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Topic: Slavic Family: POLAND FAMILIES USE ATTACHED FILE FOR INFORMATION                                                i.     Introduction to the family ethnic/cultural heritage                                              ii.     Family structure and traditional family life                                            iii.     Language(s), family values, and social support                                             iv.     National dish (food), traditional clothing, music/musical instruments, and esthetic standards                                              v.     Religions: what the belief(s) is/are, how they are perceived by Americans, and how it affects the group/family?                                             vi.     Share one stereotype & one fun fact about the group                                           vii.     What differences and similarities did you notice with your own ethnicity?                                          viii.     Explain why family diversity matters   I will be creating a powerpoint presentation from this so please have enough information for each slide (each roman numeral is a different slide) Cite resources in APA at end

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Write a brief (1000 words) essay in which you describe a family meal at your house. While the focus may be the food, your description should include other components as well: e.g, characters, setting, action. Be sure to give your reader as much detail as you can, given the constraints on length. Pay attention to how you organize the essay. Also give some thought to your audience: Who are you writing for? What is the best strategy for reaching that audience? i have personal details too: A.) Mom usually ask us what do we want to eat? B.) We pick fried chicken with macaroni and broccoli C.) Me, my brother, and sister decide the sides. D.) I usually help her cook by assisting and getting what she needs E.) Me and her cook dinner F.) While we cook, we talk about our day G.) Dinner time is usually when we talk H.) We never eat at the dinner table, we usually split into different rooms I.) We sometimes eat in the living room as a family J.) Or I’ll eat in my room K.) My mom in her room L.) Brother and sister living room

Jun 2nd, 2021


Polish Families

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