Environmental Issues

1) Research any TWO of the following environmental issues: how gases contribute to global climate change, how pollutants cause acid rain, any specific water pollution issue, wastewater treatment, atmospheric ozone depletion, fossil fuel combustion and emissions, electricity production from nuclear power, photovoltaic energy. Explain the chemistry behind the issue (make sure to include at least two different vocabulary terms for each issue (for a total of 4) and underline them). Explain how an understanding of chemistry is essential for understanding the issue. How does your description of each issue demonstrate the first law of thermodynamics? How does your description of each issue demonstrate the second law of thermodynamics?

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Impact of dead zones in Chesapeake bay

I need help rewriting my research paper as it is currently all over the place. Right now it is written focusing on dead zones throughout the US but my professor wants me to focus on the Chesapeake Bay to better streamline my focus.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Hazardous Materials

Your company has been contracted to assess and cleanup a site that previously had a manufacturing facility for an organochlorine pesticide (i.e., aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, eldrin, or heptachlor). You are tasked with shipping these wastes off-site to a treatment, storage, disposal facility (TSDF) for disposal.

Review the information found in the 16-point GHS SDS for at least two of the organochlorine pesticides detailed in this question. Describe how you would prepare for transport of these materials and ensure proper shipping documentation based on DOT regulations (hazard class, descriptions, labels, markings, and placards). Describe the importance of having these regulations in place when transporting hazardous materials.

In the event that there is an emergency release of the material while being transported, describe the chemical properties, uses, and ill effects that first responders may encounter upon arrival to the scene.

Summarize the information found in the SDS, and explain how that information prepares EHS and FS professionals to assess and mitigate workplace hazards related to organochlorine pesticides during the assessment and cleanup phases of the project.

Your essay must be at least one page in length. You are required to cite the relevant SDS in your response as well as at least one other sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced. Paraphrased and/or quoted materials must have accompanying citations in APA format.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Environmental Ethics

State/Identify Example:
Identify the four subject fields of philosophy.
(Worth 4 marks)?

State the principle of Aldo Leopold’s ‘land
ethic.’ (Worth 1 mark)?
An action is right when it tends to promote
the beauty, integrity and stability of the ecosystem;
it is wrong when it tends otherwise.

Explain Question Example:
Taylor states that non-human living things
are not moral agents and do not possess
moral rights. He nevertheless holds that
living things deserve equal moral respect and
consideration within human ethical decision making.
Explain how he uses a conception of
the human good to arrive at this position.
(Worth 3 marks)?
Taylor provides an argument for the
conclusion that all living things deserve equal
moral consideration. The human good, for
Taylor, involves being rational agents.
Rational agents are able to discern that a
conclusion follows from an argument and act
in accordance with what reason requires. So,
realizing our good as rational agents involves
acting in accordance with the conclusion of
his equality argument.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Endangered Animals

Assignment Instructions
For your first essay, we are going to practice the skills we have learned in this course thus far. (Please refer to “Lessons” for additional information regarding all “What Have We Learned” topics listed below.)


Create a skeleton outline before writing your paper. This will help keep your writing and thoughts organized and focused. See our textbook, page 15, for an example.

Scientific observations must be presented in a precise and specific format—in a scientific paper. This paper should contain some or all of the following sections: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references.

In your introduction, you must state your hypothesis. What are you going to study or prove? Then you must demonstrate the scientific methods used to test this hypothesis and your results, etc., in the next sections.

Your words must be very clear, focused, exact, logical, conclusive, and unemotional.

Stay focused on a simple theme throughout your writing. In other words, your introduction and other sections in your paper should be about the same topic throughout. Avoid getting off the subject.

In good scientific writing, each paragraph makes ONE point. The lead sentence states the main idea of the entire paragraph.

Numbers are another key element in scientific writing. Be specific! Use “3” instead of “several,” for example.

Visuals (such as tables, charts, graphs, and photos) are good to include in a scientific paper. Don’t forget to include a figure number and brief description for each visual.


Pick ONE topic for essay one. Below are some suggestions.

Environmental issues: endangered animals


Now back to the essay. The template is included below. Download the attached template to your desktop and save it as the first initial of your first name, your last name, underscore (hit control and the dash key), and the essay number (not week number). Example: JSmith_essay1

On page one, change your name and other information as applicable. Include your skeleton outline on page two. Your header begins on page two as well and done for you on the template. Just add your title, as shown.

Your essay will begin on page three. You must include the following sections: introduction, materials and methods, results, and conclusion. All sections combined must be between 500-750 words.

Include your hypothesis in your introduction. Please put it in bold to identify it quickly. (Example hypothesis: Due to its many benefits and advantages, solar energy is a valuable resource to develop and refine.)

Research your topic carefully. Please use the APUS library to obtain your sources. Do not use the open web (absolutely NO Wikipedia). Use at least 3 but no more than 5 sources. Each source must be cited within your paper and also on your References page. Use CSE style! See Lesson 2 for detailed instructions on citing.

In your materials and methods section, explain how this topic was researched. What specific elements were examined and how were they studied? What are the details of the experiments? What supplies, tools, techniques, and procedures were used?

Provide the results of the above studies and your conclusion in the appropriate sections.

Look closely at the feedback you received during week two in the peer review forum area. Incorporate those suggestions as needed into your final essay. Consider suggestions about paragraph length, lead sentences, wordiness, CSE citations, vague adjectives, etc.


Use numbers when applicable and include at least one visual. Give your visual a Figure number and a brief description.

Use good grammar! Stay in the correct tense. Use active verbs. (Check the Grammar_Review handout under Resources for more tips.)

Your essay must be submitted by the end of week two (Sunday, 11:55 pm ET).

Message me if you have any questions and good luck!

The grading rubric for this assignment is attached below.


DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Three Gorges Dam

Points of discussion
• ecosystem impacts
• change in biodiversity
• economic benefits/ disadvantages
• goods/ services received
• implementation of a hydroelectric dam powering local cities

You should find 5-10 references, at least three of which should be a primary source (i.e. peer-reviewed literature from Google Scholar or UMBrella

Do NOT include title page please cite all sources used

Here are a few sources and ideas to get started:

Three Gorges Dam

Flooding land for a hydroelectric reservoir has an extreme environmental impact: it destroys forest, wildlife habitat, agricultural land, and scenic lands. In many instances, such as the Three Gorges Dam in China, entire communities have also had to be relocated to make way for reservoirs [3].

Chinese Dam Slows Down Earth’s Rotation. When the Three Gorges Dam was built, 39 trillion kilograms of water from the Yangtze River built up behind it to 175 meters above sea level. … NASA has calculated that the dam only slows the rotation by 0.06 microseconds, which is six hundredths of a millionth of a second.

1 page reasoning to why the dam was built

Page 2
Environmental affects

Umbrella sources

Effects of the Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River flow and river interaction with Poyang Lake, China: 2003–2008
Guo, Hua ; Hu, Qi ; Zhang, Qi ; Feng, Song
Journal of Hydrology, 2012, Vol.416, pp.19-27

“THREE GORGES DAM.” Pakistan & Gulf Economist, vol. 30, no. 44, 6 Nov. 2011. Gale Academic OneFile, Accumulation of floating microplastics behind the Three Gorges Dam
Zhang, Kai ; Gong, Wen ; Lv, Jizhong ; Xiong, Xiong ; Wu, Chenxi
Environmental Pollution, September 2015, Vol.204, pp.117-123

ecosystem impacts, like specific loss of biodiversity and how that changes the ecosystem goods and services we get

Communities displaced
Economic advantage
Environmental harm

The Three Gorges Dam located in China, has the ability to generate 22,500 MW. It is located in Sandouping, Yiling District spanning across the Yangtze River.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Human Trafficking

“Human trafficking is a global problem, with the UN saying victims come from as many as 152 countries, and that a third of those trafficked are children. BBC News focused on three countries, talking to people who have been trafficked and also to the traffickers themselves.” (BBC News)

After watching this video clip post your responses to the following question:

BBC News reports that it’s a global problem. What can we do to address this problem at global, national and local levels? What are some of the possible solutions to address this issue?

Video information on youtube :Human Trafficking: Lives bought & sold – BBC News
105,763 views•Aug 1, 2015





please watch the video and post your response

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Ecological Footprint

We use energy in everyday activities, from turning on the lights to driving to school.  Most of that energy is derived from burning fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere. A carbon footprint is the total amount of GHG emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event, or product. A household’s carbon footprint varies depending on factors such as home size, types of vehicles used, and household members’ eating and purchasing patterns. We care about our carbon footprint because GHGs absorb energy and trap heat in our atmosphere. We need some amount of GHGs in our atmosphere to survive, but too great an amount and too rapid an increase can have devastating effects on our environment, our health, and the economy. The current consumption of fossil fuel releases more than 25 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. If current trends continue, atmospheric CO2 will triple by the end of the century—levels not seen for more than 40 million years. By measuring our carbon footprint, we can learn how we are contributing to this rise in atmospheric CO2 and how we might use energy more efficiently. In this lab, you will calculate your household’s yearly carbon footprint. After calculating your data, you will draw observations about your household’s carbon footprint, including identifying ways you can work to reduce it. Begin Work on Your Lab. To begin work on your lab, access: Your Ecological Footprint Instructions. Your Ecological Footprint Template.

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