[SOLVED] 5.6 Warm up: Parsing strings (Java)

5.6 Warm up: Parsing strings (Java) (1) Prompt the user for a string that contains two strings separated by a comma. (1 pt) Examples of strings that can be accepted: Jill, Allen Jill , Allen Jill,Allen Ex: Enter input string: Jill, Allen (2) Report an error if the input string does not contain a comma. […]

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Traditional Computer

Required Text: Stair, R. M., & Reynolds, G. W. (2018). Principles of information systems. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.  Discussion: Do you foresee that the traditional computer will be replaced by mobile and smart technologies as a primary device form factor in the near future? If one looks at the world of education, for example, the use of Google Chromebooks and Apple iPads are now running the majority of school infrastructures. Mobile apps replace traditional software. Can the same hold true for corporate enterprises today?  Other references: Bergin, T. J. (2000). 50 years of Army Computing from ENIAC to MSRC (No. ARL-SR-93). ARMY RESEARCH LAB ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND MD. Write two pages APA format document.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Installation Troubleshooting

Complete Chapter 10 Case Project 4 “Installation Troubleshooting at North Jetty Manufacturing” (page 496 in the print text).  Find a PRODUCT to recommend for each scenario.  (For example, taking frequent breaks from the computer might be a good idea if someone is experiencing discomfort, but there are also ergonomic products which might help the situation.  You are to find one or more of those products for each of the six scenarios.)  For each of the problems listed, include not only your product recommendation but also the URL that directly takes the reader to the product you are recommending on the Web. (Do not include a URL to the home page of the supplier, but rather the complete URL that links directly to the one product you are recommending.) Also, include a link to a web site of reviews of that product. (If the reviews are on the same page as the product itself, note that in your memo). Make CERTAIN that your document is in the form of a memo to Candace Van Camp, as stated in your textbook. (There is a business memo template in Microsoft Word if you need help with memo format). Spelling, grammar, correct citations, and the content will all influence your project grade.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Medieval Period

Thinkers in the Medieval Period were preoccupied with problems surrounding the existence of God. Thomas Aquinas is justly famous for enumerating five proofs for God’s existence. But he also claimed that because of those proofs, there are things we can rightly know about the nature of God. From those proofs, he says we can understand two things about God’s existence. And from those two things, we can flesh out even more knowledge about Him. In this assignment carefully give a detailed explanation of those two initial bits of knowledge.  And then explain them further as Aquinas does. Aquinas claims we can retain the mystery surrounding God’s nature and yet have a glimpse of what he actually is. Do you believe Aquinas’s argument permits us to see God in this way? Is Aquinas’ argument sound? Submission: A. Must be a minimum of 1 1/2 pages with standard 1-inch margins in Times New Roman or Garamond font. B. Must be double-spaced. C. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. D. Must include in-text citations and references in MLA style. No outside sources. E. Name, course, and assignment top left. F. Include a Title.

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With the rapid advancement and adoption of technology in all areas of business, it is critical for you as a future business leader to understand how unethical actions occur and what you can do to mitigate future risk.  Assume you have been hired as a consultant in the IT Department at Northcentral University. One of the University’s current goals is to minimize security threats and prevent breaches. To accomplish this, you have been asked to research last year’s “major hacks” to understand technology, information security measures, and issues in security management.  You must present your findings to the IT supervisor before the supervisor’s meeting with senior leadership. Prepare meeting notes for the IT supervisor that include the following:  1). Select one major incident to research regarding technological breaches. Identify the company that was affected and then describe this incident and why you selected it.  2). Explain the implications associated with this breach, specifically in terms of privacy laws and violations of the law.  3). Analyze the impact that these technological breaches have on consumer safety and well-being.  4). Recommend further actions to protect the privacy of clients.  Support your meeting notes with a minimum of three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.  Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages.  Your meeting notes should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. 

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Communication Style

Complete a self-assessment to identify and list three primary core and personal values, attitudes, and communication styles, draft a 1-2 page personal statement highlighting personal values, attitudes, and communication style and detail how this statement may be exhibited in the workplace. This the results of the test I took: ISTPIntrovert(11%)  Sensing(50%)  Thinking(1%)  Perceiving(11%) A. You have slight preference of Introversion over Extraversion (11%) B. You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (50%) C. You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%) D. You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (11%) My communication style: communication style is assertive, some of the characteristics: A. Non-judgmental. B. Observes behavior rather than labeling it. C.  Trusts yourself and others. D. Confident. E. Self-aware. A. Open, flexible, versatile. a. Effective, active listener. b. State limits, expectations. c. States observations, no labels or judgments. d. Expresses self directly, honestly, and as soon as possible about feelings and wants. Students will develop a 3 – 5-page reaction paper based on Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) type results portrait specifically assessing personal values, attitudes, and communication style. Address the following in your paper: A. What is your indicator type based on your test results? B. Provide an overview of your results as well as their application to your current position and future career goals. I. What did you learn about your personality style? II. Are there any behaviors that you would like to modify as a consequence of your test results? C. Do you feel that your results were accurate? Why or Why not? D. Provide an analysis of the outcome of your results indicates the following: I. Your personal values. II. Your attitudes. III. Your communication style.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Cloud Service Models

Explain how Cloud Service Models (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and How Microsoft Office 365, Azure Fit In? Explain the AWS? Read SP 1800-4 DRAFT Mobile Device Security: Cloud and Hybrid Build then write a summary for this publication.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Residency Group Research Project

Introduction  The growth and explosion of the data have led to land scale differences across several industries.  Over the past two decades, there has been a huge increase in the amount of data being stored in databases as well as the number of database applications in business and the scientific domain. This explosion in the amount of electronically stored data was accelerated by the success of the relational model for storing data and the development and maturing of data retrieval and manipulation technologies. While the technology for storing the data developed fast to keep up with the demand, little stress was paid to developing software for analyzing the data until recently when companies realized that hidden within these masses of data was a resource that was being ignored. The huge amounts of stored data contain knowledge about a number of aspects of their business waiting to be harnessed and used for more effective business decision support.  Objective   For this project, you will write a 10-page APA formatted paper followed by a PowerPoint Presentation on how a particular organization that has experienced some type of Security or Privacy Challenges around Data. You will explain the following:  1) Why the challenges exist,  2) What is the general approach to solving the challenges,  3) What kind of data tools or databases do you plan to use, and  4) Finally what risk concerns were addressed by solving the Challenges. You should describe your problem, approach, dataset, data analysis, evaluation, discussion, references, and so on, insufficient details, and you need to show supporting evidence in tables and/or figures. You need to provide captions for all tables and figures.  Deliverables.  Group Project Paper  The paper should include the following sections each called out with Headers.  a. Introduction: Overview of the Paper.  b. Background: The section should be a Company Overview that includes the company name, the industry they are in, and a general overview of the organization.  c. Challenges: Discuss the challenges that the organization has with a particular security issue around data.  d. Solution: Describe the organization’s Data Security implementation and the benefits they realized from the implementation. What was the result of implementing Data Security? Did they meet their objectives or fall short?  e. Conclusion: Summarize the most important ideas from the paper and also make recommendations or how they might have achieved even greater success.  f. References: Please include a separate reference page with at least 5 references.  The paper must adhere to APA guidelines including Title and Reference pages. There should be at least five scholarly sources listed on the reference page. Each source should be cited in the body of the paper to give credit where due. Per APA, the paper should use a 12-point Time New Roman font, should be double spaced throughout, and the first sentence of each paragraph should be indented .5 inches. The body of the paper should be 10 pages in length. The Title and Reference pages do not count towards the page count requirements.  Your paper should include an abstract and a conclusion and a reference page with 5 or more references.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Business Management

Select one of the following businesses: a large bank, a government agency, or a hospital, and explain which systems you feel are mission-critical. Then explain how the loss of these systems would affect the organization.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] An Ethical Hacker

In 300 words, Given the rich and diverse skills and mindset of an ethical hacker (technical, administrative, and physical measures), which characteristics do you believe to be the most important in this role? Please explain your choice.  Include references, no copy-paste strictly. use your own words.

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