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Competency Design a research strategy in order to answer a research question. Scenario You are a first-year graduate student. You are taking a graduate course on research and writing. In this assignment, your professor has asked you to design a research strategy for a research question and write the Methods section of a research paper. Instructions In a paper for your professor, create a methods section for a research study: State the research question and explain what your research strategy will be for answering that question. Will you follow quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method strategy? Explain why you chose the strategy. If possible, use research to justify your choice. Detail the steps you will need to follow in your strategy and what you will need to consider. Explain your plan for collecting data: What type(s) of data will you collect and how much? Where will you get your data from? How will you analyze and interpret the data Resources For writing assistance, please visit the Rasmussen College Writing Guide. For help with APA, visit the Rasmussen College APA Guide. For information on research methods, the following books are good resources: C Adams, J., Raeside, R., & Khan, H. A. (2014). Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students. New Delhi: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. Link to book. Adams, J., Raeside, R., & Khan, H. A. (2014). Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students. New Delhi: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. Link to book.

Jun 28th, 2021


Gaussian versus non-Gaussian models | Get Solution Now

For this assignment, you will analyze time series data using exploratory data analysis (EDA), identify when to use Gaussian versus non-Gaussian models, identify time series trends and seasonal components, and perform time series decomposition. Download the TS1 Zip file. In it you will find an assignment with complete instructions on what R script, data sets and the steps that are required to complete the assignment. The assignment contains information on the content of each data set used. The R scripts are sparsely documented, but generally follow the order of the assignment numbering system.

Jun 25th, 2021


Discussion: Missing Data | Get Solution Now

Write 4 -paragraph analysis of missing data. Include the following in your post and number your responses: 1. An explanation of the importance of handling missing data and skipping patterns and how missing data can affect data analysis 2. A technique on how you may handle missing data appropriately with an explanation of why this technique works 3. Choose one of the variables you selected for your Scholar-Practitioner Project (select one with missing values) and report proportion of missing for that variable (Data sets are attached-USE THESE) 4. Indicate the possible reason for the missing values in that variable.

Jun 24th, 2021


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Issues with Data Driven Decision-Making & Content Moderation Goal: The goal of this assignment is to have you think about issues of moderation, policing, and subversion in relation to visual media and memetic behaviors. Task: Consider embedded politics from a meme on Know Your Meme:   Your task is to pick one meme which contains embedded politics. “Politics” can mean election politics, policy, subversive content, power dynamics, demographic issues, etc. Most things can be considered political. Your analysis first requires you justify the political aspects of the image. Then, you may analyze one of two things: 1.     How the meme could be datafied, survielled, policed, and the ethical implications of doing so. You can do this from the perspective of a platform, a moderator, or a governing instituion. 2.     Explaining the ethical implications of the meme itself through datafied references to the images. In doing this, explain the limitations to the way in which you have datafied the document. (e.g. are you using inductive generalizations? Who has agency in your argument? Are these known, or assumed?) NOTICE: Do not pick Pepe! I want you to explore a meme you have not read an analysis on already.   Importantly, I am not asking you to pick an image; I am asking you to pick a meme (i.e. a set of images with observable similarities). Examine at least six images of the meme you have chosen. You may also draw on the historical and contextual information on the page. Drawing on concepts discussed in this module of the course consider the implications of data-driven decision-making l on the ways the candidate is communicating with voters (or not communicating with them). You may also include other concepts from previous modules such as We Are Data and Artificial Unintelligence, affordances, encoding/decoding, etc. In fact, your choice of “political” may require you do so. However your grade requires you to discuss content from this module. Requirements: l  Maximum of 1000 words. l  There must be a brief introduction and conclusion. l  There must be a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. l  The body of the critical essay must support the thesis statement with examples and explanations. l  Briefly describe the the contents of the meme and how it is political. l  You must engage and reference articles from this module. l  Define and explain the concepts you use to make your argument. (Remember to cite them.) l  Use APA citation style and include a bibliography. You also should either cite the meme or include the URL to the Know Your Meme entry of which you are referring to. l  Include the 6 images you analyze either in the document or in an appendix at the end.

Jun 14th, 2021


We Are Data

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Apr 10th, 2021


Mixed Methods of Analyzing Data

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Apr 7th, 2021

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