Automotive Engineering

Challenger Safety Article: You are to review the following article about the challenger Shuttle disaster at You are to reflect on the importance of reviewing details around technical concerns related to this incident and how this could relate to your future career in automotive design and answer the following questions. What overlooked details led to this disaster? What role did engineers play in this incident? What are some actions that engineers could have taken to prevent this tragedy? How does the article directly relate to both of the incidents you were involved in? How does this article relate to your future career of automotive design?

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Mass Media & Society

COMM 102: Mass Media & SocietyTerm Paper Guidelines• Length: 7-10 pages, 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced. (2,500-3,000 words)• Style: APA• Topic: Anything to do with Media & Society.• Important: You may choose a topic that has been covered in class, but you must take what we have covered as your starting point and research the topic well beyond that.• Sources: There are stacks and stacks of things called “books” in our library and the VPL. I am going to want to see some of these in the List of References or Works Cited section at the end of your paper. Wikipedia is not a valid source for academic research. It can provide a very useful place to start because it often lists good sources for further research, but it should not be used as a source itself. Our library websites also includes access to many e-books and databases, the most useful of which might be Communication and Mass Media Complete.• Tip: You might want to query me on your proposed topic, as I can probably tell you if you will be able to find many good sources on it and I can probably point you to some of them.• Due date: Sunday, midnight of week 10 for online sections.Possible term paper topics• How does mass media influence society?• What are the contributions of mass communications to modern society?• Marshall McLuhan from the Gutenberg Galaxy to the Global Village• How Web 2.0 advances the Internet from Web 1.0• How social media have changed politics• How U.S. hedge funds came to control Canada’s press Citizen journalism• Native advertising: Sell-out or saviour of journalism• Does Technology save or suck time?• What are the effects of TV and Movies on young minds?• Who controls content on the www?• Is the data being mined about customers on the www a breach of privacy?• Explain the importance of racial and gender diversity in mass media• How has history repeated itself in mass media?

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Concepts in Contract Law

Questions:Why are contracts important in society? What would happen if we didn’t have contracts?One of the concepts in contract law is that if parties sign a bad contract, it is sometimes more efficient to break it and pay the damages than satisfy it. Do you believe that parties to a contract have a moral obligation to satisfy it?Name the elements of forming a contract, define them, and then apply them in context to a contract you have entered into some time in your life (nothing personal or that you feel uncomfortable sharing—a normal consumer contract is fine).Hypothetical:Grandma Meredith was beloved by her family for many years. Though she had many grandchildren, her particular favorite was a handsome 10-year-old named Michael. One day, when Michael’s family was visiting her toward the end of her life, she asked how Michael was doing in school. The family explained how bright and eager Michael was, and Grandma Meredith called him over and wrote a promissory note stating that Michael would receive $5,000 dollars when he turned 18.

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Working at Heights

Identify 3 Australian Standards relating to working at heights.Detail 6 safe work practices to follow when conducting work from a ladde

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Hydrograph Analysis

Lab Project No. 4 – Hydrograph Analysisimage1.png1. (90pts) The following storm occurs over the watershed:Time (hr) 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.Accumulative rainfall depth (inch) 0.5 1.2 2.0 3.0 3.2The following unit hydrographs are given for subareas A and B.Time(hr)Subarea A, 2-hr unit hydrograph, (cfs/in)Subarea B, 0.5-hr unit hydrograph, (cfs/in)Time(hr)Subarea A, 2-hr unit hydrograph(cfs/in)SubareaB,0.5hrunithydrograph(cfs/in)0004.52203100.53205.01702501.0160705.51201601.53101906.080902.04403106.560502.55304007.04023.04704507.53003.53804208.02004.03003608.500(a.) Using the (–index values, determine the excess rainfall over each subarea for the storm for each half-hour period (10).(b.) Compute the half–hour unit hydrograph for subarea A from the 2-hr unit hydrograph by using the S-hydrograph method (20). On the same graph, show the S-hydrograph, and the half- hour and 2-hr unit hydrographs (5). A table in your discussion should summarize the peak flow rate, time to peak, and time base of both the half- hour and 2-hr unit hydrographs for subarea A (5).(c.) For the storm above, calculate the direct runoff hydrographs and the streamflow hydrographs for both subareas (30). On the same graph, show both hydrographs for both subareas (5). A table in your discussion should summarize the peak flow rate, time to peak, and time base for the direct runoff and streamflow hydrographs (5).(d) Calculate the drainage area (in both acres and mi2) for each of the subarea (10).2. (10pts) Format and quality of your report.

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Methodology Section

During the modules of this course, you have built your Methodology section piece by piece. In the methodology you have reflected on the means by which you will research your selected organization. In the SLPs, you have covered various methods to analyze data, and you have produced analysis of your Background data for your selected firm. In this section you will reflect on your progress toward completing the Methodology Section and Background section of your Dissertation. Discuss how you will continue to improve these sections in the Dissertation road ahead.

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Good Communication

Step 1. Read the following:Chapter 3: Tort LawReview IRAC Methodology in Text Chapter 2: Law, Critical Thinking, and Good CommunicationFree question:What are the fundamental purposes of tort law? Who is it meant to protect?Short Answer Question:What is a trespass?What is an assault?How is self-defense a defense to certain torts?Hypothetical:Ruth carelessly parks her car on a steep hill, leaving her car in neutral and failing to engage the parking brake. The car rolls down the hill, knocking down an electric power pole. The sparks from the live electric power line ignite a grass fire. The fire spreads until it reaches a barn about a mile away. The barn has dynamite stored inside. The dynamite explodes, causing part of burning roof to strike and injure Jim a passing motorist in a convertible. While rushing Jim to the hospital, Jack, an intoxicated ambulance driver, collides with a car driven by thieves fleeing the scene of the robbery.Discuss whether Jim can recover from Ruth for his injuries under a claim of negligence. Be sure to discuss each element of the cause of action of negligence and any affirmative defenses Ruth might raise.

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Purchase Outside An Exchange

Believe it or not, but there are Bitcoin ATMs if You want to insert cash, and bitcoins are transferred to your secure, digital wallet. There are also peer-to-peer (PTP) exchanges. Users post what they are hoping to buy or sell and then choose their trading partner(s). like if you ever heard about Cryptoexchange software-USA , they are giving the best and excellent services to the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins user all over the world.Are There Ways To Purchase Outside An Exchange?

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Engineering Course Materials

We will continue to identify any general issues about the content of the course – specifically, the cases – that you are unclear about or would like further discussion of. Identify at least two major issues arising from the cases that you think deserve further discussion, and say why you believe this is so.Have a crack at answering questions posed by your colleagues, or at least suggesting places they might go to get further information about resolving their questions. Help one another out as you study the course materials.

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Electrical Engineering

Engineering Skills and Ethics – GENEG107, SPRING 2021ASSIGNMENT# 2Date due: February 14 (Sunday), 2021Objective: Demonstrate improved communication skills (CLO 4) Read the sample project “Design of a Multifunction Pen” posted on the blackboard then write a two-page (1000 words) analysis, as a critique, on the following:• The abstract• The introduction• Identifying constraints and criteria of success (The Properties, Weight, and Justification, step3, page 6 of the report).• The analysis of each potential solution (Step 5, page 14 of the report).• The conclusion• The format of the report.Qatar University College of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical Engineering

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