[SOLVED] Physical Security

The final paper will be essay based.  Please choose FOUR of the below questions and answer them in essay form.  The answer to EACH question should consist of approximately one page.  Submit the complete document as a whole and not in four parts please. Please be in-depth with these responses and detailed with your responses. Include source material in the appropriate APA format.Guidelines/Format:The essays must be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, in #12 font type.References from any supportive resource materials must be cited in the narrative and on a separate Bibliography page using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.Essay Questions1)Explain IT Security Infrastructure and why It is important to physical security planning and protection.2)Explain business continuity plans and why they are important for business to implement.3)Explain what a physical security site survey consists of and why it is beneficial.4)In this course we covered many aspects of physical security from alarms, and guards, to lighting, fences, and access control.  Argue which one of these you feel is the most important to overallphysical security.  You may argue this from the perspective of a specific business or building.5)What have you learned in this course about physical security and the specific methods of security that you did not previously know?  Be specific about your answers and explain any preconceived thoughts that were dispelled in your learning here.

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[SOLVED] TCP/IP Protocol

Why is the TCP/IP protocol an important one to be aware of? How does it compare to the OSI model?

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[SOLVED] Risk Assessment on Banks

Write a 1,050-1,400 word paper identifying the risks and potential effects associated with the areas of the organization related to security, auditing, and disaster recovery. Identification must include tangible and intangible risks and effects. The effects must be quantified in terms of dollars from lost sales, property damage, increased expenses, and so forth.Perform a risk assessment, addressing the following objectives:Identify company assets and functions necessary for the business to continue operations following a disaster. These assets and functions are prioritized according to the time in which they are needed and how critical they are to the business function.For each asset and function, identify existing threats or risks present. The risk assessment identifies the approaches to be implemented for elimination of avoidable risks and the minimization of the risks that are unavoidable.

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[SOLVED] Informational Interview

-Writing information listed at the bottom in Part 3      •    Parts 1 and 2 only lead up to part 3.-Interviewee – a friend I met in the Army working in the Networking and cybersecurity field that is now out of the Army and working in cybersecurity on the civilian side.-Degree – Computer Networks and CybersecurityPart 1:In Part 1 of this activity, you will complete the following tasks:•    Watch “How to Do an Informational Interview (https://www.candidcareer.com/video-informational+interviewing,bddaa88aa1b24bace450,UMGC).”•    Select your prospective interview candidate. See below for guidance on identifying a suitable interviewee.•    Gather professional/biographical details about your prospective interview subject.•    Request an interview by email, by phone, or in person. If you’re going to send your request by email, review these email templates (https://www.job-hunt.org/informational-interviews/informational-interview-email-requests.shtml) for suggested wording. Consider CC’ing me on the request.To identify a suitable interview subject, find professionals in your career you would like to explore. Think about tapping these sources:•    Check with your personal and professional networks and professors to connect you with professionals in your field of interest.•    Check within Community Connect(https://careerquest.umgc.edu/page/community-connect) within CareerQuest or the UMUC/UMGC Alumni LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/school/university-of-maryland-global-campus/)  for access to potential alumni and mentors.•    Consider members within student or professional organizations you have joined or would like to join.There are no restrictions on your interviewee’s location. CareerQuest has a video chat feature you can use if you connect with your subject through that platform.After you explore your interviewee options, request the interview. Reach out in a timely manner, as many professionals have demanding schedules and may not be available right away. It is also wise to consider having more than one potential interview candidate, in case your first choice doesn’t pan out.As you prepare for your interview, bear in mind these tips:•    Maintain a professional demeanor, both in writing and orally.•    Draft a list of questions in advance.•    Schedule the interview for no longer than 20 minutes.Part 2Prepare for your interview well in advance. In Part 2 of this activity, you will prepare for and conduct your informational interview by completing the following tasks:•    Determine the logistics of your interview. Will you meet in person? Via video chat or web conference (Zoom, GoogleHangouts, FaceTime, Skype, etc.)? An interview in real time is preferable, but if you and your subject are unable to arrange that, you can use email.•    Draft your interview questions. See below for guidance.•    Conduct the interview.Here are some questions you might consider:•    What sparked your interest in this career field?    What does a typical day entail in your line of work•    What do you like most about your career field?•    What are some challenges you face in this career choice?•    How do you handle your work-life balance?•    What suggestions do you have for someone who is interested in this field?•    Who else do you recommend I talk to?****************************Part 3****************************After your interview, summarize your notes in two or three paragraphs. Include the name of the interviewee, a short biography describing his or her professional background and experiences, and a brief synopsis of your interviewdetails/highlights. Be sure to include a list of the questions you asked during the interview. You may find the attached template helpful.

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[SOLVED] Countering Malware

Is countering malware difficult because of the fast evolution of technology?

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[SOLVED] US Cyber Infrastructure

Conduct research on how the US can strengthen cyber infrastructure in terms of preventing a large-scale cyber-attack. This topic is important as each person relies heavily on our cyber infrastructure for every day use such as our cell phone networks, electronic money transfers and security such as identity protection and health records. The goal of this paper is to research and learn the current strength of our cyberinfrastructure and how we can better improve upon it.Please provide an introduction, conclusion, proper formatting, and 7th edition APA referencing. Please use at least 10 peer-reviewed authors who wrote on this particular subject (laws, regulations, convention, treaties and media sources). In the Analysis section, you should critically assess authors’ premises, logic of inquiry and claims. You should inject your own thoughts on these authors’ analyses and the topic itself by the end of the Literature Review and in the Analysis section. The Analysis section should conclude with a statement on your own previously stated Hypothesis that should answer the question if your Thesis valid or not.Please use the attached template formatting style attached.Please feel free to use any of the resources below to assist along with any other scholarly articles:https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/DHS-Cybersecurity-Strategy_1.pdfhttps://www.cybercom.mil/About/History/https://www.cisa.gov/about-cisahttps://www.dhs.gov/topic/cybersecurityhttps://guides.ll.georgetown.edu/c.php?g=363530&p=4715064https://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/nppd/blueprint-for-a-secure-cyber-future.pdfhttps://www.cisa.gov/securing-federal-networkshttps://www.cisa.gov/cyber-hygiene-serviceshttps://www.cisa.gov/insider-threat-mitigation

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[SOLVED] Wireless Technology

Answer the following;1. Wireless technology can offer businesses more flexible and inexpensive ways to send and receive data. List the advantages of using wireless communication in business.2. There have been several incidents of data theft or loss involving personal information held by large companies. As a result, legislation is being discussed that would provide penalties not just for data theives, but for companies that fail to keep private information secure. Discuss your opinions about this as a group. Are such laws needed? Support your answer.3. Discuss current hacker techniques and motives.

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[SOLVED] Biometric Multi-factor System Designs

Answer the following;1. Jonathan Simpson owns a construction company. One day a subcontractor calls him saying that he needs a replacement check for the job he completed at 1437 Elm Street. Jonathan looks up the job on his accounting program and agrees to reissue the check for $12,750. The subcontractor says that the original check was for only $10,750. Jonathan looks around the office and cannot find the company checkbook or ledger. Only one other person has access to the accounting program. Jonathan calls you to investigate. How would you proceed? Discuss in detail the steps Jonathan needs to take to obtain the necessary evidence to protect his company.2. Discuss biometric multi-factor system designs and the effects of multi-biometrics on the user.3. If you could, what would you do to help create a national “security culture” in which everyone is more knowledgeable and proactive about threats to information security?

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[SOLVED] Cryptology Methods

discuss some of the cryptology methods used in your organizations and include what you find to be an advantage and disadvantage (if any).  In your answer include something you think may be lacking and or should be improved in the future.

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[SOLVED] Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

provide a background of nonprofit industry, identify threat trends targeting nonprofit industry, pinpoint critical assets used by nonprofit industry, create diamond models modeling threats targeting nonprofit industry, and have upper management buy-in to the need for Cyber security platform.•    PowerPoint slides (75 Points)o    Introduction and Industry Background (5 points)o    Relevant Threat Trends and Critical Asset Identification (30 out of 75 points)o    Diamond Models (30 out of 75 points)o    Intelligence Buy-in (10 out of 75 points)

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