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There is 2 sections to the assignment. First part requires to answer 5 questions based on the book and a youtube video. Second part also requires to answer 5 questions based on some of the reading sections of a book and a youtube video. Separate Part 1 and Part 2, and each answer with the number to the question in that section. Please see instructions below:First part1. Using Anselm’s Ontological Arguments, find in the first paragraph, the Philosophical Name of God for Anselm. In the second paragraph, describe the analogy of the painter to explain his ontological argument. In paragraph 3, based on the analogy of the painter, for Anselm, which one is better for God to be like a painting, to exist the painting only in the mind, or to exist in reality as well?2. Using paragraph 4, by doing a substitution to the philosophical name of God with “GOD”, rewrite the whole paragraph using “God” instead of the philosophical name of God.3. On Aquinas’ Five Ways, enumerate and describe each argument on God’s existence in Aquinas Cosmological Arguments–include in your description a cosmic experience found in each argument.4. On Aquinas’ Cosmological arguments, describe THE NAMES OF GOD for Aquinas in the five cosmological arguments?5. For personal Reflection, which argument is easier to follow – Ontological Argument or Cosmological Argument? Why?

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