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The second part of the Course Project asks you to examine your drug/drug category from an educational perspective.    For Part II, please discuss in essay format all of the following issues (bulleted and Q&A layouts will not be accepted):    X 1) What information did you have about this drug prior to this class? (which is cocaine for me )Make sure to include both formal education (lessons, classes, workshops, speakers, community events, etc.) and informal education (such as exposure to news, entertainment, and social media; parents; and friends). What, specifically, could have been more useful to you in your education about this drug? 2) What was the most surprising thing you learned about the drug/drug category from your textbook? From your research for this project? Do you think this information should be explained to students, and if so at what age and for what purpose? Explain your answers as part of your discussion.  3) Go to the website: Are there any resources for your drug/drug category?  If yes, look at the resources and share your thoughts and impressions on them.  If no, why do you think that is? Please explain your thinking. You will need to provide a citation for your sources using APA guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with APA citations please refer to the following website:

Jul 8th, 2021

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