[SOLVED] Powerpoint Presentation

Develop/Design a PowerPoint presentation on the topic: Investments (both debt and equity investments) with reference to X Company. (X company can be any online public limited company with readily available online financial data). While developing the Power Point, the following topics have to be answered ( Meaning, Definition, Types of Investments- debt and equity, difference between debt investment and equity investment, and the analysis of the equity and debt investments using the following ratios: debt to equity ratio, Debt to Total Assets ratio and Equity to Total Asset ratio. (for more information see text book, Wild, J, – Appendix C: Investments). It will have five major sections. Slide 1: Title slide (with the name of the University, title, and names of the team members) Slide 2: Table of Contents Slide 3: An Introduction Slide 4-20: The body of the presentation (Secondary/Primary data) Slides 21: Reference Slide 22: Synthesize the roles of each member. Include at least five biographical references that you used to prepare this PowerPoint project. Your reference page must follow the APA style. Be creative in the way you would like to design your presentation (should not exceed 2MB) in an artistic, professional, and informative way.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Money Market Mutual Funds

Overview: This journal activity is private between you and the instructor. In this journal assignment, your objective is to describe a few of the most common
types of potential investment vehicles and understand the difference between the primary vehicles and derivative vehicles. Think about the following questions
as you create your journal assignment:
? What does this investment represent?
? How does each investment generate income or cash flows?
? What can go wrong with this investment?
? How can you buy and sell the investment?
Prompt: Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Define short-term investments, stocks, and fixed income investments.
II. Discuss the risks of short-term investments, stocks, and fixed income investments.
Relate your answers to the following types of investments:
Short-Term Investments
? Money Market Mutual Funds
? United States Treasury Bills
? Preferred
? Common
Fixed Income
? Bonds
? Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)
? Mutual Funds
Guidelines for Submission: Your journal assignment should be three to five paragraphs in length and address all of the critical elements. It should also cite at
least two sources using APA format. Consider utilizing the required readings, as well as recent news articles. Submit journal assignment as a Word document

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Financial Statement Analysis

You have given 3 companies to analyze using the concepts studied in the Financial Analyst session. You need to analyze each company with the latest information either Last twelve months or 12/31/2019 COMPANIES : NLY, HTZ, INO The objective of this homework if to recognize Income Statements, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports. I. Income Statement: Find level of profitability, EBITDA, EBIT, Net Income, EPS (Income Statements) II. Balance Sheet: Cash, Short term Assets, Short term Liabilities. Short term debt and long term debt III. Cash Flows: Operating cash flow, Investment cash Flow, Financing Cash Flow. Change of cash IV. Conclusion. Respond if you will invest in this company or not. Give reason and support them.

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