Public Anthropology

Written Activity #2 : When Anthropologists Go “PublicThis assignment is next in a series of activities called “Public Anthropology” that we will do this semester.  It is inspired by Margaret Mead’s engagement with wider publics – not just other anthropologists.  The world, it seems, could benefit from a more anthropological perspective.  What is anthropology, what kinds of questions or issues does it raise for you, and how are the skills applicable?  What is the “Big Question” that interests you?  This is what we are ultimately getting to.Objective: To think about and synthesize your anthropological learning these past years, and to articulate to nonspecialist audiences the complexities of bringing an anthropological approach to a human problem.Outcome: Analze the ethics, benefits, and pitfalls of bringing anthropological approaches to wider publics.First, read the following articles.  As usual, some of these are quite short.  Your basis for understanding the readings should be the works and discussion from Week 1.1. Liebow (2018) Actions No More Passive Bystanders, Please2. Dresser (2020)  (Links to an external site.)The Meaning of Margaret Mead (external link); Scheper-Hughes (2009) Actions  Making Anthropology Public;Starn, Orin (1986) Actions  Engineering Internment4. Price (2000) Actions Anthropologists as SpiesIn one post of appx. 750 words (yes, you may have more), answer the following questions:1, What are the ethical concerns of bringing anthropology to the wider public?  Briefly discuss three points.2. What are the ethical concerns of NOT bringing anthropology to the wider public?3. What are the benefits of bringing anthropological perspectives and methods outside of the academy?  Discuss three specific points.4. What are the dangers of bringing anthropological perspectives and methods outside the academy?The standard Activities Rubric will be used to grade this exercise.1. Anthropological Perspectives (4) Exhibits awareness and understanding of ethnocentrism, cultural relativity, contexts, and power in all activities;2. Course Concepts (4) Directly and appropriately utilizes course terminology in all writing and activities;3. Examples (4) Describes and utilizes appropriate examples from course materials (readings, films, individual fieldwork, media sources);4. Follows Instructions (4)  Is this a compare/contrast discussion?  Did you find outside sources if required?  Were you supposed to upload an image?  Follow the directions!!  And put in some effort;5. Writing, Style, Organization (4)  Writing is always important.  The writing can be indicative of your effort (see #4 above).

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[SOLVED] Phonology Homework

LING 2PH3 Phonology Winter 2021Professor Sara PearsellPhonology Homework #1Due: February 15th, 2021 before 8:00pmHomework assignments can be completed in groups of two or individually. If completed in groups oftwo, both students must write their name and student number on the assignment and only one studentneeds to submit the assignment.Name(s): _______________________________Student #: ______________________________LING 2PH3 Phonology Winter 2021Professor Sara PearsellIn Massai, voiceless stops [p t k], voiced stops [b d g], and voiced fricatives [? d ?] areallophones. For example, [p], [b] and [?] are allophones of a single phoneme. As there are threevariants for a single set of phonemes, you will need to choose one of the three variants as the URand come up with two rules to derive the other two forms.1. Determine the contexts where the three sets of sounds occur.a. Rough workb. State the contexts in words. [You can use “elsewhere” here.]Voiceless stops occur _______________________________________________________Voiced stops occur_________________________________________________________Voiced fricatives occur ______________________________________________________LING 2PH3 Phonology Winter 2021Professor Sara Pearsellc. State the contexts using distinctive features. [You can use “elsewhere” here.]Voiceless stops occur _______________________________________________________Voiced stops occur _________________________________________________________Voiced fricatives occur ______________________________________________________2. Which of the three should be the UR? Justify your answer.3. Formalize tworules.Rule 1:Rule 2:4. Show derivations of representative example words.UR: ________________________________________________________________Rule 1:_____________________________________________________________Rule 2:_____________________________________________________________SR:________________________________________________________________LING 2PH3 Phonology Winter 2021Professor Sara Pearsell6. Using feature notations, write rules for expressing the following phonological processes andgive an example for each.a. A vowel becomes short when it occurs before a consonant word-finally, or beforea consonant cluster.b. Word-final consonants are deleted after an unstressed vowel.c. Alveolar non-sonorant consonants become palatalized before high front glide that isbefore a high back vowel.d. A vowel becomes nasalized whenever it immediately precedes a nasal stop.7. State in plain English what the following rules do and give an example for eachLING 2PH3 Phonology Winter 2021Professor Sara Pearselld. /d/ ? [ð] / [+vowel] ___e.g. [-son] ? [+voice] / _ # [+son]

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[SOLVED] Knowing When to Consult with the Design Team

The industrial warehouse has 15 parking spaces and meets the parking requirements for industrial warehouses of 1 parking stall per 800 square feet.For more information on Knowing When to Consult with the Design Team read this:

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[SOLVED] Countess of Lauderdale

1  paper should include at least three (3) scholarly sour2 research about Portrait of Eleanor, Countess of Lauderdale3. please follow the research paper guidelines.

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[SOLVED] Constructive Action

Describe the problem in which you intend to address. Describe the characteristics of the group members (clients). What do they have in common? Describe how the group will address the problem described.*The problem intended to address is educating single parents in the shelter system the importance on credit building and knowing how to budget properly*

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[SOLVED] Vietnam War and Chicano Activist

According to Lorena Oropeza in ¡Raza Si! ¡Guerra No!, how did opposition to the war in Viet Nam shape the politics of Chicano activists?General InstructionsReading essays will ask you to take a position on a question (i.e., make an argument) and defend that position with evidence from one of the assigned monographs, the assigned primary sources for the class, and the textbook. This essay will focus on the topic provided by a book-length reading ( ¡Raza Si! ¡Guerra No!) and supplemented by the textbook. You may not do outside research for the reading essays; your source material will consist only of the assigned class readings.Your responses to the question must be between 750-1000 words, or roughly 3-4 pages double-spaced (if you’re using Times New Roman, 12pt font with one-inch margins). It should begin with a concise thesis as a direct answer to the question; it should analyze the main ideas presented in the reading; and paraphrase/summarize specific supporting details from the reading as evidence. Where appropriate, reference your examples with where they’re found in the text.

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[SOLVED] San Antonino’s Climate Action

For your alternate assignment, please write a 3-5 page, double-spaced essay on San Antonino’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan. You can find the plan here: essay should include a summary of the plan with emphasis on the negative effects climate change will have on San Antonio and 3 mitigation/adaptation strategies you found interesting.

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[SOLVED] Orlando Nightclub Shooting-Pulse

Perform research to identify a disaster that has occurred and summarize the details of the disaster. Explain any challenges that were encountered during the response to your selected disaster that could be seen as a failure. Generate solutions with rationalization that could have helped in your selected disaster response to overcome failures.

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[SOLVED] Myers-Briggs Personality Type

1. Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.  It should be 64 questions.  This is the link: Read the meaning of your assessment in detail at this link: 3. For the writing section: For your results, discuss how you came to believe you have those traits.  Be sure to include terms to help you explain your self-concept development. Here are some guiding suggestions/questions for your journal:- Identify a specific person or event that help develop each of the four letters of your self-concept.- Whose self-concept do you influence? Explain how the socialization process shape the self-concept.  – Describe at least three instances in which your communication has affected the self concept of another person.- Provide three examples that illustrate how your personality characteristics affect how you communicate with others.  How can you attribute the interactions to a particular communication trait?- Are there benefits or drawbacks to having specific personality traits?  How do you feel about your results for the Myers-Briggs Personality test?  Do you agree or disagree?  Explain why.- Which personality trait, if any, do you wish to manage to improve your interactions with others? Explain.

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[SOLVED] Effects of Domestic Violence

Methods of Social ResearchResearch ProposalTitle Pagea.) Your title should have a dependent and independent variables and the nature of who will be studied (See the example below).b.) Put the authors’ names and their institutional affiliation (e.g.).Abstract (150-250 words)a.) This is a brief summary of the research project. Put the hypotheses, the sample, and briefly mention the research procedures like if a survey or interviews were used. If you actually conducted the study, what results would you expect to find?Table of Contentsa.) A listing of all the major headings in your paper, along with their page numbers.Problem Formationa.) Introduce the problem and justify its importance (This section answers the question: “Why should anyone care about this problem?”)b.) Deriving at the Problem•    How the problem was derived (social problem, personal interest, theory testing, program evaluation, policy implementation)c.) Prevalence of the problemd.) The research project should fill a gap in the literature (e.g., something that other authors may not have looked at before as it relates to your topic)Theory (1-2 pages)a.) Identify a theory that may fit with your study. Tell who’s the founder of the theory and when it was developed. Give a summary of the theory.b.) Write 1 – 2 hypotheses statements. Ethical Issues (1-2 pages)a.) Identify potential ethical issues that your research proposal may face. How might potential participants be affected (e.g., physical, psychological, or mental harm or distress)b.) Deception: Will deception be used? If so, how? If not, how will you avoid it?c.) Confidentiality: How will it be maintained? How will data be stored and disposed of?d.) Informed Consent: When will it be obtained?e.) SLU Core Values/NOHS Ethical StandardsLiterature Review (Background or Significance; 4-5 pages)a.) Find at least 5 current (2015 or newer) peer-reviewed research articles. These articles should be related to your topic. Use them in this section.b.) Start by discussing previous studies related to your current research (Note: this is what the 5 articles are for)c.) Read the articles for who they studied, what they studied, how they studied it (e.g., using surveys or interviews), and what they found. You may also find definitions to terms but define them in the methods section. Don’t forget to cite your articles’ authors and any other authors that those authors mentioned (see an APA manual).d.) Identify the purpose of your research project (e.g., The purpose of this research project is to identify the effects of age at marriage on marital satisfaction on Asian American women.)Methods or Methodology (Plan or Approach) (2 pages)a.) Sample (Describe who will be studied)•    Who? (demographics – race, gender)•    How many people you want to study? (If this was a real study, you would tell how many were studied. This is your sample size.)•    How you selected the sample. (e.g., welfare recipients at a Southeastern regional social service agency)b.) Procedures (Describe how the sample will be studied)•    All key variables (independent and dependent)•    Define the terms using research articles you foundc.) Instruments (Describe what was studied)•    How will the data be gathered (e.g., a survey will be provided to the participants)•    Provide details what techniques were used to collect the data so others can replicate your study (e.g., reached out to a social service agency, obtained informed consent to survey clients, etc.)Referencesa.) List all articles used in paper using APA style.

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