Job Analysis with O*Net | Get Solution Now

Using O*net as a resource, you will conduct a job analysis for the Warehouse Associate position and will then prepare a preliminary job description (it is anticipated the job description will be approximately one page long). You may want to use this Job Description Template  as a starting point.   You will prepare a 3 – 4 page APA formatted paper (excluding the cover and reference pages) that addresses the topics below. Your paper must include at least two outside credible sources.  Make sure any sources listed in the reference list also appear as an in-text citation and vice versa. Explain the importance of conducting a job analysis Explain the steps required when conducting a job analysis Explain the importance of job descriptions Explain the core sections of a job description Include your complete job description

Jun 23rd, 2021


Principles and Models in Education and Training | Get Solution Now

Using the resources list (at the end of the assignment tasks), analyse the range of theories, principles and models of reflective practice research and select one to start producing your reflective activities. Begin with a justification of the reasons for selecting the chosen approach, supporting it with evidence from your research. This forms your ‘Personal Learning Journal’. It should be continued throughout the course and you should use it to reflect on a regular basis and for ‘Eureka’ moments. As part of your Personal Learning Journal produce an individual statement to analyse how the development of wider skills can improve student motivation, confidence and achievement. Collect examples from practice to include in your teaching practice portfolio. 5.1 analyse theories and models of refelction and evaluation 5.2 explain ways in which theories and models of reflection and evaluation can be applied to reviewing own practice

Jun 20th, 2021


Career Research and Educational Assessment | Get Solution Now

Part V:  Attaining Career Dream & Plan: Getting From Here to There. What do you need to do to get into this career? How far will you have to take your education to attain your career dream? What are prospective undergraduate schools, at least two, you could attend? And Why there?*What are prospective graduate schools, at least two, you could attend? And Why there? Outline the steps you will take such as specifics on transfer institutions, possible employers, navigating the process. What are the major (internal and external) obstacles you anticipate on your career path? How will you overcome them? What are some resources you can utilize to help you be successful and/or get to the career finish line?

Jun 20th, 2021


Marketing Job Criteria | Get Solution Now

1. What key criteria does your target company (Procter & Gamble) use in their recruitment process? 2. What gaps in your skillset will you need to develop to prepare for this career (Marketing field)?

Jun 19th, 2021


Impact Statement | Get Solution Now

“Impact Statement” The STEP area fosters interdisciplinary and community-engaged research, teaching, and action on human well-being, environmental sustainability, and social justice in a complex and diverse world. In no more than 500 words, discuss how you intend to bridge academic disciplines (particularly between science/engineering fields and social sciences) and engage communities to have broader impact towards meeting society’s grand challenges.

Jun 15th, 2021


Speech Language Pathologist | Get Solution Now

Prompt:  please write a short essay (no more than 300 words) explaining why you’d like to pursue a career as a speech-language pathologist.

Jun 13th, 2021


Career Kaleidoscope | Get Solution Now

Please review the Career Patterns chapter readings and create a PowerPoint presentation, with no more than five slides, demonstrating your Career Kaleidoscope.  It should incorporate the results of the assignments from weeks 9-12 activities.   This is not a paper it’s supposed to be in a powerpoint format. ATTENTION Your task is to prepare your Career Kaleidoscope Project (CKP) by completing the following steps. Review your readings, activities, and the PowerPoints from weeks 9-12.  You should include your research and results from Career One Stop and BLS. Use the Career Patterns? example of  Kate as a guide.  It is an excellent illustration of the format.  Also, be sure you include all the elements and display a minimum of two versions.

Jun 13th, 2021


Lesson Plan on Pythagoras Theorem | Get Solution Now

Design a lesson plan and presentation on one subject from Topics 1-6, provided in the list of topics from your instructor. Include the following: Overview: Write an introduction to the class activity. Include the purpose of the activity and desired outcome. Objectives: The objectives should be specific and measurable. Time: How long will the activity take when implemented in the classroom? Materials: Describe any materials that are needed to conduct the lesson. Activity: Provide a detailed description of the activity. Write all steps from the instruction of the assessment. Presentation: Complete a PowerPoint presentation that could be used in class to teach the lesson plan. Notes: The PowerPoint should include presentation notes. Your lesson plan may be in any form app Paper and presentation needs to be on “Pythagorean an Theorem.

Jun 12th, 2021


Professional Development | Get Solution Now

Write a 1 page essay on questions below and a 1 PAGE essay on your opinions and views on the topic. Please watch youtube video “Play Therapy Session”and answer the questions below 1) Select three specific techniques that you learned from the video and why they stood out to you as being important or useful?  2) Are these techniques one that you would consider practicing for yourself or teaching  a friend when you feel anxious?

Jun 10th, 2021


Career Development Research Proposal | Get Solution Now

Topic Where will my college degree lead me?  You are now on a path to answer this question.  Throughout your education, you have been exposed to various elements of your future career field. Your task is to write a comparative persuasive essay exploring the choices available to you when answering this question. As stated in your proposal, you will analyze either two career options you can enter upon completion of your degree at Bryant & Stratton College, or you can evaluate two career “ladder” options.   You will research two potential job titles of interest to you within your field as identified in your proposal and provide a research-based explanation as to why one of these career opportunities is the best option for you.   Assignment Requirements   Define two distinct career paths available to you upon degree completion.  Using the research, you completed for your Reflective Annotated Bibliography, interpret what components are the most important to you and the most appropriate to your skill set. The essay must contain a strong thesis statement indicating the two career paths you will be discussing as well as points of comparison between the two.  Included in this will be an indication of your preferred career choice.  The essay will provide support for this statement. Information to include in the comparison may contain: The responsibilities, tasks, growth trends, salaries, lifelong learning opportunities, and other relevant aspects the two careers in your field of interest? The areas from the listing above that draw you to this career field and are most important to you. Why is this? The content knowledge expertise required for success in your field of interest. A minimum of four sources and a maximum of six must be included in this piece of writing.  These sources will be chosen from your reflective bibliography. The essay will be approximately five pages following APA format learned throughout the term. APA (American Psychological Association) Citation methodology is also required for in-text citations and the reference page. Links for the documents needed are provided below:

Jun 9th, 2021

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