect the political landscape in the United States? 6.     What was the Kansas-Nebraska act? How did it lead to the situation known as “Bleeding Kansas”? 7.     Who was John Brown and what role did he play in the civil conflict over slavery? 8.     Who were Dred and Harriet Scott, and what did the Supreme Court rule in their case versus Sanford? 9.     What was the immediate cause of the US Civil War? 10.   Who was Abraham Lincoln and what role did he play in the US Civil War? 11.   Who was Robert E. Lee and what role did he play in the US Civil War? 12.   Who was Ulyesses S. Grant and what role did he play in the US Civil War? 13.   How many men died as a result of the civil war? 14.   What was Reconstruction and why did it “fail”? And all the information must come from the sources in the added file titled “APTSL_ACCEPTEDSOURCES.docx”. I’ve added a very rough, messy draft to serve as a starting point as well, titled “Draft.docx”

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