Devices, Applications, Protocols and Services

You have been hired as part of the networking team at UMGC.  After completing orientation and training, your manager calls you into a meeting to discuss your first project. The University is interested in creating a repository of networking knowledge based on research projects.  The research projects will be drafted by all employees, and you may select from a list of approved topics.  As a junior network engineer, you are asked to prepare a research project that best aligns with your interests.  The approved research topics include: Compare and contrast the characteristics of network topologies, types and technologies.  Summarize cloud concepts and their purposes. Explain devices, applications, protocols and services at their appropriate OSI layers. Explain the functions of network services. Explain the purposes of virtualization and network storage technologies. Compare and contrast business continuity and disaster recovery concepts. Explain common scanning, monitoring and patching processes and summarize their expected outputs. Explain authentication and access controls. Compare and contrast network policies and best practices. The research project represents a great opportunity to focus additional study towards a networking topic of your interest.  It is also an opportunity for you to gain further expertise about a particular aspect of networking fundamentals that you will be asked about in the certification exam. After speaking to your manager, you are excited about the research project, but realize you will have a busy schedule.  As you are working on the research project, you will also have to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam.  To prepare, you will perform the activities and labs within the TestOut LabSim environment following the proposed weekly schedule.  One of the conditions of your employment at this University is that you obtain this certification within 60-days of being hired. Further details about the Network Research Project are provided below. Quality is valued over quantity, but quantity is necessary for a quality project submission.  It is estimated that 4 – 6 pages (not including the title page) would be necessary to address each Network Research Project (NRP) topic. Each Network Research Project (NRP) must have an Introduction.  The introduction should address the purpose of your project, and an overview of what you will convey to the reader.  It should summarize your research project in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with the material.  Each NRP must also have a Conclusion.  The conclusion should summarize your findings in a succinct manner.  The conclusion will regurgitate key points of the research project for the reader.  The remaining format will be at your discretion.  It is suggested that you review the NRP details under each approved topic below, and outline the project accordingly.  You should maintain a consistent format throughout the entirety of the document.

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 Health Informatics

Write an analysis paper for two articles related to health information technology on one of the topics listed below.  Your analysis paper should be 2-3-pages in length. Include a  cover sheet with your names, date, and citation of the articles.  Use APA format.   Suggestions for topics: Relationship between social inequality and health Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) US Ranked 37 by WHO Must use scholarly academic articles no older than 3 years. Include all in-text citations.

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Software Architecture 

Essay: The essay should clearly demonstrate understanding of chosen prompt. Essay shall be 5 or more paragraphs with a clear introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion.  Prompt: Group Communications: In addition to technical skills, a successful software development project is equally reliant upon one’s people skills [or soft skills]. In a multi-paragraph essay, discuss the importance and relevance of group communications, one of the key people skills. Include methods of communication, skills to utilize, and the impact communications have on a development project.

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PathAI Digital Health 150

The Digital Health 150 is CB Insights’ annual list of the digital health startups demonstrating the most potential worldwide. CB Insights criteria for selection included: 1) tech novelty, 2) team strength, 3) competitive landscape, and 4) sentiment analysis of related news. Step 1: Each student pharmacist will review the list of the 2020 edition of the Digital Health 2020 via the provided link and then identify and select the company of greatest interest to them by inputting their name in the Student Name field (Column A). Step 2: Review and assess the selected company based on the four criteria above, plus potential for pharmacy (i.e., criterion 5). Sources for information can include: the company website (e.g., tech novelty, team strength), (e.g., competitive landscape), and Google News/Twitter/Etc. (e.g., sentiment analysis). Step 3: Generate a score (1-10, 10 being highest) for each of the five criteria, while providing 1-2 statements to support each score. Step 4: Write one paragraph expanding on Criterion 5 (i.e., potential for pharmacy) to include factors like: pharmacy setting(s), job/career opportunities for pharmacists, likelihood to impact direct patient care in pharmacy, etc. Step 5: Assemble all of the above into a 1-2 page document and upload via Canvas by the due date of November 11th @ 11:59pm. Note: Any assignment submitted after the deadline will result in a loss of 5 points/day late. The company I selected is: PathAI; the website is

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Programming Java

Consider the data needs of a student-run newspaper at a University. (Module 10 Learning Objective 2) What would be the data entities of this enterprise? List and define each entity Develop an Enterprise Data Model showing these entities and their relationships. Review two of your classmate’s models and provide feedback.

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Search Engines Evaluation

Identify three search engines For each search engines, find:         a) a description of the search engine and         b) reviews and evaluations of the search engine.           (There must be citations to the reviews.) 3.      Describe how each one indexes and organizes its information Search the three sites using the following topic: The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

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Data Analytics

In four (4) paragraphs — roughly 400 words  –, write about the topic, its impact and practical implications on organizations, environment, humans, etc. (This should include the first three paragraphs). The fourth paragraph should include your thoughts and reaction/reflection about the topic.

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Protecting your Data

In 1000-1500 words (+/-100) Develop a company newsletter which will go out to employees. The topic is “Protecting your data on the web from e-mail to e-commerce: What the average user needs to know.” Covered in your newsletter should include but not limited to the following: Why is it important? What needs to be done? Where to go for more resources? You need to cite a minimum of three sources. APA formatting with a cover page is required.  Due at Saturday of week 8 Per the APA guidelines, submissions will be written using 12 point- Times New Roman font, be double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ X11″) and have a 1″ margin on all sides.

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Data Flow Diagram

Inventory Control System An Inventory Control System (ICS) at its most basic tracks items available for sale and notifies you when your stock is running low. Assume this is a retailer and not a manufacturing firm so inventory increases when items are received from a supplier and decreases when items are sold to a customer. Inventory quantities are decreased based on data exchanged with the Sales Control System (SCS) and increased based on data exchanged with the Purchasing Control System (PCS). The SCS processes sales orders re- ceived from customers while the PCS processes purchase orders sent to suppliers. Assume that paying suppliers and invoicing customers are outside the scope of the ICS. The ICS uses a single data store named INVENTORY. If inventory-on-hand falls below a minimum order quantity, the ICS generates a pur- chase order request which is sent to the PCS. The PCS then creates and transmits a purchase order to the supplier. When the items are physically received, the PCS transmits the list of received items to the ICS. The SCS receives a sales order from the customer and transmits the inventory quantity to be de- creased to the ICS when an order has been approved for fulfillment. A complete data flow diagram (DFD) would likely include processes from the PCS and SCS subsystems but we will keep it simple for this assignment—stuff goes out and stuff comes in. In this assignment you will create two data flow diagrams representing the same system at different levels of detail. Remember the location of your system boundary—your area of study is the Inventory Control System! Assignment Draw two data flow diagrams of the Inventory Control System using Gane-Sarson symbols: 1) The con- text level (Level-0) DFD illustrating the system and its external entities and 2) the Level-1 (or Diagram-0) DFD illustrating the major processes and data stores. Make sure the two DFDs are balanced, that is in- puts and outputs match when comparing the two levels. Data flow lines do not indicate task sequence but rather streams of data moving to or from entities, processes, and data stores. Remember the nam- ing conventions, do not violate diagramming rules, and only use data flow lines with single arrow heads. Refer to the Data Flow Diagrams Study Guide for examples.

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 Fleet Management System

You are tasked with developing a relational database model for a Fleet Management System. Refer to your reading assignment for a sample relational database model. The purpose of this system is to produce an asset listing of all trucks in the company’s fleet including information on the truck, acquisition cost and depreciation. In addition, the system must provide a history of operational costs and maintenance costs categorized by the type of cost, e.g. gas, oil, and types of repairs. The deliverable for this assignment must include: A list of the tables in this model for use in the Fleet Management System. Each table must contain the top three attributes. A list of application areas such as Purchasing and Accounts Payable which will be the source of the transactions necessary to update the Fleet Management System. A system diagram of the Fleet Management System including databases and source data applications. Brief narratives explaining your rationale behind the list of attributes and the contents of the system diagram, and list of source applications. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages in length, not including title and reference pages, and must fully address the assignment requirements. It should conform to CSU Global Writing Center  (Links to an external site.) . Include at least two credible references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU Global Library  (Links to an external site.)  is a good place to find these references.

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