Imperial Valley

 After watching the video on the creation of the Imperial Valley (on the previous page) you are to write a detailed summary/ reaction to what you have learned. I am looking for 2 pages or so about the video and your thoughts on it. You do not need to worry about grammar as much as content. Since this is partially a reaction 1st person is totally fine. Please run it through spell check at least.  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO: For more information on Imperial Valley read this:

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Sarawak is a Malaysian state located on the island of Borneo. The predominant soil order for most of Sarawak is the same as which of the following locations?

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Geopolitical Framework

Considering the statement “This region was, is, and will likely into the distant future be prominent in world news.  Media attention to what we commonly refer to as the Middle East typically focuses on what our textbook labels as the Geopolitical Framework.” as well as the application of any of the five themes:1-Physical Geography and the Environment, 2-Population and Settlement, 3-Cultural Coherence and Diversity, 4-Geopolitical Framework, 5-Economic and Social Development. for each of the world’s regions, what do you think is the most important matter facing this region now and in the future?  Be sure to offer specific examples to support your response. For more information check: 

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Desalination Plant

1.  Write one paragraph on one example of a major pollution event that has either happened in the past or is occurring now on the Eastern United States Coastline or on the Western United States Coastline (you may include Alaska). 2.  Write one paragraph comparing and contrasting (how do they look differently) Seals too. Sea Lions.  I would like you to be able to recognize the difference when you see them at the beach!  3.  Write one paragraph comparing and contrasting Porpoises to Dolphins (write about the. differences between the two).4.  Finally, write a paragraph describing what a Desalination Plant does (briefly how it works), and tell me where at least one Desalination Plant is on our California Coastline.

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Diverse Environment

Q1   Define and discuss the uses of IDaaS in at least two paragraphs.  Also, find three IDaaS providers and compare and contrast their services. You must include at least one scholarly peer-reviewed article as an APA cited reference. Q2   Discuss the use of cloud collaboration tools in today’s geographically diverse environment in at least two paragraphs.  Cite at least one scholarly peer-reviewed article. Also, compare and contrast two popular video collaboration tools.

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Atmosphere Composition

Description: Goal: Summarize what you have learned in Week1 Build learning community by helping each other answer study questions.  Initial Post You are REQUIRED  to post a thorough summary with the following two components: What you have learned in this module – please use the “Outline” slide in the lecture presentation as an outline of your summary.  You will need to summarize what you have learned on the first three bullet points (6 points) Overview of atmosphere Atmosphere Composition and its evolution Air Pressure and Density At least ONE question related to course content – this question needs to be related to the topics listed in the outline (2 points) Reply to Peers Browse the questions posted by your classmates and help answer at least ONE of your classmates answer the question(s) he/she has (2 points) Requirements and Grading Please read carefully Discussion Guidelines before posting to make sure your posts meet the requirements.  

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Beach Profile and Sediment Composition

In this Geography IA, we need to answer “How do coastal management strategies affect the beach profile and sediment composition?” by using graphs and the data I will attach here by comparing 2 beaches situated in Antibes in France, “La Gravette” a managed beach and “La Joliette” an unmanaged beach.

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Urban Poverty

Urban poverty is spatialized in both symbolic and material ways. Please discuss. In your response, please discuss geographies of urban poverty particularly from the perspective of urban residents, articulated through a variety of stories and interview data from the readings. High-quality essays will:  Include a clear main argument and be logically organized. Articulate how the urban is comprised of both formal and informal spaces, ·       Demonstrate how urban space is gendered (this can be one segment or run throughout the entire paper). Show how urban policies and laws are contested (resisted in a variety of ways). Include Explanatory Footnotes only if necessary; No Endnotes. Include a Reference list/Bibliography. Be written in 12 Font, double-spaced as a Word document only—no pdfs. Papers are to be uploaded, do not cut and paste. Range between 2000 (min) and 2500 words(max) – minimum 10 article

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War and Conflict

Unfortunately, war and conflict occur today and have been part of human history as well. Choose a conflict/war going on today. How does the geography, economy, and culture of the area or parties involved play a role in the conflict? Is this conflict/war causing a migration of people? If so, why? If not, why?

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Role of Ethnicity

In Chapter 7, you learned about the role of ethnicity in the construction of identity and human connection to place. Geographers are interested in ethnicity as an important part of cultural identity. For many Americans, ethnicity can be a factor in many aspects of their daily lives. a) Define ethnicity and explain what distinguishes it from nationality or race, including why ethnicity may be easier to classify. b) Give an example of an ethnic group in the United States and describe two ways that a person’s ethnicity may influence their daily lives.  You may choose to use your own ethnicity and experience to answer this question; please be specific with well-developed examples or even news stories.  If you live in a city, you may consider identifying or visiting an ethnic enclave and using this experience to enhance your description of ethnicity, geography, and lifestyle choices.

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