[SOLVED] Strategic Management

1) What is the significance of an external assessment ? What would be some of the key factors that an external audit of McDonalds should take into account ? —————— 2) What strategies would you formulate and implement for companies to take advantage of new emerging technologies such as cloud computing , mobility , big data and internet of things which result in better customer relationship management and revenue generation ?

Nov 22nd, 2021


[ORDER SOLUTION] Entity Relationship Diagram

First Choice Urgent Care has a need for you to create an ERD depicting the database entities, attributes, and keys; you need to develop the database tables and their relationships in SQL server, based on the requirements you create for the patient visits and doctor’s schedules tracking needed by First Choice Urgent Care.Create an ERD, identify the tables, attributes, primary keys, foreign keys, and table relationships (One-to-One, One-to-Many, and Many-to-Many relationships).L4

Aug 11th, 2021


[ORDER SOLUTION] Review Existing Marketing Plan and Evaluate Strategies

need to review the given company’d existing marketing plan and evaluate strategies

Aug 2nd, 2021


[Get Solution] Electric Vehicle Launches

Porsche presses on with electric vehicle launches as it battles Tesla Porsche will press ahead with the launch of new electric models in the US despite sales in the country dropping by a fifth during the coronavirus crisis as the carmaker steps up plans to take on Tesla. “We haven’t got a plan to postpone anything in [America], and that’s true for other countries as well,” Oliver Blume, Porsche’s chief executive, told the Financial Times. But he added that current projections were based on there being no “second wave” of Covid-19 infections. Last year, the German luxury carmaker, which accounts for more than a quarter of parent Volkswagen’s profits, unveiled its flagship electric sports car, the Taycan, designed to compete with Tesla’s Model S. The Taycan 4S has been on sale in Tesla’s home market since the start of the year but, overall, Porsche sales in the US dropped 20 per cent in the first six months of the year, as the pandemic led to the shutdown of showrooms. Sales in Europe fell 18 per cent in the same period. Despite reversing sales, Porsche will not postpone the launches of electric versions of the Macan sport utility vehicle, Mr Blume said, as well as further Taycan variants, including a cheaper base model. However, the Taycan Cross Turismo, an estate version that had an original launch date for the end of the year, will be delayed until 2021 as Porsche attempts to improve its “break-even point”, where it starts to make profits, in the wake of the crisis. The Stuttgart-based carmaker posted an operating profit of €1.2bn in the first half of the year, despite lockdowns in several countries causing delays to deliveries and a prolonged shutdown of its plants in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig. Porsche’s global sales grew by almost 18 per cent on an annual basis in July, helped by demand for the Taycan and Cayenne models. Although the company scrapped its target of achieving a 15 per cent profit margin, Mr Blume said Porsche, which on Thursday unveiled a new hybrid version of its Panamera model, was “doing everything we can to achieve a two-figure return on sales again in 2020”. “No other European automotive manufacturer has been able to generate as much profit as Porsche in the first six months of 2020,” he added. The luxury brand was helped by a remarkable recovery in China, its single biggest market, where sales dropped by just 7 per cent from January to June, compared with a 12 per cent decline worldwide. Business in the country has since improved further, Mr Blume revealed. “We are nearly at the same level as in 2019,” he said, adding that he expected China to account for 30 per cent of Porsche’s sales this year. Source: Miller, J. (August 27, 2020). Porsche presses on with electric vehicle launches as it battles Tesla. Financial Times (online) (cited 7 October 2020). Retrieved from Questions 4. What global PESTEL factors have influenced the decision-making of Porsche’s senior management?   (Maximum Wordcount = 400)   5. According to the article Porsche was able to generate more profit than any other European automotive manufacturer in the last 6 months. What does this suggest about the strengths of Porsche’s positioning in its strategic group and the European industry in general?   (Maximum Wordcount = 800)   Section C: Read the case study and answer the questions that follow. To merge or not? You are an up-and-coming executive with a manufacturing company, and you have just been called late on Friday afternoon by your boss, who is the sole owner of the company. He has a very important task for you. C11CS Page 6 of 6 Your company makes mostly plastic (and some paper and metal) boxes for the food industry and he has just been thinking over a phone call from a rival who makes mostly metal and paper (and some plastic) boxes for the consumer electronics industry. The rival has suggested that they should explore the possibility of a merger. Both companies are medium-sized and the rival company also has a single owner who is an owner-manager. Your boss wants you to come to dinner tonight and brief him on your first reactions to the idea of the merger. He wants a brief based on these two questions. Questions 6. What major gains might be worth seeking from such a merger?   (Maximum Wordcount = 400)   7. What are the typical kinds of problems mergers experience?   (Maximum Wordcount = 400)

Jul 29th, 2021


[Get Solution] Diagram a Basic Distributed System Model

A retail enterprise that manufactures and distributes three clothing lines to 30 stores across the United States, is launching a globalization strategy. Their strategic plan includes increasing their online presence and expanding their distribution channels. The company has approximately 3,000 employees. Their headquarters is located in South Carolina and their primary manufacturing plants are located in Seattle and Maine. They want to open three international stores in Spain, England, and New Zealand. Their computing infrastructure contains approximately 500 computers, 300 printers, and 200 point-of-sale terminals connected to servers in South Carolina, Seattle, and Maine. Instructions: For this assignment, you must use a diagramming software, such as Visio, to create a distributed system model for the proposed expansion scenario. Your model should address the following requirements: Everyone in the headquarters should have access to the clothing-line catalog, shared files, and resources. Printers, scanners, routers, and switches must be identified. All employees must be able to access the corporate webpage and the corporate intranet for sales, shipping, and processing and internal administrative tasks. Once completed, copy and paste the diagram into a document and detail the advantages and disadvantages of your solution for a distributed system. Outside network images will not be accepted. The remaining assignments in this course will build on this diagram. Length: 3-5-page academic paper, not including title and resource pages or the original network diagram. Resources: Cite at least 3 scholarly resources The completed assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. articles/sources Annadurai, P. & Vijayalakshmi, S. (2016). Context centric cluster computing in AdHoc Network (C4). 2016 International Conference on Control…. Link   Celar, S. Mudnic, S. & Seremet, Z. (2016). State of the Art of Messaging for Distributed Computing Systems. Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings. 27298-307. Link   Mousavi, K. & Sharifi, M. (2014). AMRC: An algebraic model for reconfiguration of high performance cluster computing system at Runtime. Journal… Link   Rodriguez, J.M., Godoy, D., Mateos, C. & Zunino, A. (2017). A Multicore Computing Approach for Large Scale Multi-Label Classification Intelligent Data Link   Thiele, L. Wirth, T., Olbritch, M. Schierl, T. Haustein, T. & Frascolla, V. (2014). High performance cluster computing as a tool for 4G wireless… Link   Van Steen, M. & Tanenbaum, A.S. (2016). A Brief Introduction to Distributed Systems. Computing. 98(10), 967-1009. Link   Venkatesan, D. & Sridhar, S. (2017). A Novel Programming Framework for Architecting Next Generation Enterprise Scale Information System. Information.. Link   Yang, M., Min, G., Yang, W. & Li, Z. (2014). Software rejuvenation in cluster computing systems with dependency between nodes. Computing, 96(6)…. Link

Jul 28th, 2021


[Get Solution] Company Analysis Audio Presentation

THERE IS NO ESSAY REQUIRED………Students will create a PowerPoint presentation with voice audio. Obtain relevant information either in person or via Internet of a CEO, Manager, Director, or any key player within the organization. Deliverables for this assignment include: Engage the audience. Stay within the allotted time limit (approximately 10 minutes). Voice should be embedded on each slide. Must add value to what is presented on the slide to improve the understanding of your work. Suggested Questions for an Informational Interview -How did you get started in this field? -What is your educational background? -What are your major responsibilities? -What is the most/least rewarding aspect of your job? -What advice do you have for a person attempting to break into this career field? -What is the most common career path? -What are some lifestyle considerations for this career field? -What are some common entry-level positions in the field of _____? -What kind of salary range and benefits could an entry-level person expect to receive? -What is the best educational preparation for a career in this field? -Which classes and experience would be most helpful to obtain while still in college? -What is the turnover rate for the organization? What are potential career paths within the organization? -How do people find out about open positions in this field? -What is the outlook for this career?

Jul 26th, 2021


[Get Solution] Short Test Questions

Chegg Account Info: chegg.comID: [email protected]: Lanesss1eTextbook: Ratings Analysis. When you go to website or account look to the left of screen and you will see two eTextbooks listed that will say,“read”…for this test Ratings Analysis is the only source or book needed. The test is over chapters 1-4.• Exams. This test is to assess your understanding of the concepts of the topic. The tests will be in the format of short answers. Your understanding and application of the concepts and theories will be assessed through this testChapter exam Please address each item. You may use notes and your textbooks to address the items. Please provide APA citations from your textbooks with your answers. All answers must be at least two paragraphs but no more than five with the exception of question 3 where each measurement technique or methodology should be a minimum of two paragraphs and no more than five paragraphs. You may use notes and books to complete the exam. PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS WITH EACH ANSWER.RA Chapters 1-41. Trace the history of audience measurement research. From beginning to present methods.2. Define sampling and then discuss the most common methods of sampling techniques of ratings companies. Additionally, discuss the difference between a sample and a census. 3. Briefly describe these measurement techniques: Telephone recall, telephone coincidental, diaries, household meters, people-meters, portable people-meters, computer meters, and servers. Now provide advantages and disadvantages for each measurement technique. 4. Address the value of understanding selective exposure theory and uses and gratifications theory with regard to audiences. Explain the components of each theory. 5. Webster, Phalen and Lichty (2014) use audience factors affecting exposure and media factors affecting exposure to develop a new “integrated model of audience behavior (p. 112-116). Explain this model and what it means to understanding an audience. Best method is to explain the model on page 113

Jul 22nd, 2021


[Get Solution] Supply Chain Project

SUPPLY CHAIN PROJECT- DUE 8/23/2020 BY 11:59 PM EST Purpose:  The aim of the course project is to provide an opportunity to apply the course materials to practical application.  For this project the company you will be analyzing is Amazon.  Your project must include the following components: The evolution of supply chain models and strategies of Amazon over time. Discuss how the changes in supply chain are related to the change in corporate strategies and market needs of the business, and the concrete operational steps involved in the restructuring process (e.g., in managing inventory and capacity). Evaluate the efficiency and responsiveness of the current supply chain structure, and provide recommendations for future growth.  Examine  and identify any problems and challenges, and prescribe a solution for improvement. The focus of this is to thoroughly explain the source of the problem/challenge in terms of the industry characteristics and the current status of the company, and provide practical solutions.  Requirements: The report should be a minimum of 10 pages  (1 inch margins, 12 point font, double spaced), followed by supporting materials in an appendix. A cover page, appendix, and works cited do NOT count toward the minimum page requirement. The text book and a minimum of 3 outside sources should be used in your project.  Please use APA format for citations.   Grading criteria for the course project includes (i) innovativeness of ideas, (ii) breadth and depth of research (the quantity and quality of material you find concerning your topic), quality and depth of analysis, (iv) relevance to course materials, (v) quality of writing and presentation.  APA Citation Resources: Link: Citing_in_APA_Style.pdf

Jul 12th, 2021


Publix Supermarket’s Customer Service Strengths and Weaknesses.

Analysis of Publix Supermarket’s customer service strengths and weaknesses. Strengths What does the company do best in providing customer service? What are characteristics of its customer service that provide a distinct advantage over the competition? How does it exceed customers’ expectations? Provide an example. Weaknesses What does the company’s customer service lack? What can it improve? Explain a strategy to make these improvements. Conclusion Summarizing key strengths and weaknesses. Provide your opinion of the company’s overall customer service quality.

Mar 6th, 2021

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