Canadian Studies

[Get Solution] Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Format:  The paper is to be written in 12 pt font, with 1.5” line spacing. The length should be 4 pages maximum.  Instructions  A. The Canadian Constitution  In August 2016, The Quebec Superior Court ruled that certain sections of the Indian Act (Canada) violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (Descheneaux v. Canada (Procurer General), 2015 QCCS 3555) (the “Descheneaux case”). Please read the attached article from the CBC.  This paper will focus on why Canada adopted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the “Charter”), and the role of the courts in interpreting and applying it.  Write an introduction to your paper, briefly describing your argument (1 paragraph)  Describe the reasons why Canada adopted the Charter in 1982 and the purpose of the Charter.  Please explain the role of the courts in dealing with the Charter. What important functions do the courts perform? Do you think the courts should perform this role? How is it valuable (or dangerous) for Canada? Please consider the Descheneaux case. Write a conclusion, summarizing your paper and your opinion. (1 paragraph) CBC NEWS ARTICLE: 1.3701080

Jul 20th, 2021

Canadian Studies

[Get Solution] Reflective Analysis

Praxis Paper ((20%) Write a 3-4-page reflective analysis of what the day was like for you. Address the following questions but not in Q&A form – this should read like a reflective essay: Briefly summarize your day: How did you choose to behaviourally operationalize AOP? How does what you did relate to the concept or definition of AOP? How did others respond to your efforts at enacting AOP? What was the day like for you? Why is every day not like this for you? How does this exercise relate to your own accountability, privilege, or oppression? This submission should reflect course themes but does not require direct integration of course theory unless you choose to integrate some to benefit your analysis. This is a continuation of the previous assignments.  I need all my sources need to be from Canadan studies.Also peer reviewed less than 5 years.

Jul 19th, 2021

Canadian Studies

Canada’s Sovereignty Claims in the Arctic | Get Solution Now

Please discuss Canada’s sovereignty claims in the Arctic and their impact on Indigenous peoples there.  note: Please watch the short lecture video and refer to the lecture in your anwser.  Please watch the three short videos in slides 2.  you don’t need outside sources to write up your answer. everything you need is in the lecture and the three short videos.  Particularly the materials discussed in slides 2 and 3 are very useful. in slides 2  it discussed three incidents on how the government claims the sovereignty in the arctic and the trauma they caused on indigenous people.   In slides 3 it discussed the Inuit number identification system which is another incident on how the government’s sovereignty’claim impacts indigenous people.

May 26th, 2021

Canadian Studies

Canada’s Sovereignty Claims in the Arctic

Canadian Studies|Canada’s Sovereignty Claims in the Arctic|Get custom homework help from vetted experts in 100+ courses and programs. 24/7

Mar 19th, 2021

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