[SOLVED] Disposal of Electronic Devices

You perhaps have gone through several electronic devices in your life, for example, cell phones, tablets, and/or computers.  How did you dispose of these devices when they outlived their usefulness?  Your paper should clearly reflect your views, how they have changed over time, and whether you are thinking of doing anything differently. You should use and reference at least three outside resources to justify your views.

Nov 28th, 2021


[SOLVED] Chemistry in Health-Care Climate Change and Environmental Protection

You are required to write an essay on the topic “Chemistry in Health-Care climate change and Environmental Protection. To format of the essay is the following atleast 6 pages written in times new roman or arial fonts with size 12 font and single spaced. You are encouraged to add relevant figures in your essay write up and add the reference’s used.

Nov 27th, 2021


[SOLVED] Chemotherapy and Radiation

HI hope you’re well :D. My friend has this assignment. Even though it is chemistry it does not need to have the technical vocabulary. More of the pro and cons of Chemotherapy. TWhat are the pros and cons about people receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation if that person has stomach cancer? And how do chemotherapy and radiation work on cancer patients?Please  ensure you have at least 2 professional references and that they are properly cited in APA format.  Report length should be at least 500 words.

Nov 27th, 2021


[SOLVED] Science and Chemistry

.” In this essay please do the following: 1) Define what science and chemistry are to you 2) How has your view on the importance of science and chemistry changed? (If it has not, you can just say that) 3) Based on what you have learned in class, how are they involved in your life? How could they apply to your future career? 4) What would be your response to a friend who says that taking chemistry/science is pointless? 5)

Nov 27th, 2021


[SOLVED] Law of Conservation of Mass

Discussion 1: Discuss how the “law of conservation of mass” is applied in chemistry in terms of balancing of chemical equations.Discussion 2: When balancing chemical equations, which one do we adjust: “stoichiometry coefficients “(numbers in front of the formulas) or “subscripts” (numbers in the formulas)? Give relevant examples to support your discussion answer.Discussion 3: Discuss the connection between : “Avogadro’s number and the Mole”.Discussion 4: Discuss how the three types of chemical reactions discussed in chapter 3 are different in terms of the products formed. (Note: Use equations to support your response).Discussion 5: Which reactant controls the theoretical yield in a chemical reaction: THE LIMITING REACTANT OR THE EXCESS REACTANT? Discuss in detail using relevant examples.

Nov 26th, 2021


[SOLVED] Physical and Chemical Changes

Do you know the reason ice floats in your drink? It is because the density of ice is lower than that of water. Chemistry is happening all around you at all times (both physical and chemical changes). What have you observed within the last week that involves chemistry? What is that process/reaction?

Nov 24th, 2021


[SOLVED] Electromagnetic Spectrum

Where in your everyday life do you come across any part of the electromagnetic spectrum? (Chapter 4 in the textbook.)Give one example, and state which part of the spectrum you example is in.i only need 2-3 sentences not a WHOLE pageand also im not paying over 10 dollars just for 3 sentences

Nov 23rd, 2021


[SOLVED] Principles and Practice of Toxicology

Please don’t copy past anything from the internet, and citation should be right     Book:  Richards, I. S., & Bourgeois, M. M. (2014). Principles and practice of toxicology in public health (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.     For the online BOOK:   username: [email protected] password: shehadeH3!   CSU Online Library: Username: ahmed.shehadeh1 Password: shehadeH3     Citation Guide: please look in page 6 of this link :   Unit VIII Intro Acute poisoning.  That is this weeks topic.  And how to deal with it.  In Wisconsin this month a firefighter was killed by a guy who he was called to help.  The guy was on a bus and had passed out from a narcotic drug overdose.  The FF gives him some Narcan.  The guy wakes up and is now dealing with the cops.  The guy gets anxious, pulls a gun and starts firing at the cops.  The FF is shot and killed by the guy whose life he just saved.  Poisoning comes in all forms.  Carbon monoxide.  Oxycontin.  Bleach and ammonia mixed together creating Chlorine gas.  Tylenol overdose.  These can be intentional or accidental.  The poison control hotline number is:  800-222-1222.  Do you have that in your phone memory?  What are you going to do when someone on your job site has a poisoning issue?  Do you know what to do or who to call?  Or at home?  This is the last week.  Go back and look again at all of your work and make sure it is all done.  Have something not finished?  Get it in now.  Thanks for being here and taking the course.  You did well and have proven yourself to be a winner.  Way to go.     Assignment   QUESTION 1 Identify the four categories of street drugs, and provide an example of each. Discuss symptoms of the use of each drug. Your response should be at least 275 words in length.       QUESTION 2 Identify the six toxicological principles that are applied in evaluating a poisoned individual. Give an example of two of these principles. Your response should be at least 275 words in length.       QUESTION 3 How can toxicant absorption be reduced after exposure to the skin? How can absorption be reduced for orally consumed chemicals? Your response should be at least 275 words in length.     QUESTION 4 “G” is the street name of the commonly abused street drug GHB. Like many drugs, the risk of toxicity is increased when mixed with other drugs. Identify another commonly used drug that can be toxic when mixed with GHB. Discuss the progression of effects leading to toxicity and death from the combination of the two drugs. Your response should be at least 275 words in length.

Nov 22nd, 2021


[SOLVED] Lab Presentation

The goal of your Signature Assignment is to show that you can compute properties of solutions and analyze and interpret data. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that shows the process of going through an acid/base titration like you would if you were in a physical lab. You will prepare a sample of an unknown acid to titrate using a known concentration of base. You will set-up a burette filled with a known concentration of base and use proper titration techniques to reach an end-point to the titration. You will then calculate the concentration of the unknown acid on your own. For Part I: Create a PowerPoint presentation (4-6 slides) that covers the lab scenario above. Include your thoughts on why understanding acid/base titration is important to your future career, and how you will use this concept as you complete your degree. Your presentation must consist of more than merely a series of bullet points to earn full credit. Use the Notes section for each slide to fully explain your answers. For Part II: Your instructor will provide guidance and examples for completing calculations for titration. This assignment should be in current APA Style with both a title slide and a reference list that includes all of the sources used. At least two scholarly sources should be used (your textbook can be one of the sources). See rubric for specific grading criteria.

Nov 22nd, 2021


[SOLVED] Ozone Layer

Compose a minimum 1-page essay summarizing the article “Clearing the Air”Preview the document from the April 2020 issue of ChemMatters by focusing on the questions below. Be sure to proofread and edit your paper for clarity and review the grading rubric to ensure you include all of the required elements in your summary. Find the reading rubric at the bottom of this page.Focus Questions:How can ozone help and hurt life on Earth? What makes the same chemical have both effects?The current coronavirus pandemic began in December of 2019.  The amount of cases began to increase dramatically worldwide in March of 2020. The virus is particularly dangerous to those with respiratory issues.  Based on the info in this article, what additional dangers may be present for people fighting the coronavirus in urban areas as summer approaches again in the northern hemisphere?Observe the map of the United States titled “8-Hour Ozone Nonattainment Areas (Jan. 2020)” on page 11.  Dangerous levels of ozone can be found predominantly in areas with a high population density.  Create an argument based on evidence as to why California contains the greatest amount of land area with extreme levels of ground level ozone.  There are many areas in the United States with high population density such as the Northeast U.S.  What factor or factors may be causing the increased levels in California?Hint: find other maps of the US to compare to. Think about all of the factors mentioned in the article. Make sure to cite, and include any maps you used at the very end of your paper.In what format should I write my article?11 pt. Calibri, Palatino, or Times New Roman; single-spaced; normal margins.In what format should I cite?All in-text and Works Cited should be in MLA, 8th Edition.What should the Title be?it should be “4th Six Weeks’ Reading Summary: Clearing the Air”

Nov 19th, 2021

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