Auguste Rodin’s sculpture

Please respond to the following 5 topics in (short) paragraph form. (25 points)1. Define the terms ‘Chiaroscuro’ and ‘Sfumato’. What well known HIGH RENAISSANCE artist explored these techniques and how have they been used by artists during the time of our study in this class?2. What is the story behind Auguste Rodin’s sculpture the Burghers of Calais? It is impossible to discuss this without inclusion of Camille Claudel and her overall influence on Rodin’s work from the time she met him until his death. . French Impressionism: This was an entirely new way of painting…how did it come about and what earlier influences promoted the ideas the Impressionists wanted to convey? A vital factor allowing these painters to do what they did was the availability of paint in portable tubes in 1851….what else???4. What are some ways in which Impressionism influenced and led to Post-Impressionism? In your response, name some of the characteristics of each movement. 5. What was the importance of the Paris Salon and what happened to those who were rejected by the Salon? A clue I hope you’ll look at and expand upon: 

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