Corporate Culture

Post your thoughts on the following: Why does corporate culture matter to the strategy execution process?· Provide an example of a situation that you are aware of in which corporate culture impacted strategy execution in a positive or negative manner. You may be aware of this situation through personal experience, an experience of someone you know, or something you have read about in classes or the media.Respond the classmate’s posting below. This can be to agree, disagree (respectfully), or to provide thoughts on the content provided in their post.Student: April Burg1. Corporate culture does matter significantly to the strategy execution process. A corporate leader can influence a lot in both good and bad ways. They determine the attitude, performance, and work ethic of the employees. If a corporation does not treat its employees well, those employees will not put in the time and effort to support the company. If a corporation treats them well and influences a good healthy work environment, it will reflect well on the company in multiple ways.2. The first example I can think of is Amazon. They have been in the headlines a lot recently due to the treatment of their employees and the work conditions. Some of the issues were the delivery drivers having to relieve themselves in plastic bottles, poor treatment in facilities and warehouses, not granting paid leave for illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the news of employees trying to unionize in Alabama. This all has a very negative effect on the strategy execution of Amazon. With more people becoming aware of this news, it has deterred some people from buying things from Amazon and looking to local businesses instead. I know I have made an effort to use Amazon less because of these reasons as well as wanting to support local small businesses rather than a billionaire.

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