With your own words answer the following discussion (310 words max) DO NOT WRITE IT AS AN ESSAY FORMAT . Would it be immoral to clone a human being? Defend your view. With your own words agree or disagree with the following discussion (100 words max ) I believe it would be immoral to clone a human being as it creates a human under the idea that it has been brought into this world to be used for specific purposes rather than an individual who was born to find their purpose and place in the world. Examples of this can be seen in so many scenarios, starting with the use of therapeutic cloning. This process of cloning the patient’s body for medical research calls into question the moral status of a human embryo. This only gets more morally complicated as we move into reproductive cloning. Producing a new human to be a copy of another is morally incorrect as it fails to take into consideration the impacts the “life” will have on the clone all justified by “helping” the original person who is being cloned. Additionally, the thought that a clone could be used to replace a person who has been lost creates a scary devaluation in human life from “one of a kind” to easily replicated and therefore not as valued. When we take on the role of creating a human through science, rather than through natural processes, it goes against human nature and can be unknowingly harmful for the individuals produced. The fact that we know cloning still has so many unknown consequences and outcomes, yet we still continue to experiment, already shows a lack of empathy for the “individuals” being created. In conclusion, I believe cloning a human is immoral because we are taking a natural process of creating a unique individual and creating a copy of that person without the same uniqueness. Even worse, creating a person who lives with the sole purpose of aiming to fulfill the purpose of another individual. This alone takes away the unique value a person has with their own soul but rather creating a “shell of a person.” What is human life for a person, without the right to an open future to develop as he or she chooses, but rather an expectation to be just like the originating person. I believe as a society we must go with our gut reactions and trust that the value and dignity of human life is far too important to put at risk.

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