Milestone- Second

In this milestone writing assignment, you will analyze asymmetric and symmetric encryption.  Evaluate the differences between the two of them and which one that you would determine is the most secure.   The writing assignment requires a minimum of two written pages to evaluate history.   You must use a minimum of three scholarly articles to complete the assignment.   The assignment must be properly APA formatted with a separate title and reference page.

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The SQL Tutorial

For this module, your task is to try the tutorial SQL Tutorial. This is described as:This unique introductory SQL tutorial not only provides easy-to-understand SQL instructions, but it allows you to practice what you learn using the on-line SQL interpreter. You will receive immediate results after submitting your SQL commands. You will be able to create your own unique tables as well as perform selects, inserts, updates, deletes, and drops on your tables. This SQL tutorial currently supports a subset of ANSI SQL. The basics of each SQL command will be covered in this introductory tutorial. Unlessotherwise stated, the interpreter will support everything covered in this course.The more of the tutorial you can work through, the better; however, your grade is primarily dependent on how you approach the task and how much learning energy you put into it rather than specific output from the tutorial.Once you have completed your exploration of the tutorial, you are to prepare a review of the tutorial, like the kind of review that youwould find in a good computer/information systems journal or website, covering the following topics:·         what the tutorial taught you and what you learned specifically from the tutorial (>75% of your write-up)·         how effective was the tutorial, who might find the tutorial useful, and any other aspect of the tutorial that you think a reader might find usefulYour paper should be three to four pages in length, and reflect your personal experiences with this issue. The important part of all these project assignments is to carefully assess your own experiences with the topic, and then reflect critically on what you might have learned about yourself and about situations through this assessment process.The more that you can use the exercise to develop personal implications for your growth as a potential business person as well as a moral individual, the more value you’ll get out of the exercise.SLP Assignment ExpectationsLength: Follow the number of pages required in the assignment excluding cover page and references. Each page should have about 300 words.

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Implementing an Information System

Based on the article that you selected, please answer the following questions: What information system did they implement? Why did the company decide to implement the information system? Was the implementation of the information system successful? Why or why not? Please respond to this discussion post with a link to the article and your answers to the questions above.  Additionally, please respond to at least one other student’s post. Based on the article that they selected, do you think that the implementation of the information system was successful? Why or why not? here is the student’s post that you need to reply to “ In this article from Forbes, they’re telling us about how successful the fairly recent implementation of the new Walmart Grocery Pickup service is. The Pickup service allows you to order your groceries and other items through the app, all you have to do is drive there to the designated spot and wait for the employees to bring your order to you. Walmart implemented this service to gain more customers. Many people have turned away from Walmart because of the high volume of customers, sometimes long lines and a lot of walking around to find what you need since it is a big store.  Walmart is very successful with the Pickup service. A large percentage of customers use the service and Walmart is the leader in curbside-pickup when it comes to large retail stores. They were also the first big retailer to jump ship on a large scale to this recent service that is now implemented in different businesses all over. I work at Walmart and we have lots of employees in the Grocery Pickup department and ever since the start of the COVID Pandemic they have been even busier “

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Symbols and Pseudoarchaeology

Symbols have always been important parts of the human experience. For this project, I want you to think about the symbols that define our/your culture and society today, and how they are sometimes used and abused by certain groups (including groups that promote pseudoarchaeology) to create and promote their ideology. First, read the following article, which talks about the history and multiple meanings of symbols such as the swastika and the confederate flag: (Links to an external site.) With this article in mind, identify one other symbol which you think is important in your world today. This symbol can be religious, national/patriotic, political, economic, etc. Then, answer the following questions in a brief presentation: What is this symbol? What does it represent? Thinking like an archaeologist, tell me how this symbol is materialized – where does it show up? In what kinds of places, objects, and situations? What does this symbol say about what society (or a part of it) considers valuable, good, or bad? Has this symbol been used or abused for a particular agenda? How? By whom? For what purpose?

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Positive and Negative Association

Let’s discuss the difference between positive association and negative association when describing the relationship between two variables. What do we mean by the least-square criterion? Give a general description of how the least-square criterion is involved in the construction of the least-square line.  Why do we say the least-squares line is the “best-fitting” line for the data set? Use the Internet and find a magazine or journal article in your field of major interest wherein the content of this chapter (Correlation and Regression – chapter 6) could be applied.  List the variables used, method of data collection, and the general type of information and conclusion drawn.

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Analyzing Process Improvements through IT

In Week 1 Content –  What is an Information System – there are several examples of definitions of an information system.  The one constant in those definitions is that they are used to hold data and enable the use of it to support an organization’s use of that data. This week’s reading on Analyzing Process Improvements Supported by IT explains how systems enable communication, collaboration and workflow throughout an organization. In Section II Process Analysis (Stage 2 Assignment), the focus is on process analysis and improvement as well as benefits of improvements on some specific non-technical areas (Stage 2 Assignment is due at the end of Week 4).  For this week’s discussion, select one of the three areas (listed below) and discuss how companies can use information systems and the data within them to address that aspect.  Conduct some research and provide specific examples including what companies have focused on in these areas and examples of types of information systems used to gather, analyze and distribute data.  Simply typing “use of data to support organizational collaboration” (or whatever aspect you select) into your web browser will produce results but be sure to evaluate the sources to make sure they are relevant to this discussion. The idea is to discuss these various aspects and how companies use information systems to improve in these areas, as examples to help you as you think about the Stage 2 assignment. As you select your topic, insert your topic in the subject line of your response.  Please address an area not selected by another student if not all have been selected; if all areas have been selected, make sure your posting provides additional information to expand the discussion.

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Fractional Ownership and Cloud Computing

Write at least 500 words on fractional ownership and it’s relation to cloud computing. Use at least one example from another industry

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QoS Metrics

Question a) What are QoS metrics? (Do not just spell the acronym.)  b) Why are QoS metrics important? Question a) Distinguish between rated speed and throughput. b) Distinguish between individual and aggregate throughput. c) You are working at an access point with 20 older people. Three are doing a download at the same time you are. The rest are looking at their screens or sipping coffee. The access point you share has a rated speed of 150 Mbps and provides a throughput of 100 Mbps. How much speed can you expect on average for a download? (Answer 25mbps) d) In a coffee shop, there are 10 people sharing an access point with a rated speed of 2 Gbps. The throughput is half the rated speed. Several people are downloading. Each is getting an average of 100 Mbps. How many people are using the Internet at that moment Question a) Distinguish between dedicated and multiplexed transmission links. b) If 100 conversations averaging 50 Mbps are multiplexed on a transmission line, will the required transmission line capacity be less than 5 Gbps, equal to 5 Gbps, or more than Gbps? c) What is the business benefit of multiplexing? Thought Questions 3-1 and 3-3  3:1 Your home is connected to the internet. You get to create SLAs that the ISP must follow. Being reasonable, write SLAs you would like to have for the following things.a) Write an SLA for speed. b) Write an SLA for availability c) Write an SLA for latency. Do not just say what each SLA should include. Actually, write the SLAs as the ISP would write them in the form of specific guarantees. Failure to do this will result in a substantial grading penalty.

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Supple Electronic Components

Describe and explain what is going on in the case by using theoretical concepts and relations among concepts from the OB and the ob traditions. What is the main difference between the two explanations? Discuss the needed future organizational development of Rapid Supple Electronic Components by using theoretical concepts and relations among concept from the OB and the ob traditions. What is the main difference between the two needed developments?

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Mathematical Theory and Polar Codes

The tasks expected of students which must be evidenced in the submitted group project report include the following: Research about polar codes, including their inventors, their history, strengths, weaknesses and future. Provide good references about the subject matter using in the correct manner the IEEE referencing style. Give appropriate credit to work cited. Present the mathematical theory behind polar codes in the most and precise correct manner. Give appropriate credit to work cited. Present the mathematical theory behind the SCD algorithm in the most and precise correct manner. Give appropriate credit to work cited. Write a MATLAB/SIMULINK code that can be used to encode data using polar codes. Use an example to test the correctness of your design. Copy your MATLAB script and/or Simulink block diagram and paste in the appendix of your report. Write a MATLAB/SIMULINK code to implement the SCD algorithm that is used to decode or retrieve the original data from polar coded words. Use an example to test the correctness of your design. Copy your MATLAB script and/or Simulink block diagram and paste in the appendix of your report.

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