Ocean Acidification

Research paper on ocean acidification for 4 pages

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How to Prevent Homelessness

What causes homelessness in the U.S. & what can we do to prevent it.

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1. Carla: Terotogens are toxins which are not naturally occurring in the environment, but are harmful to the growth and development of a fetus in utero (Rogers, p. 194). The impact of teratogens on prenatal development can be either physical abnormality (shortened limbs, heart defects or facial characteristics) or behavioral challenges such as attention deficit, learning difficulties, poor language skills and concentration difficulties.  Three environmental toxins that are common hazards to prenatal development include: radiation, lead and emissions. Radiation negatively impacts prenatal development by causing disfigurement, cognitive delay, and low birth weight. Lead exposure can cause neurological problems, childhood cancer, behavioral problems, prematurity and miscarriage. Emissions and exposure to toxic chemicals can cause disproportionate drops in the number of male children (due to the specific effect of certain chemicals on the male fetus in utero.) (Rogers, p. 194) Social workers must be aware of the living conditions of their clientele and the presence of potential teratogens which can negatively impact the health of their clients and their unborn children. Rogers, A. (2020). Human behavior in the social environment: Perspectives on development, the life course, and macro contexts. New York, NY: Routledge. 2. Gwendolyn: Dr.Matthews and Class, It would be a good idea for Josie to discuss this issue with her parent and get their input. An important part of a client’s decision-making process relates to the client’s right to self-determination (Rogers 2019). But since her boyfriend does not want to support her and she would have to drop out of school to support her baby. It may be important that she look at other options such as considering Adoption, or deciding whether to keep her baby, or whether to terminate pregnancy. Both sides of each family dynamics needs to be assessed to determine what types of health concerns that the child may inherit(Rogers 2019). Social worker needs to look also at Josie cognitive ability to be able to think and make decisions.  The majority of studies conclude that lack of planning places infants at risk for health and mental health disadvantages such as abuse, premature birth, developmental delays, delayed or inadequate prenatal care, and insecure attachments to their mothers (Goossens et al., 2016; Wind, 2015). It will be difficult to offer support for a new born with no support. I  am sure that she would be able to find a family that would gladly adopt a newborn. She would need to make sure she go to Dr and get all the prenatal care that she needs. She could speak with guidance counselor at school to learn of resources available to her.  An ineffective plan would be is to have the child and try to get her boyfriend to marry her even though he advised that he would not support her. She would have to get on governmental assistance due to her age and lack of education to seek employment.  She would have to locate a primary care Dr if she decide to keep her baby.  She will also need to consider child birthing classes. We as social workers must focus on the needs of client and the circumstances around their decision making skills. Social workers also may work toward making social policies more family-oriented so that some women do not feel compelled to choose abortion, or they may work toward changing the laws surrounding abortion options on a legislative level. We must not let our personal bias and beliefs get in the way of any decisions made. I could also discuss some of the current social problems that are known that can happen during pregnancy and offer any support that she may need. Another approach is to rely on community organization or social action approaches to ensure that appropriate services are made available to people like Josie (Rogers 2019).  Rogers, A. T. (2019). Human behavior in the social environment: Perspectives on development and the life course (5th ed.). Routledge. 3: Jerry: As of 2018 we have a total of 37000 people in Washington state locked up in prisons, our population is 7.6million people of that mix it is; 5.9millon white people, 313,176 African Americans, 136,590 natives, 676,157 Asians, native Hawaiian or other pacific islander 59,617, two or more races 392,413. (Population by race. (n.d.) Our prison population has 392 thousand whites, 601 thousand Hispanics, 2372 thousand African Americans, 1427 thousand American Indians/ Alaska natives living in the prison system. (Initiative, P. (n.d.)                I believe that due to mandatory sentencing on drug crimes that consist of location of where the person is arrested affects the population and length of prison sentence, Washington state has enhancements due to the get tough on crime policy. No matter the amount of a substance you have or having a gun on you if you are arrested or end a chase in an area that is considered a drug free/ gun-free zone you will have added time that is mandatory, this can be an added 10 years on top of your eluding police/ resisting arrest. Due to the large proportion African Americans being found in Seattle city in Washington state, they have even stricter rules about gun crimes. If an individual has both a gun and drugs, he can be looking at doing no less then 20 years due to the mandatory sentencing. (Schnurbush, K., & Pullin, M. 2018.) Because Seattle’s diversity is black and Asian this is why our prison population is more African American than any other race found in Washington state. This means we will see more African Americans carrying out mandatory time which can be longer than other crimes committed by others, this law is to reduce crime of said nature but it then fills out prisons up with stagnant inmates of color which causes a further inequality in our prison population. Barusch, A. S. (2017). Empowerment Series: Foundations of Social Policy: Social Justice in Human Perspective. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781337515245/  (Links to an external site.) Initiative, P. (n.d.). Washington profile. Retrieved July 27, 2020, from https://www.prisonpolicy.org/profiles/WA.html Population by race. (n.d.). Retrieved July 27, 2020, from https://www.ofm.wa.gov/washington-data-research/statewide-data/washington-trends/population-changes/population-race  (Links to an external site.) Schnurbush, K., & Pullin, M. (2018). Drugs, Society, and Behavior. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

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The Office Environment

Write a five-page paper that places into context a problem you would like to research, a clear statement of the problem supported by citations, the purpose for conducting the research, the potential significance of the research, and key research questions that you would like to answer. My paper is about the recent COVID-19 crisis forcing us to telework.  The purpose is to show telework as a viable alternative and a new way to conduct business.  I would like the paper to highlight the potential benefits of teleworking.  Need running header and an abstract page.  Several additional assignments to follow regarding this hypothesis.

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Landfill pollution

I want to promote Burning Garbage instead of landfill in this essay. Please include Singapore and Sweden as an example.

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Environment and Politics

Seriously, I cannot stress this enough: REMEMBER, minimum criteria are 1000 words minimum and four sources (three from the assigned readings in Module 1 in this case, and one article from the New York Times); without these criteria satisfied, your final draft will automatically be assigned a zero. If you explain why you missed the minimum criteria, I will grade your paper for a maximum of 70 points. Rhetorical Situation: Blog Entry for the Washington Post. Your role: Syndicated columnist. You are a respected thinker about current events with an intelligent opinion. You don’t assume everyone agrees with you, and you don’t think those who do, are stupid; still, your goal is to persuade them that your position is the most reasoned and important for public policy or attitudes, etc…. Goal: to intelligently persuade Guidelines: The readings on conservation and preservation and environmental history, etc might be the most helpful for this essay. Consider the following from Dr. Reed Noss (he used to be here at UCF) et al, write in Bolder Thinking for Conservation: “In contrast to policy-driven targets, scientific studies and reviews suggest that some 25–75%of a typical region must be managed with conservation of nature as a primary objective to meet goals for conserving biodiversity.” They then suggest taking the middle– 50% — of all regions (so 50% of the land and water in the US) should be managed for conserving biodiversity if we wish to keep civilization working. This would mean a total re-working of development and economics in this country. Still, their warning is stark. In your first sentence, make a claim about the future of the United States and how reformist, radical, or even against US environmental priorities should be in the next 20 years. You might consider what you think is at stake, what the trade-offs should be, or lines we should or should not cross. Support your proposition with the readings, and in this essay, be sure to specifically consider and include Abbey’s book as one reference. Keep these stylistic goals in mind for blog-writing: you may use first person, be compelling (here, use the readings well), and understand that your audience is an interested public using the internet as a civic platform and tool. Use APA citation style for this assignment because it will present well.

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The Organochlorine pesticides

Your company has been contracted to assess and cleanup a site that previously had a manufacturing facility for an organochlorine pesticide (i.e., aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, eldrin, or heptachlor). You are tasked with shipping these wastes off-site to a treatment, storage, disposal facility (TSDF) for disposal. Review the information found in the 16-point GHS SDS for at least two of the organochlorine pesticides detailed in this question. Describe how you would prepare for transport of these materials and ensure proper shipping documentation based on DOT regulations (hazard class, descriptions, labels, markings, and placards). Describe the importance of having these regulations in place when transporting hazardous materials. In the event that there is an emergency release of the material while being transported, describe the chemical properties, uses, and ill effects that first responders may encounter upon arrival to the scene. Summarize the information found in the SDS, and explain how that information prepares EHS and FS professionals to assess and mitigate workplace hazards related to organochlorine pesticides during the assessment and cleanup phases of the project. Your essay must be at least one page in length. You are required to cite the relevant SDS in your response as well as at least one other sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced. Paraphrased and/or quoted materials must have accompanying citations in APA format. Textbook: Meyer, E. (2014). Chemistry of hazardous materials (6th ed.). Pearson.

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Climate Change

Topic-Climate Change An introduction with a clear sense of thesis. A body with several logically organized indented paragraphs. A conclusion that effectively ends the essay. Grammatical language that follows conventional practices of mecahnics and punctuation. An APA References list for at least two sources used in the paper.

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Environmental Science

You’ve been working to meet your pledge goals for a month now. It’s time to document and reflect on your success. Submit a final accounting of your progress using factual data collected or observed throughout the term (qualitative and/or quantitative). How did you monitor your progress? What improvements are you considering? Close with a reflection. Do think you will keep this going? Might you consider expanding your pledge, recruiting others to act on positive change? Do small efforts matter? What about Ghandi’s refrain – be the change you wish to see in the world? this is my first post for the discussion, just lie about it. I can’t deal anymore with summer B In this discussion, I plan to create an enabling environment that will improve society’s human condition. Human beings deserve to live a better life that will make appreciate their existence and have a deep sense of belonging. How will I do this? There is a need to address the issues that influence the normal living of a human being. To achieve this, I will first start with the victims of depression. In this, to create awareness to mass with the help of ‘GET,’ I will print t-shirts that bear the effects of depression and the possible causes of it. In the impact, there will be anxiety and peer influence from others. In addition to this, I will approach GET to support me in the campaign about depression to improve human life financially. In the campaigns, I shall have targeted place mostly the regions that report more cases of deaths as a result of depression. I will also acquire posters that will bear the pictures showing a depressed person and the depression process that links one to pre-mature death, especially the growing young population. However, I will not only develop depression that I shall address as a factor that affects the human condition I will combine with drug abuse. In the imprinted t-shirts, I shall link the alcohol as the major cause of the depression. In the campaigns, I will need the attention of the targeted people, which means there must be something captivating to win their attention. Therefore, playing music will be a good idea, and bringing along their favorite musician who many prefer as their mentor will help the intended message to reach easily. How will I monitor the progress of my campaign against alcohol and depression? To monitor whether the campaign had an impact on the targeted population, I will seek financial support from ‘GET,’ which will help me merge with any network services that are wide to create questions that will be free of charge. In the questions, they will be sent randomly to any group among the target ones that I created the awareness. Through their answers, I shall be able to determine how they have taken the idea. Also, I will monitor the awareness by approaching individuals on one in a different region, which will help me to examine my effect on the improvement of the human condition.

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Umuhimu wa Mazingira

Je, mazingira yana umuhimu upi maishani mwetu

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