Evolutionary Psychology

What emotions are ‘hard-wired’ in the stem of the brain? How might these emotions be tied with theories related to Evolutionary Psychology?2. Psychologist believe emotions become ‘active’ for all humans around the same time. What accounts for emotional expression? From Chp 9 what research may prove that we there is universal perception of emotions? What are the studies that find facial recognition may be universal? Might it be tied to genetic encoding?3. What have you noticed about the expression of emotions in your family? Is your expression always aligned with your family’s?4. How might emotion antecedents be related to Emotional Intelligence? Of the 4 areas of Emotional Intelligence, which do you think you are strong in and why? Which area(s) do you believe you need to develop more skill in?5. What do universal processes allow us to to do in different social, work and life situations?

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