Early European Explorations

Early European Explorationsa. What lessons did Early European Explorers though their early exploration

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A Logically Coherent Manner

Back in chapter 5 privacy advocates argue for greater control of personal information by individuals, while many in the commercial sector argue for access to that information. It appears that these positions have reversed now in chapter 8—entrepreneurs argue for control of the flow of information on the Internet, while ordinary users argue for access to that information. (a) Is there an irony, perhaps even an inconsistency, here? (b) Can this inconsistency be resolved in a logically coherent manner? (c) Explain how. Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer) and provide your “theoretical” rationale in support of your responses. (comprehension)

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Writing Models

For this paper, you will be expected to plan and write a response to one of the readings from this module using one of the prompts below. You should submit this paper via Turnitin. To do so, click on the Paper 2 Rough Draft link.Before you begin, you should view the Essay Rubric in the Course Resources section. Please note that your grade for the rough draft will be not be based on this rubric but on full completion of this assignment. If you have a complete essay turned in, you will receive the points. However, this rubric will give you clear expectations as to what we expect for the final draft.The goal of this class is to teach college-level writing conventions, which may require some students to move beyond previously taught writing models, like the 5-paragraph essay format. There are many significant weaknesses to this model and it is not adequate at this level. Some aspects of this formula should be particularly noted. It is not desirable to have a thesis statement that presents the ideas of your body paragraphs. This “A + B + C” thesis always sounds forced and is overly simplistic. It also contributes to the next major issue, which is a lack of real transitions between body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs need to have clear relationships between them–in the 5-paragraph model, this is usually not the case, but instead, the paragraphs read more like a list. You can often see this in the choice of transition words–“First, Second, and Finally”. There is no relationship here but the order in which they come. The final major issue with the 5-paragraph model is the summary conclusion. The conclusion is a vital space that can engage the reader in new and unique ways. By simply summarizing points from your essay or restating the thesis, you will disengage the reader’s attention and add nothing to your paper.There is no one, single way to approach a paper, or one size or shape. Therefore we are not looking for a particular number of paragraphs (although to prepare you for the exit essay, you should have at least 5) or a particular word count. If you look at the rubric, you will see what we want. First, you should have a strong introduction, which introduces the topic and identifies the paper’s direction. Next, there should be quality support, which offers specific details that are well organized and thoughtful. Finally, you will need a conclusion that challenges the reader and adds to the paper. This should be done with clear and concise writing. Think outside of formulas and focus on being as effective as you can be.

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English Comic

Option #1: Analysis of an Individual Comic Strip or Political CartoonChoose one comic strip or political cartoon. If you visit the website of a newspaper such as the Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., you should be able to search for comic strips or political cartoons easily. You can also choose a webcomic too.Which techniques does the creator of the comic strip use? How does the creator make his/her point in the comic strip? What do we learn about the characters and/or ourselves from this comic strip or political cartoon? If colors are available, what do they tell us about this comic or cartoon? What language is used and how can that be interpreted? What is the layout of the comiFor example, how do elements of imagery, symbolism, metaphor, and/or irony help reveal the cartoon’s message?In essence, what are some of the physical elements present in the cartoon—characters, text, colors, etc., along with figurative elements such as metaphor and symbolism, that help to explain the cartoon’s message? It can be helpful to focus on a single element in the cartoon in its own body paragraph (include the element in the topic sentence and in the thesis) and describe how it portrays the cartoon’s message before moving to the next cartoon feature in a new paragraph.As with all academic essays you write in this course, this essay should have a well-defined introduction with a thesis statement, body, and conclusion.Example Thesis Statement: “John Smith uses (add one element from the cartoon), (add a second element from the cartoon), and (add a third element from the cartoon) to show (add the cartoon’s message).”

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Prescriptive Narrative

According to your readings from class this week, what is one evident similarity and one marked difference between the ethical theories of Augustine and Aquinas? With which of these thinkers do you most agree (or disagree), and why?Christian ethicist Stanley Hauerwas encourages a prescriptive narrative ethical theory (and practice). What seems positive or helpful about this approach to ethics? What seems problematic? Cite your sources from the textbooks and other course materials.

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The Rhythm Study

Use the three representative, “play” objects from The Childhood Space Exercise. Record your exercise in an audio recording, post the recording and your essay in the “Discussions” link. Take time to investigate the objects with each of your senses. One of the objects has a deeper resonance’ than the others. Place the object down and sit erect and comfortably in a chair, close your eyes, and practice slow methodical breathing. Inhale on a four-count, pause for a four-count, exhale on four, and pause for four. Repeat the cycle until the mind becomes quiet. Now, follow the directions on the recorded audio guide. Begin the exercise by sitting quietly with eyes closed and only clap out the rhythms. Feel free to express any rhythms physically, they can be simple or as complex as a drum solo. After completing the exercise, remember the most powerful sense memory recollection and its accompanying emotion. What was the most distinct memory? Did you re-experience any sensation? What sense did you remember most vividly? What was the moment you re-experienced most vividly? What happened during that memory? How did you feel about that movement? Where did that memory feel strongest in your body? Write a 250-word essay on your experience and post it for class reaction. Be sure to talk about what you experienced while clapping out the rhythm of the personality.

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Constitutes Popular Music

Short Answer:1.) Define Tin Pan Alley and discuss its importance. Name two Tin Pan Alley songwriters (250 words) (5 point scale)2.) Name 3 big band artists. Define big band music. Explain its popularity (250 words) (5 point scale)Long-Answer:3.) Create your own definition of what constitutes popular music and why. Support your argument with specific examples. How has this changed from when you first started the course? Is your definition applicable to each time period of popular music? How so? (500 words) (5 point scale)4.) Describe issues of race and racism in the music industry. Provide specific examples. How have these issues changed over time (ex. 1960s R&B industry compared to the present R&B industry)? What issues have remained? Explain in detail. (500 words). (5 point scale)

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Jewish and Christian Subject

AnnotationThe Merchant of Venice, Act 2-3For this assignment, you are asked to review and find annotations that you included in which there are allusions to Jewish and Christian theology; in particular, you are asked to consider how the language of religion adds to the love plot between Jessica and Lorenzo, but you may look through Acts 2 and 3 (up to where we left off in our reading).Defining our TermsFor our purposes, “annotating” means adding notes to the text, explaining and/or commenting on, for example, notable word choices, rhetorical structures, thematic elements, etc. Annotating should be understood as a method to improve understanding of the text by gathering evidence, recognizing patterns (in the dialog and dramatic action), and grasping how specific textual details work together to develop larger themes and arguments. I SHOULD SEE COMMENTARY IN THE MARGINS AS WELL AS UNDERLINING, HIGHLIGHTING, AND/OR CIRCLING OF TEXT.For this activity, annotations should a) highlight references to Jewish and Christian subject matter, and b) offer brief commentaries on how these references inform the love plot (or, alternatively, how they love plot informs the religious plot).SubmissionTake pictures of your 3 annotated pages (at least one from each: Act 2 and 3) and attach them here. Make sure your pictures are clear and well lit, and that your annotations are legible.If you are unable to take or attach pictures, provide a summary instead, in which you a) quote the lines and phrases you have highlighted; and b) give a short, written account of your annotations. Submit as a Google Doc or PDF.

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Rhythm Exercise

Checklist:1. Post a 250-word minimum length essay discussing your experience while clapping out the rhythm of the person you encounter during the sense-memory aspect of the exercise (7 pt.)2. Respond with a minimum 25-word post to the Discussion Topic in the Discussion Board for the exercise (1 pt.)3. Comment on a classmates’ entry with a 25-word minimum length post in the Discussion Board for the exercise (.5 pt.)4. Comment on a classmates’ entry with a 25-word minimum length post in the Discussion Board for the exercise (.5 pt.)Discussion Topic: Describe an artist’s use of rhythm in an art form other than music.

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The Garden-Party

Choose ONE story to fill in these grids to prepare for Essay 2: you have two weeks to fill these out. The goal is to prepare for Essay 2. For the section on ironies, you may just write “See Irony Worksheet.”The short stories you may choose from include the following short stories:“Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather“The Garden-Party” by Katherine Mansfield“The Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker

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