Healthcare Services

Read: Exploring Resistance to Implementation of Welfare Technology in Municipal Healthcare Services—A Longitudinal Case Study Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Health Care Organizational Decision-Making: A Scoping Review Paper Info: a)  Propose three strategies to address cost, quality, and access so that you can then increase creativity and innovation in a health care organization. b)  Explain: how these three strategies can help the health care organization to achieve Triple Aim: 1) enhancing the experience of care,2) improving the health of populations3) lowering per capita costs of health care. The Cost and Quality in Health Care paper format:·  Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style ·  Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.·  Must use at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources in addition to the course text. Each resource should be published within the last five years.·  Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA Style. For more information on Healthcare Services read this:

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Health Administrator

Please answer this question using what you have learned in the course along with your valuable personal experience. While there is not a word count requirement for these discussions, only substantive posts will receive full credit. The question:What are your perceptions of the role of a health administrator now that we have come to the end of this course? (200 words total) Please answer this question by Wednesday to allow time for discussion before the week’s end. *Recall the criteria: 1. The student must first post a response to topic2. Answers must be substantive3. Students must respond to two other posts.  (100 words total) For more information on Health Administrator read this:

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Healthcare Coverage

1. Describe in detail the amendments to Title VII that are discussed in Chapter 8. What do that say and do?  What does it mean, and how is it applied and used? 2. Describe the regulation that assists terminated employees in obtaining extended healthcare coverage?  What does it say?  What does it mean and do?  What must terminated employees do to benefit from this regulation, and what is the cost, if any, to them?  In your opinion, is it affordable  (for the terminated worker)?  Why or why not? 3.  Define and describe the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.  Who is eligible to receive a leave of absence under the Act?  How did the act change or was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic?   4. As a healthcare worker, is it legal for your employer to ask you to provide a urine sample?  If not, why?  If so, how and when?  Provide an example, real or contrived, to support your position.

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Healthcare Crises and Issues

-Define a social problem and be familiar with the key components. -Define ethnocentrism. -Explain the important features of a demographic study. -Demonstrate the ability to use resources to locate and retrieve relevant sociological materials. -Describe th

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Teaching and Learning Activities for Science and Technology

The assignment work is related to my masters in primary education degree . General information on Assignment 1- Development of a unit of work for your school. ·         This is an individual assignment. ·         You are not to use Electricity as a topic, since we will be focussing on it for Assignment 2. ·         You are to use New Primary Science Syllabus. ·         Refer to the checklist provided for details on each aspect of the assignment. Also see the examples provided. Note that these are previous student work samples, therefore not ‘perfect’. They use old template and old syllabus, therefore it includes outdated outcomes. ·         Select a Stage and Year upon which the lesson sequence will be based (select a singular hypothetical class not a composite class). ·         Some of the sample assignments given may include 5 learning experiences; however you need to have only 4 experiences in your unit of work. A template is provided. ·         Primaryconnection units follow a linear structure, that is, from one E to another per lesson experiences. However we are not following that structure. We use all 5Es in each lesson experience. ·         You can choose any school from NSW to base your unit of work on, not necessarily the school in which you are doing/have done your practicum. ·         If you were never on Professional Experience in a school, school data can be accessed  from annual report on the school website, ABS (Australian bureau of Statistics) etc. ·         Make connections between the specific nature of the school you target and the learning experiences you develop:  we want you to appreciate and respond to the context in which you are teaching. ·         Focus on 3 NSW Primary Science Syllabus outcomes. A maximum of 4 outcomes should be used. Values and Attitudes is a mandatory objective for all lesson experiences. ·         One learning experience is not a 40 minute classroom lesson. It may take hours or many days to finish depending on the concepts and learning activities you intend to cover. ·         The complete series of learning experience can take a month to complete depending on the core concepts you intend to cover. ·         You need to show the time needed/ duration of the planned experiences in the summary or in the organisation sections of the learning experience template.  ·         Learning experiences should include varied activities and even include, out –of school activities such as excursion to a farm, powerhouse museum, zoo, visit to talks by Aboriginal Elders, community events, bringing an expert so that students can interview. ·         The final experience MUST contain a major summative evaluation, where the knowledge, understanding and skills developed during the series of learning experiences are assessed, while other experiences should have formative evaluation strategies related to each experience. ·         You can adapt learning activities from various resources available for science teachers, however not more than 40 % of material from a single resource cannot be employed in a lesson experience. Note that you need to show reference to all activities taken from various sources; otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism.   Note that examiners are familiar with materials from major teaching resources for science teachers. One such great science education resource is ·         If 40% of material from a single resource is observed in one lesson experience but referenced correctly to the source, it will still be regarded as ‘lack of originality’ and will be penalised.   ·         The learning activities should be student centred, engaging and fun. No need to give a detailed plan, however you must show what the students will be doing during each E phase. Also what the teachers’ role will be. You might create some original activities of your own. Also you can refer to resources online; however you must show reference to those activities in the text.  Some are; Primaryconnections,,,   ·         Various pedagogical strategies such as Jigsaw, Think-Pair-Square-Share, The 5 Whys, SCAMPER, the use of T charts, Y charts, mind maps, KWL, P.M.I. need to be integrated and briefly discussed how you will organise them in the classroom. ·         Worksheets as resources/assessments are not accepted for this assignment. Similarly, minimum use of traditional assessment strategies, such as filling in worksheets/structured formats should be made. ·         Include activities that encourage the cross curriculum priorities depending on the topic. E.g.  Activities on ‘sustainability’ theme if you are doing renewable energy.  ·         You can use content descriptors given in the syllabus as ‘indicators’, however they are broad and general in nature; therefore you can develop your own indicators by using simple action words. Use action verbs like ‘predicts, questions, explains, narrates, labels, draws, designs, constructs, manipulates, calculates, ……………………………See the example assignment. ·         ICT should be integrated in a creative manner to the learning experience. The use of ICT’s should be meaningful and authentic and designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning, not for the sake of using them. ·         You can provide supporting materials as an appendix but this is not mandatory. ·         In-text references do not have to follow APA referencing format; however, the reference list must follow APA use (minimum 5 resources).   ·         Although, APA format is made not compulsory for sections of the assignment such as school data, concepts and the lesson experiences, you must give the sources of the information, (but use of APA format is optional) as a hyperlink.  ·         Please use discussion board or contact Unit coordinator for any assistance J.

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Health Problems in Society

For the middle-aged adult, exercise can reduce the risk of various health problems. Choose two at-risk health issues that regular physical exercise and activity can help prevent and manage. Discuss the prevalence of each of these health problems in society today. Describe measures that you would take as a nurse to assist clients with health promotion measures to incorporate exercise and physical activity into their lives. Include the kind of activities you would recommend, the amount of exercise, and the approach you would use to gain cooperation from the client. Support your response with evidence-based literature.

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Obesity Health Promotion

1.    Write a 2-page essay on obesity health promotion and prevention strategy a nurse could implement for a specific cultural group in the United States. Then, modify your message for use in one other country, being sensitive to the cultural nuances of the country you select. Describe why you chose to take the approach you did in your strategies and explain any challenges you anticipate a nurse may encounter when trying to implement these strategies.   a.     Compare rates of obesity and related health issues in the U.S. to one developed and one developing country.   b.    Propose an obesity health promotion and primary prevention strategy a nurse could implement in the U.S.   c.     Develop a modified, culturally sensitive obesity health promotion and prevention strategy for use in one other country, why this approach was taken, and anticipated challenges.     2.    Support your response with 3-4 references from the professional nursing literature ? 5 years old.   3.    Use APA citation.

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Cancer Registry

Imagine that you are a Cancer Registrar and you have been asked to teach others in your organization about your role and responsibilities. Prepare a PowerPoint slideshow that describes the role and various responsibilities of a Cancer Registrar.   Your presentation should be a minimum of 7 slides (including a Title slide and References slide) and address the following: The purpose of cancer registry. Responsibilities of a cancer registrar. Education needed for a cancer registrar’s role. Industry certifications for a cancer registrar. Include APA formatted citations for your references. Scoring Rubric: Module 05 Written Assignment – What’s Cancer Registry? Criteria Points Described the purpose of cancer registry. 5 Described the responsibilities of a cancer registrar. 8 Discussed education needed for cancer registrar’s role. 5 Discussed industry certifications for a cancer registrar. 5 Presentation has a minimum of 7 slides and is free of spelling and grammar errors. 2 Total 25

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Pants on Fire

Read the section titled “Reflective Practice: Pants on Fire” from the chapter “Health Policy, Politics, and Professional Ethics” and address the questions below. How do you judge Palin’s quote below, as an effective strategy to oppose Democrats’ plans for health care reform or unethical scaremongering?  “And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s death panel so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their level of productivity in society, whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”  Reflect on what informs your judgment: commitment to advance care planning, analysis of facts, and/or political party loyalties? Is it right for nurses to endorse health reform legislation even if the legislation is not perfect? Does this apply to the recently failed American Health Care Act?

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Health Information

Unit outcome addressed in this Discussion:  Differentiate between various models for health information exchange. Course outcomes addressed in this Discussion: HI150-4: Articulate the key features of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE). Collaboration on Policies & Procedures for Health Information Exchange For this Team Discussion, you will work in teams assigned by your professor. Instructions:  Team Collaboration Space (Discussion 1): Refer back to your Unit 2 Assignment on computer databases and computer components as well as the Unit 6 Assignment on electronic health records and identified security issues. Refer to your Unit 7 Chapter 11 reading on “Health Information Exchanges” along with a review of the web site found here:  What is HIE? team will have its own Team Collaboration Space (Discussion 1) and will be assigned one type of health information exchange architectural model based various types of facilities, either inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy, or other health care facilities. Based on the type of facility your team is assigned, develop a minimum of two operational security policies and procedures (basic policy and purpose) to ensure information privacy and security of information submitted to and through the Health Information Exchange (HIE). Decide what each member needs to contribute to the team’s discussion in order to develop the appropriate (minimum two) operational security policies and procedures and to demonstrate collaboration. For more information on Health Information read this:

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