Renewable Sources

Instructions: The Tallahassee City Commission unanimously approved a resolution establishing a goal of powering municipal operations entirely with renewable sources (like wind and solar) by 2035, and community-wide by 2050 (link).Based on what you have learned so far from this class, discuss the following: What advantages and disadvantages are there to going to 100% renewable energy?Assume Miami were to also go 100% renewable energy and you were in charge of the transition. Give a specific plan on how you would phase in the renewable energy and phase out the non-renewable energy and in what time frame.Make sure to:Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 300 words. Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.Address both bullet points above.Use proper grammar and punctuation.Include at least 2 references in your discussion and cite your sources.Do not plagiarize.

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Fossil Fuels

In one page or less carefully justify your response to the following: Are you concerned that we may run out of fossil fuels in less than 100 years?

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Renewable Energy

Analyze an existing small residential home to identify how to reduce the energy use from the baseline conditions. Document what improvements you would recommend by showing evidence of why the improvement is beneficial (energy savings, carbon savings, and/or cost savings). Evidence includes a written explanation and your calculations comparing the existing system to your proposed recommended improvement. You must include at least 1 RES in your recommended improvements. Project Overview Design a renewable energy system to achieve the following goals:l) Achieve at least a 50% reduction in energy use compared to the baseline design documented by BTU input required for both cases. (i.e. convert all energy use into Btu/yr AND show all calculations)a. Detail the baseline energy use and energy costb. Detail your proposed system’s energy use and energy cost2) State why your system is an optimum investment. (i.e. —justify by your system costs and your return on investment)3) Bonus. For energy reduction greater than 50%b. For a better overall return on investment compared to the baseline case (note — you must document your cost estimates and include installation costs) For more information on Renewable Energy read this:

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British Petroleum

It changed its name from British Petroleum to BP and adopted a new logo featuring a sun motif, called Helios, to suggest clean energy (Fonda, 2006); For more information read this:

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Research Techniques | Get Solution Now

For each of the following questions, select a research technique that is likely to yield a useful answer. Write at least one paragraph for each of the five questions identifying the technique you chose, why you chose it, and the results your search yielded. Give other sources equal consideration and to use the web only for questions that a web search is best suited to answer. Report should be at least 1000 words, double spaced, and use citation rules as per either MLA or APA. Provide a full reference list of your sources. 1. Does the Honda CR-V include traction control as a standard feature? 2. How much money has our company’s philanthropic foundation donated to colleges and universities in each of the last three years? 3. How does a 3D printer work? 4. Could our Building 3 support a rooftop green space? 5. How can we determine whether we would save more money by switching to LED lighting in our corporate offices?

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