Fruitvale Station

Before writing the paper, must watch these two films first:   1: Fruitvale Station; 2: The Hate U Give. Write a four- to six-page research paper for the final. The paper should consist of three parts: Do research on the social and political contexts in which these two films were released.  Describe the social and political circumstances that gave rise to the Fruitvale Station,      which is based on a true story, and similarly describe the social and political contexts around the production of The Hate U Give,      which is based on a YA novel.   Compare and contrast the two versions of the film.  How are they similar?  How are they different?         Research and discuss how the two films were received when they were released, and speculate on how they might be received in today’s political climate.  For more information on Fruitvale Station read this:

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00 words response: Watch Jose Antonio Vargas’ film Documented (89 minutes). Choose a scene in Vargas’ film and then, in a 2-3 paragraph response of about 200-400 words, conduct a close reading of that scene in relation to the film’s main goal, e.g. documenting the experience of an immigrant who is undocumented. For example, in your close reading, you may focus on dialogue, soundtrack, camera techniques, visual composition, or shot sequencing, e.g. lighting, shoots, edits, angles, camera movements, transitions. Include a screenshot/grab of your chosen scene.  5 pages essay: Expand your response paper into an essay by including a thesis statement in your introductory paragraph, and adding at least one more close-reading example that backs up your thesis.  if you choose to expand your response paper about Jose Antonio Vargas’ film Documented, choose additional scenes from the documentary and conduct close-readings of those scenes (with attached screenshot).  link to the movie: For more information on Documented  read this:

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Watch and outline the documentary below. You may outline in any form you wish, bullet points, informal outline, by the architectural venue, or architect. For more information on Documentary read this:

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View the movie “Syriana,” directed by Stephen Gaghan, 2005 and answer the following questions:  How might you explain the presence of terrorism in both poor countries as well as counties possessing wealth?  Are there strategies that might be pursued toward reducing the corruption, violence, and terrorism associated with oil-producing nations? Student journal entries should be between 900 -1000 words, in APA format, and contain biblical integration.  APA Movie Cite Example: Acceptable In-Text Citation: (Producer Last Name & Director Last Name, Year of Release) References Page:  Producer Last Name, F.M., & Director Last Name, F.M. Release Year. Title of Motion Picture. Country of Origin: Studio Name For more information on Syriana read this:

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David Bowie

For the first post of the week, watch the video David Bowie:  Spiders from Mars (segments 1 through 5) found in Week 5 of the Content area.  Utilizing concepts from chapters 8 & 9, discuss the relevance of the video clips to your understanding of Culture & Identity.    Note:  Even though segments 1-5 are the only required viewing for the week, please feel free to watch more segments of the video to further your discussion posts. Description: Invoking Paul McCartney, David Bowie described his own funky, soulful songs released in the early to mid-1970s as “plastic soul.” This video contains interview material and archival footage presented all on one video! It begins with the rarest, most amazing UK Bournemouth footage, featuring Bowie putting on his make-up and costumes from the Ziggy period. Also featured is a Russell Harty interview from the UK, Bowie’s press conference after leaving RCA and signing to EMI, and some very rare footage of David Jones in ’64 when he explains the “Society for the prevention of cruelty to long haired men.” Enjoy Bowie interviews with Jonathan Ross, Parkinson, Valerie Singleton, and a full 40-minute press conference. Contributions from several colleagues round out this fascinating program: Mike Garson, Bowie’s long serving pianist; Andy Newmark, drummer on Young Americans; Robert Elms, style guru, journalist, broadcaster and self confessed soul boy; and many, many more. (102 minutes)

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In the Name of the Father

You will prepare a 4 page double spaced, type written movie critique. The critique should focus on the accuracy, effectiveness, and usefulness of the movie’s portrayal of the American criminal justice process. It should apply the lessons and material of this class to the movie (and vice versa).   Movie: In the name of the father (1993) For more information on In the Name of the Father read this:

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A Discussion

Watch 13TH on Netflix Watch the documentary 13TH on Netflix. In 200 words, what were the most important takeaways you got from this film? For more information read this:

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Television Show

Choose a television show or movie that has nursing or medicine as the main focus. Critique the show or movie on the basis of the image of nursing presented. Answer the following questions: Was the nurse portrayed realistically (i.e. clothing realistic, were they portrayed as intelligent or educated, etc.)? How was the nurse addressed by other characters (language that was used to address them)? Would you recommend the movie or show to someone interested in entering the nursing profession? Should be 200 words in length, reflecting on the prompt above

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Movie iRobot

1. A brief (1 paragraph) summary of plot 2. An explanation to the philosophical questions (from Unit 1 or 2) posed in the film and how the film answers them (2-3) paragraphs o You should identify at least 2 philosophical questions posed by the film, and an explanation of how the film responds/answers the question. 3. You should identify at least 1 philosopher who would agree with the response of the film to the question, and give a response to the film as if you were the philosopher ( paragraph) 4. You should identify at least 1 philosopher who would not agree with the response of the film to the question, and give a response to the film as if you were the philosopher (1 paragraph) 5. The review should be approximately 2-3 pages (500-750) in length, double-spaced 6. An APA title page 7. An APA Reference List (including appropriate reference for the film, and any additional research you may have done)

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Poor Us

Watch Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty Then, please address each of the following questions: Why does global poverty exist? Identify three main reasons and cite sources. Give three examples of things that could be done to reduce global poverty. Cite sources.  Give at least one example of how global poverty connects to another societal issue. For example, is there a connection between poverty and human trafficking? Judicial systems? Health outcomes? Gender roles? etc…Explain the connection between poverty and the issue you select and cite your source(s).  Name at least two ethical theories that could explain why so much of humanity still lives in poverty. Summarize each theory and explain the connections between the theory and the existence/persistence of global poverty. Wrap it up – Address each of these questions in your conclusion: Do you consider poverty to be a valid global ethical concern? Is it an issue that “we are all concerned about” as Widdows posits in her introduction (Widdows, 1)? Or do you think poverty is a local issue or an issue to be addressed by people who are poor? What ethical frameworks support your answer? Highlight elements of ethical theories that support your position on whether or not poverty is a valid global ethical concern. Describe any personal, core beliefs that affect your own views on global poverty. Where did these beliefs come from? Connect your beliefs to the ethical framework(s) that most resonate with you. Highlight elements of theories that best support your personal beliefs. Close by noting whether or not any of your beliefs have shifted since the beginning of the term (there is no wrong answer to 5e). Use in-text citations and list your sources at the end.

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