Inventory of Desired Results

Assignment: Complete Part I – III as a team in your assigned breakout room. Part IV is to be completed individually by each student prior to submitting the assignment on canvas.** If you missed this session you must complete each section individually.Part I: External/Internal Situational Analysis: SWOT1A. Review and discuss with your team the SWOT bullets in 1B and cut and paste them within the appropriate SWOT box below THEN delete 1B section completely so only the completed SWOT table remains.External EnvironmentInternal EnvironmentOpportunitiesStrengthsThreatWeaknesses1B) SWOT bullets:- Commitment to quality improvement- Complex procurement process- Team building strategies- Available Funding opportunities- Emerging communicable diseases- New staff in leadership positions- Increased interest in population health- Limited opportunities to optimize emerging technologies- Staff reduction due to unstable revenue streams- Potential inability to achieve community buy-in- Uncertainty of State and Federal funding- Implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act- Increased demand for services- Available Funding opportunities- Demanding workload increasing potential for staff burnout- Subject Matter Experts in Public Health- Diversity of staff- Unfavorable public perception of government employees- Emerging technology- Retirement of experienced workforcePart II: Inventory of Desired Results2A. State what is included in a mission statement and type an example of an organization with a health-related mission statement: ( MUST include all components of mission statement identified in pre-recorded lecture to be counted as complete)2B. State what the acronym SMART stands for and write one objective goal for the mission statement you created above: ( MUST include all components of SMART for answer to be counted as complete)Part III: Logic Model: Headache Example3A. Assume you are at work and you start to have a very bad headache. Explain, through the use of a logic model, how you would resolve your headache problem ( MUST include all components of a logic model covered in the pre-recorded session video to be counted as complete).Part IV: Personalize it: (Individual answer): Explain how you can apply some of the principles and concepts of developing/strategizing learned this week to your personal or professional life?

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