The Goal of Terrorism

What is the goal of terrorism? What threat does terrorism (domestic or international) actually pose to the US homeland today? Should the US be spending so much money and other resources on this threat? Do you agree with Lepore that “the mystical war against communism finds its counterpart in the mystical war on terrorism. Mystification leads us to exaggerate threats and ignore costs”. Why or why not? Make sure you back up your comments with facts from our videos/readings.

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Influence Public Opinion

1. List and explain 3 ways the media may socialize a person.2. List and explain 3 ways the media may influence public opinion.3. Give one recent example (within the last year) where a politician ignored public opinion and the outcome of that instance.Instructions 21.Take a poll of 5 college students via email, social media, telephone or in personAsk these questions and keep track of the answers:a) If you could adopt a rescue animal today, what would it be?b) What is the best pizza topping?c) Would you rather sneeze for an hour or have hiccups for an hour?d) Would you rather get $1M right now or $10,000 per month?e) What is your least favorite food?2. Summarize and report your results3. C and D are structurally different questions than A, B and D. What is different about these two questions and how will they result in different outcomes than A, B and D?4. Can your findings be applied to all college students? Why or why notAmerican National GovernmentName of the BookInstructions11. List and explain 3 ways the media may socialize a person2. List and explain 3 ways the media may influence public opinion.3. Give one recent example (within the last year) where a politician ignored public opinionand the outcome of that instance.American National GovernmentName of the BookInstructions 11. List and explain 3 ways the media may socialize a perso2. List and explain 3 ways the media may influence public opinion.3. Give one recent example (within the last year) where a politician ignored public opinionand the outcome of that instance.

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Port Security Planning

Describe the components that contribute to port security planning. Why are they important and what aspects of security planning are considered in port facility operations?The main driving factor behind port-security comes from the laws and regulations that have been developed over the years in acknowledgment of the security flaws that could have been exploited. With that in mind, these ever-evolving laws and regulations need to be taken into consideration and satisfied while planning port security. This begins at the communication level between stakeholders and authorities overseeing the security operations. Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needs to be utilized that allows for critical information to be shared as rapidly as possible. In conjunction with the IT infrastructure, physical space must be identified for the addition of technological advances that aid in the inspection of cargo. The identification of critical security roles and subsequent training of personnel to fill those roles is also of vital importance. The personnel assigned to port security roles must also be able to understand the procedures that need to be implemented in an emergency and be able to take action in the event they are needed. (Maritime Executive, 2015)As the main element of port operations, the private enterprise must be taken into consideration. The cost-benefit analysis of security vulnerabilities, as well as what impacts the implementation of security protocols have played a vital role in the planning and development of port security. Security measures that hinder the efficient flow of goods will invariably impact the profitability of the enterprise and create a situation where investment in activities that require the utilization of ports may be reduced. The reason the laws and regulations were introduced was not to impact the flow of goods and profitability but to increase the security of our nation’s ports and prevent disruption. While it may be easy to fall into the trap of “fortress mentality” and implement a vast array of security measures, accounting for the profitability and efficiency of the private industries that are the main contributors to ports is a high priority.Discuss the significance and purpose of the Secure Freight Initiative?The Secure Freight Initiative is a continuance of other initiatives and is a layered approach in conjunction with similar programs including; The Mega ports Initiative, the Container Security Initiative, and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT). The main purpose of these different programs is to identify and interdict cargo that may present a risk to the United States. The Secure Freight Initiative adds another layer to the container security onion by allocating funding towards radiographical equipment designed to detect nuclear materials. These technologies will scan for radiation and in the event of an alert, it will inform both DHS and the host nation simultaneously. Containers are also prescreened for information that could potentially identify them as high risk which improves the ability of risk analysis and targeting to pinpoint containers that warrant a higher level of scrutiny. (DHS, 2019)

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Deregulation of Businesses

1. Provide an argument for or against regulation OR deregulation of businesses. Why is it important?2. Provide an argument for or against social regulation? Be specific – consumer, employee, and/or environment.Please write above 300 words!!!

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Proposed Structure

In writing this 6 – 8 page paper you will:1. How the two modern NSC structures were similar.2. How the two structures were different3. The strengths of each formation4. The weaknesses of each structure5. Develop a proposed structure for the current POTUS8 references, including inside citation

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The Federal Government

Part 1-Current Event Article and Summary Analysis Write upFind a Current Event Article students will find a current news article (online or in print) about Free College For All (Should the Federal Government pay tuition for everyone for all 4 year universities and colleges?) that has taken place within the federal level of American governments or politics, in the last 3 months, News articles must be connected the topic(s) assigned to the week that they are due.Summary and critical analysis Write Up Students will post a minimum of one page summary and critical analysis. Summary and critical analysis need to formulate an opinion that focuses on connecting the topic of government into our daily lives… into everything we do…Write a 10-20 sentence summary that focuses on critically evaluating what is going on, from your personal perspective. Interject your opinion. You should be making a statement, argument, and your personal opinion about the subject matter, should be known. However, this needs to be done in a professional, scholarly and academic manner. Focus on explanation, reason and rationalization, to provide a clear opinion statement and discussion of their personal perspective and political position towards the event or issue in their article.In addition, to receive full credit, students MUST include a direct link to the original article’s text that they are using to complete this assignment.* remember to use real and authentic article sources for your summaries – ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC, OAN and more… Wiki and like sources are not and never will be acceptable

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Analyzing Policy

Continuing with the public policy you selected in the Week 3 assignment, Historical Perspective, you will now describe and expand upon the influence, motives, and impacts of your chosen policy and its parameters. Write a 4–5 page paper in which you: Write a one-page summary of the policy, including the purpose, the context of the problem, and any recommendations or suggestions from the policy to address the problem. (Use your summary skills to keep this to one page.) Identify all the stakeholders, official and unofficial, along with any interest groups involved with your policy. Describe the role and function of each of the stakeholders you identified. Of the list of stakeholders you identified, pick two and describe the political influence of each stakeholder, explaining motives, conflicts, interrelationships, and impacts on the policy. Include at least four peer-reviewed references (no more than five years old) from material outside the textbook. Note: Appropriate peer-reviewed references include scholarly articles and governmental websites. Wikipedia, other wikis, and any other websites ending in anything other than “.gov” do not qualify as peer-reviewed.

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American Government leader

?PURPOSEThis week you will write a letter to your US Senator. This homework is designed to show you just how easy it is to participate in civic engagement.KNOWLEDGEYou will practice the following skills which are essential to your development as a political science student, including:? Locating information on a political/policy topic by utilizing academically and politically sound sources? Locating contact information for an American Government leader? Identifying a policy or political issue of interest and summarizing its purpose? Evaluating views on issue of public concern by examining the potential impact of the issuTASKSWrite letter to you Senator, and mail it.1. Determine your U.S. Senators and choose who to write.Visit ? to an external site.)Links to an external site.if you are unsure of who your Senator is.2. Choose one political or policy issue about which you feel strongly.Pick something that is on the national level that is of concern to you (for example: environment, national security, immigration). To get ideas, look at newspapers, magazines or online news sites from the pasts two weeks, scan the websites of the Senator, or watch the national news on TV. Prior to writing your letter, brainstorm ideas about your issue by answering the questions below.? What is your issue and what is causing the problem?? Why is your issue an important one for you as a citizen of Washington state and a constituent of this Senator? How is it affecting you personally?? What can this Senator do to fix the problem?3. Review the letter writing format: opening paragraph, body, and conclusion.? ?See tutorial on how to write formal letters at (Links to an external site.) ? Links to an external site. ? ? See tutorial on how to write letters to member of Congress at? (Links to an external site.) ? Links to an external site. ?4. Begin your letterState your purpose. Be specific and succinct. Focus on just your one chosen policy or political issue. ?Example?: My name is Jane Smith. I live in Seattle, WA, and I am a constituent. I am writing this letter to ask that you vote for S353, legislation that would cap the out-of-pocket costs of necessary healthcare services.5.Write body of letterPersonalize your letter. Form letters or postcards are just not as effective. Both Senator Murray’s and Senator Cantwell’s staffs have indicated that they look for personal stories. ?Example?: My cousin, Joe Smith, has Type I diabetes and relies on certain medical devices and medications to stay healthy and alive. I know the great costs he must pay and that his healthcare coverage does not cover some necessary healthcare needs. The resulting costs have bankrupted my cousin, putting him at risk of losing his home. Passage of S353 would allow my cousin to cover his required healthcare needs while also maintaining a decent standard of living. It would allow him to pay his other bills too.Be informed when you write your letter, and as you write, be honest and accurate in the information you present. Legislative leaders and staff rely on information from constituents so accurate information is vial. Use specific statistics, numbers, or examples. Saying generally that you don’t like a certain law or regulation is not nearly as impactful. ?Example?: My cousin is not the only voter in your district struggling with healthcare costs. S. healthcare costs in 2016 were 16.9% GDP according to the OECD, over 5% GDP higher than the next most expensive OECD country. With U.S. GDP of $19 trillion, healthcare costs were about $3.2 trillion, or about $10,000 per person in a country of 320 million people.6. Write ConclusionIndicate the specific action that you would like the Senator to take and by when. If you would like a reply, you may request that as well. ?Example?: Again, I urge you to vote for S353 to protect ALL your constituents. I would like to receive a reply to this letter. Thank you for your careful consideration.7. Copy the letter and submit a copy in the class Canvas courseroom here. The dropbox can be found by clicking on “Assignments”. It is marked “CivicEngagementAssign.”8. Email or Mail the letter.9. If/When you get a response, please share in class.

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History Of Public Administration

1,000 words, describe the history of public service by doing the following:Identify significant events and people who shaped the field of public administration.Explain how those events and people affected the evolution of the study and field of public administration.Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, 7th edition.

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Issue of the Death Penalty

When writing your essay, respond to the prompt thoroughly, and completely. Essays must be a minimum of 2 pages in length, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font, and written in Times New Roman. A bibliography, references, or works cited page, must accompany the submission. Bibliographies should be uploaded, as a single file, along with your 1.5-page essay. This page does not count towards the minimum length, of the paper. When completing your essay, you must also include in-text citations for any work that is directly quoted or paraphrased.   Failure to properly, or consistently cite paraphrased or directly quoted work, from the original work, thoughts and/or ideas of someone, other than your own, (according to 1 of the 3 approved formats…MLA, APA, or Chicago) will result in an automatic 0, with no make-up work being accepted.  For assistance with proper citation formatting, use the easybib website. Access this website, by clicking HERE (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Your response should be your own original thoughts and analysis.  Research and resources should be incorporated with scholarly applications. I.e. used as examples or evidence to support your analysis. Make sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar. Your response to the prompt should focus on analyzing the information you gathered. Incorporate the information you gathered by using it to provide examples and support for your response. “A” papers should include a critical analysis of the videos by applying at least 1 example from each film to support your position. PART 1: Video Access and Viewing  The video you are required to watch, in order to complete this assignment is 50 minute in length.  The video is over the Todd Willingham case. The video is publicly accessible through PBS Frontline’s official website.  You can access the video one of two ways, following the instructions provided below. Click the link below, or copy and paste the link, into a new tab, in your internet browser. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) PART 2: Video Reflection, Analysis and Submission Instructions Write a reflective analysis of crime, justice, and punishment under application of the Death Penalty, in Texas, based on the application of what you learned from Todd Willingham Case Video. Write an essay that addresses each of the prompt’s 2 components, Issue Position, and Explanation, and Application, outlined below Issue Position: First, Identify whether you are for, or against the use of the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment (there is NO right or wrong answer). Successful completion of this assignment, and it’s learning objective, require your compliance in identification or your personal position, and perspective, towards the issue of the “death penalty”.  Responses are confidential and will be graded objectively, based on student’s independent, reflective analysis of their own individual personal perspectives,  and application of the information. Explanation and Application Then, Discuss, and describe, the nature of the political debate, surrounding the issue of the death penalty, and explain how your personal position toward the issue has changed or been reinforced, with regard to the application to crime, punishment, and justice in Texas, based on what you learned from the movie. 

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