Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

eel free to use any in case you don’t have a topic of preference. Critically discuss the topic you have chosen with examples, as well as potential opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of data analytics. 1. How data analytics on consumer browsing data can be used to address business problems in the online commerce industry? 2. How data analytics on patient-related data can be used to address problems in the healthcare industry? 3. How data analytics on social media data (e.g., Facebook data) can be used to address business problems in industries such as banking, financial markets, stock markets, insurance sector, etc.?

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Virtual Private Cloud

As you learned this week, a virtual private cloud (VPC) enables you to launch resources into a virtual network that you’ve configured and gives you full control over those resources. That provides a level of security over a public cloud when you need to control your resources and sensitive data over a virtual infrastructure. But VPCs also have drawbacks, including increased configuration complexity. You can decide between a VPC and a public cloud depending on the resources you want to host and how you want to control those resources. You may want to read the article “Do I Really Need a VPC?” and review the graphic before answering the questions below. Look ahead to this week’s “Design of a VPC” activity in AWS Academy Module 5: Networking and Content Delivery, where you will design a VPC. Address the following questions in your discussions. Be sure to answer all questions in your initial post and respond to two posts by your classmates. When would you recommend the use of a VPC, and when would you recommend a public cloud? What factors did you consider in your recommendation? review article

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Acceptable Use Policy

For the first week, you are expected to research and author an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). As you write policies you may find it helpful to make up a fictitious company.  This can provide context for your documents.  For this assignment, do some research on Acceptable Use Policies.  Write a policy for your organization.   You should consider each policy as a component of an overall Policy Manual.  Each document would represent a section of the policy manual.  So while they build on each other, consider each a stand-alone document that we would combine into a manual at the end of the course.  I would prefer that you submit each of the policies separately as you proceed however, in the coming weeks, you will be writing additional policies, all of which you will submit together as one document as your final project.  Therefore, you may choose to append each policy to the document that you create in Module 1.  If you go this route be sure to create a Policy Manual title page and create a new section for each assigned policy and update the table of contents.   Do not wait until the last minute on these assignments; your grade will suffer if you do. I would expect your policy documents to be 2-4 pages (not counting a title page).   AUP Sources: Appendix C of your textbook (see below), Google, public domain AUPs (**do not turn in a copy of appendix C, show me you performed research.) Make this policy your own. I am not supplying a policy template but you should refer to the rubric for grading policies.  I identify the sections that should be included in each of your policies.  Notice that they should reference your existing policies where overlap occurs.

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Types of Coding

Note: Please note this assignment does not involve any software. This is to be done manually using the coding schemes within your textbook in Ch. 15. Part 1: Download the “Sarah: Diabetes Interview” transcript from the Saldaña and Omasta (2018) Student Resources webpage. Read the transcript beginning with the question, “Going back to how you learned about diabetes, what sources did you learn about the condition from? Where did you learn about diabetes once you were diagnosed?” on page 3. Read the section a second time. This time, look for specific words that are repeated or stand out. List the specific words you identified. When you think about coding you are looking for overall themes. What specific words provide the meaning of the transcript? Not all words—specific ones. Condense the transcript beginning with the question, “Going back to how you learned about diabetes, what sources did you learn about the condition from? Where did you learn about diabetes once you were diagnosed?” on page 3 and continuing through the end. Your goal is to condense the interview from 1,501 words to about 500 words. This should be a summary of the transcript, not just repeating the same words, condensing to 500 words. Part 2: Download one of the transcripts from the Saldaña and Omasta (2018) Student Resources webpage. Choose a section of about 300 words from the interview transcript you selected. Consider which two of the following four coding methods (In Vivo, Process, Values, or Emotion Coding) would be most appropriate for analyzing the text. Code the text using each method you selected. Note: You must code the selected section of text twice—once for each method you choose. Compare the results and prepare a 150- to 300-word summary discussing how the different coding methods employed helped reinforce each other or provided divergent analytic insights. Provide the actual text you are coding and how you coded it.

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Benefits of a Management Console

This week, you learned about the benefits of a management console for cloud deployment and gained particular insight on AWS’s Management Console, a web interface that allows you to access many AWS services from one place. The click-through activity in Module 3: “Introduction to the AWS Infrastructure” should help throughout this course since you will be using the AWS console frequently in the labs.   Can you imagine what it would be like to work in a cloud environment without such a tool?   Address the following questions in your discussion. You must answer all questions in your initial post and respond to two of your classmates’ posts.  

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Meta Analysis

The project will follow the same criteria as mentioned in attachment ( starting from the Abstract…..) This research project is for “MS Clinical Pharmacy” in one of the university in the United Kingdom. Meta analysis mainly involve statistical evaluation . “REV-MEN 5.3 Software” is used for conducting the meta analysis.The link of downloading Rev-men software provided by the university is: Kindly see the attachment in detail (at least 10 case studies), and let me know if you have any writer who have pharmacy/medicine background and expert in meta analysis project.

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SQL Commands

Write a paper of 800 – 1,000 words in APA format to explain the SQL commands, UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT/MINUS. Include concepts such as union-compatibility, syntax alternatives such as IN and NOT IN, and various JOIN options.

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Impact of Robotic Process Automation

due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided that you write 2 scientific papers instead of passing an oral exam. For my part of the EAM class, pls choose the title “Impact of RPA on EAM”. You should shortly describe the state of the art of RPA, its theoretical background and what is the connection to workflow management. Your paper should raise 2 scientific questions (e.g. How can RPA contribute to an adaptive Enterprise Architecture?) and you should try to answer them. It would be great if your result is an own model or an enhancement/modification of an existing one. Furthermore, it should include an example that shows the application in practise. To find the impacts of RPA on EAM, you will have to refer to scientific and/or practical publications (like Scheer PAS or SAP + RPA). Additionally, you can use all models that we discussed in our EAM class. Important: ? Your paper must not exceed 4000 words in length, including abstract, figures and references.

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Veterinary Practice Software Systems

Names of the 2 brands of software that I have chosen, and a brief description of each of them. IDEXX Cornerstone and AVImark Covetrus are the best, I think. Info on the companies who make the software. What are some of the benefits for practice using a software program? List office features and functions, as well as pros and cons of each software – what does each program do or not do? How are tech support issues handled? Is this a cloud or server-based program? What hardware or software might be required? Is training provided? In what ways? Our laboratory and imaging results imported? Provide details on those that are compatible with the software program being discussed.

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Managing Security Risks

Use the Internet to write your research paper. Your paper should answer the following question: How to manage security risks and use them in devising a risk-driven security program? The length of the paper is 8 to 12 pages, single space.

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