Descriptive Statistics

Analysis of Data with Descriptive StatisticsOn the questionnaire, question 5 utilizes a 4-point Itemized Rating scale (illustrated below). This scale is balanced and can be assumed to yield interval scale / metric data. Given the preceding, invoke SPSS to calculate the mean and standard deviation for all of the variables in 5 (Q5a – Q5i).1. Using only the mean for each of the variables, which of the movie theater items was considered “most important”?Answer:2. Using only the standard deviation for each of the variables, for which question was there the greatest amount of agreement? Hint: Least amount of dispersion regarding the response to the movie item.Answer:3. Questions 4 and 6 utilize multiple-choice questions that yield nonmetric data but that are ordinal scale. The appropriate measure of central tendency for nonmetric data are the median and the mode.a. What is the median response for question 4, concerning the amount a person spends on food / drink items at a movie?Answer:b. Concerning question 6, the distance a person would drive to see a movie on a “big screen,” what is the mode of that distribution of responses?Answer:4. In this question, the objective will be to compare the results of median and mean responses for Q3.Answer:a. Mean response:b. Median response:c. Standard deviation:d. Minimum response:e. Maximum response:5. When the responses to a question contain extreme values, the mean response can lie in the upper or lower quartile of the response distribution. In such a case, the median value would be a better indicator of an average response than the mean value. Given the information you obtained from answering #4 above, is the mean or median a better representative of the “average” response to Q3?Answer:Chapter 15 SPSS Exercise 4 (20 points)

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