National Preparedness Report

Write a three-page summary and analytical review of the latest National Preparedness Report. Your analysis should reflect the major themes and issues which were highlighted and the overall assessment of the United States’ posture on a range of incidents that challenged homeland security and societal resilience, and confirmed the need to enhance preparedness across the whole community, following an all-hazards approach. Focus your discussion on those themes and issues that required activating core capabilities across the five mission areas outlined in the National Preparedness Goal: prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery.

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Interface Design and Usability

Before hiring your services, I would like to check some details. The work is for a PhD Thesis, on Interface Design. It goes into usability aspects (UX), but also on mobile design. I do need help: – Complementing the evaluation analysis chapter. There are some paragraphs already there, analyzing the responses from the evaluation, but each of them needs more academic support. – Writing other two chapters – they will have a “guide” about where I do want to go, but they need the academic body. These chapters are “recommendations” and “conclusion”. The idea is to have the hired 25000 words spread among these chapters.

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Christian Education Major

A well constructed dissertation that will be accepted by the board of examiners. To facilitate the awarding of PhD in Christian Education Major.

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Cause and Effect Research Essay

The required introductory paragraph for this paper will be the corrective introduction.   Introduction: the the corrective introduction. To make a corrective introduction, you state an incorrect view point (such as “Many think that________ ; however, such a thought is incorrect”). The correct view point, of course, appears in the conclusion. So, your conclusion will provide the correct view point in contrast to the assumed and incorrect view. Many people think that the mall has just shoppers and workers, but a closer look shows that there are more groups of people than just mere shoppers and workers. The suspense in this type of introduction has the reader wondering what is the correct view and challenges the reader.  Your introductory paragraph should include an interesting fact, observation, or quotation about the topic you are discussing.  You should briefly review some background information on the topic (no more than three sentences). Finally, you should include some kind of thesis that indicates what the focus of your cause and effect research will be.  Use the Academic Search Complete database accessible through the college library website to find an article that relates to your prompt. Use evidence in the article to develop a rough draft of a body paragraph.  Be sure to include things like a topic sentence, transition sentences, evidence, analysis, and in-text citations.  All criteria for the paper rest on the concepts discussed in the assigned chapters and lectures. Structure: The paper will have a strong title. The paper will have an introduction that contains the corrective introduction and will also have A clear, sophisticated hook. A clear overview of the topic of the paper. A thesis statement that identifies the topic, makes an assertion, and suggests the paper’s focus. The paper will have body paragraphs that each discuss the various claims you are attempting to make. Each will have: A clear topic sentence. Evidence and sources that support your claims. An analysis of the relationship between the evidence, claims, and overall thesis of the paper. The paper will have a conclusion that reinforces the deeper point of the paper without just repeating the thesis or the topics of the paper. Development: Each body paragraph will lead readers through the your research clearly. As a whole, the body paragraphs must employ use of chronological, most-to-least, or least-to-most analysis of the topic. Language: The style will be third person. The sentences will vary in length. The paper will have a minimum of grammar errors. MLA Formatting: The paper will be formatted in MLA, including One-inch margins Double-spacing (with no extra spaces between paragraphs; set Before and After to zero). 12-point Times New Roman font A heading with your name, the instructor’s name, the course, and the date, in day-month-year format (i.e., January 4, 2023 would be written 4 January 2023). A header ½ inch from the top of the page with your last name and the page number. A centered title. Paragraphs that are indented one tab (or ten spaces). Justify the paper left only—not both sides.

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Essay Assignment

Please follow all instructions written 100 Essay Assignment 3 choose to agree that minimum wage should be increased claim support and analyze should be included please follow all instructions written 100 Essay Assignment 3 choose to agree that minimum wage should be increased claim support and analyze should be included

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[SOLVED] Final Essay on Exploratory and Analytic Essay

This exam is one long (1,500 words) exploratory and analytical essay on what material you read and studied during the semester. I would like you to use Gramsci’s notion of a Philosophy of Praxis as being an active movement of thought and practice in the shaping of the world to engage at least 3 of the authors we encountered this past semester. Concentrate on those who affected you the most in changing your perspectives, your ideas, and the way of engaging the world you inhabit.  Some limits you may write on: the theory of recollection in Plato’s Meno, the theory of Phronesis and the doctrine of the mean in Aristotle, method according to Descartes, power and fear in Machiavelli’s Prince, doing History differently in Marx, the idea of enlightenment according to Kant, Freud’s idea of religion as illusion, Dostoevski’s about free will and faith,  and the idea of justice as a sham in Billy Budd.  In general, how philosophy in its active form helps to transform the world and not only interpret it. This essay could be considered  a long meditation on Marx’s 11th Thesis on Feuerbach: “‘ Hitherto, philosophers have only interpreted the world : the point, however is to transform it.”

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[SOLVED] A Review on a Book of Essays

Instructions will be to give the reader the sense of what the book is about,  overall complete  overview.  This is a book of essays  I will need a summary of the book The main argument or theme that connects the essays or a group of essays. Why did the author of the book bring the essays and the authors together ? What is the context about and what are the circumstances surrounding in each essay. Will need to pull a few quotes from the book to support conversation will need a summary of if its a good read and why Where is it weak? Conclusion statement

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[SOLVED] Geography Article Essay

***Please only use 2 files uploaded to answer this order ***NO INTRODUCTION, NO CONCLUSION ***JUST ANSWER WHAT IS ASKED ***TWO SEPERATE ESSAYS Essay 1: use file “Cool it” to answer  In Cool It! what is Bjørn Lomborg’s main premise? How is the current approach broken, according to him? How is fear of global climate change problematic? What is his three-pronged approach? What arguments does he make to justify each one? What might go wrong? What is missing? Essay 2: use both files to answer Compare/contrast Owen’s Green Metropolis and Lomborg’s Cool It by (1) explaining what they each see are causes of environmental problems; (2) debating the value of each of their proposed approach to these problems and what they base their views on; and (3) explaining what you learned most from Green Metropolis and Cool It.

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[SOLVED] Chemistry Essay

Okay so here’s another opportunity for some extra credit!Write a 6-10 paragraph biography of one of the important figures listed below. Do not plagiarize and be sure to use proper grammar and spelling. Cite at least 2 sources.Niels BohrAntoine LavoisierMarie CurieIrène Joliot-CurieLinus PaulingJohn DaltonDmitri MendeleevLise MeitnerRosalind FranklinCharles DrewGlenn SeaborgSvante ArrheniusGilbert LewisFor full credit (Total of 30 points), please:Properly cite at least two sources (Since this is a chemistry course, let’s adhere to ACS citation styles: CitingYour Sources: ACS (Links to an external site.) )Use proper grammar, spelling and puncuationExplain what contributions they made to scienceTell us about any major awards or honors they received (or didn’t)

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[SOLVED] Essay between Panama and Florida

Option Two: Many of you came to Broward College and to Florida from other places, whether cities, states, or countries. Write an essay analyzing the similarities and/or differences between your place of origin (city, state, or country) and where you currently live. How do these similarities and/or differences help you to appreciate both your own cultural experiences and those different from your own? You should also locate one (1) article from a BC Library database that provides cultural or historical information relevant to your topic; for example, if you are contrasting the differences in the education system in your country of origin vs the U.S, it would help to locate an article that explains some of the educational practices in your country of origin. Incorporate at least one (1) quotation from the article into your essay.For more information on Essay between Panama and Florida read this: 

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