Hike and Reflection Discussion

Each hike and reflection must incorporate: A picture of you on the hike (and your hiking buddy or a screenshot of the start time and stop time of the location sharing on your device) The screenshot of the map route taken and the recorded time stamp (2 hours or more) The reflection prompts found in the rubric for each week. *Prior to each hike, please review the weekly lectures, videos, and documents* Reflections should be a clear and concise reflection of your personal involvement and use of that week’s topic of discussion. Each paper will be evaluated based on the rubric provided for each reflection found on Blackboard. Reflection papers should be 2 pages double-spaced, typed in a standard size 12 font with normal one-inch margins. Assignments should be proofread for grammar and errors.

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Fire Spread and Material Research

Research a fire that occurred in the united states within the last 75 years that was spread due to the materials that were installed. give a brief overview in your own words. as an emerging professional designer, discuss how this research impacted you and how this will inform your material specification choices moving forward. 

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The School of Athens

Answer the following questions using your textbook. Be thorough.1. Who should be the hero of the Iliad? Defend your position with specific references to the poem.2. What is the position on the nature of reality of the Materialists, Pythagoreans, Dualists, and Atomists? According to these Greek philosophers, what is the true nature of the world?3. Pick a genre or style of music and explain what you believe its “ethos” to be.4. Investigate Raphael’s fresco, The School of Athens, which depicts the major figures of Greek philosophy. Identify each figure and explain why each is included in the scene, and explain how the gestures of each figure offers clues to their identities.5. What are the major differences of Platonists and Aristotelians? Which are you?6. Do you think Plato would or would not consider Marcus Aurelius a “philosopher king?” Why or why not?7. Find examples that reflect the influence of Rome on our present-day vocabulary, laws, political institutions, religious practices/ superstitions, sculpture, and architecture.Write in complete thoughts and use Standard English at all times. Use an MLA heading and MLA format. Upload as MS Word doc.Note: This assignment will be graded holistically, meaning 10 is excellent, 9 is very good, 8 is good, etc.

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Greek Statues

Most Greek sculpture in museums and galleries have been cleaned, the paint deliberately removed or worn away over time and therefore no longer appear as they did during the time period when they were created. Artists have attempted to re-create the original appearance in virtual reconstructions of Greek sculpture to give 21st centuries viewers an idea of what the ancient viewer would have seen. After viewing their recreations on the sites below, address the following questions.What issues arise when viewers realize they have been viewing ancient works in a manner that was not intended by the artist? (colorless rather than painted)?What do you think of the re-imaging process, what are the results and is your answer affected by a preconceived idea of what Greek sculpture should look like?

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# 2 Essay

Please select from one of the following 2 options to write a short essay.  Essays must meet a minimum of 250-350 words.  If you are paraphrasing from the textbook, make sure to use a citation at the end of the sentence, ex. (Kleiner, p. – ). Paraphrasing is fine, but do not quote directly from the textbook. These essays are analytical and critical responses.  You should not say “I” or give opinions. Option #1: Contrast the differences in the paintings by Baroque artists from Italy and Spain versus those from Northern Europe. What features unite them all under the term Baroque? Select at least 3 examples.   OR   Option #2: Compare and contrast Rococo and Neoclassical art in terms of subject matter and style. You must discuss at least one example from each style. (You can compare sculpture to sculpture, painting to painting, or building to building. If discussing architecture, make sure to consider appearance, form, and function.)

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Art Project Pretend you are a curator for a museum. Your job to set up an exhibit of five artworks that speak to you, created by five different artists, and share it with the class. Reflect on all the art we’ve learned about this session. Select five of your favorite works of art from the session to include in your exhibition. You can also organize your collection by theme if preferred. Here are a few examples: Same style Same time period Same or similar subject matter Same unusual medium or unique artistic technique Pieces that speak to you for some reason: aesthetic, political, or social statement. Requirements A curatorial statement. This is a brief introduction to your exhibit, telling viewers what your exhibit is about. You should answer some or all of these questions: Why did you select these particular five pieces? What connections did you make between these pieces? How do you hope viewers will make these connections? An image of each of your five artworks. Each image must be cited following APA or Chicago Manual of Style format. A description of each piece. Include the title, the name of the artist, media, dimensions, and the year it was created. a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) that makes connections between the work and its historical context and tells the viewer what it means to you, and why you selected it. You can also include something we wouldn’t know about the work of art from looking quickly. 3. For each of your artworks, please write a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) that tells the viewer what the piece means to you and why you selected it. You can also include something a viewer wouldn’t know about the work of art from looking quickly. For more information on Curator read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curator

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Musical Concert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Rtd4tnFwU You can literally talk about anything like the audience, conductor, musicians, clothes, instruments, etc. just pretending like you’re a reporter that is watching the concert For more information on Musical Concert read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concert

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Ant Farm Art Collective

Short Biography: Activist Video Collectives. Conduct some research into one of the following video collectives: Ant Farm, Raindance, TVTV, or Videofreex. Write a short biographical paper summarizing your findings. Some things you may wish to discuss: When was it founded? Who are the key members? What city were they based out of? What were some of their important videos, or significant events they documented? What was their relationship to mainstream broadcast television? Did they collaborate with other collectives? What is their ideology? For more information on this check: 

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Artistic Representations

For this assignment you are going to look at the art and architecture created by the people we are studying this semester. Art is not just fun to look at, it tells us something significant about the people that created it. This is a chance for you to look at the objects people created in the past and to use those objects to discover more about history. Assignment Instructions: This assignment will require you to use your knowledge of the different civilizations we have discussed and apply them to understanding the art created in the places and times covered by this class. Choose one of the following pieces of art or architecture: The Cave Paintings at Lascoux , KV62, the Tomb of King Tutankamun, Doryphoros , Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army Sutton Hoo Burial Site Augustus of Prima Porta Temple Statuary from Mesopotamia, The Book of Kells The Blue Mosque The Virgin of the Rocks Tokugawa Popular Art Aztec Stone Sculpture Artifacts from the Mississippian Mound culture Rock Hewn Churches of LalibelaYou will write a two to three page paper on the art or architecture you chose. Your paper should answer the following:-What civilization does this art represent?-What is the title of the piece?-Who is the artist (if possible)?-Why did you choose this piece?-How was the piece created? What is the medium?-Why was the piece created?-What does this work tell you about the civilization that created it? Purpose of the Assignment: This assignment is designed to give you an interdisciplinary approach to understanding history. People produced much more than written documents throughout history. Humans have long created art, even before they developed into civilizations. Artistic representations reflect the beliefs, customs, norms, mores, and social structures of people, though sometimes it takes time to understand what is being conveyed by a piece of art. By looking closely, we get a visual representation of the people and societies that existed in the past. By studying the visual remnants of the past, it also gives students the opportunity to tap into different learning styles and concepts. What to Include in Your SubmissionCoversheet and bibliography. Three academic sources not including the textbook and provided website. Citations for all facts and information from your research, not just the direct quotes.File name saved as LastNameFirstNameClassNumberAssignmentName. For more information read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representation_(arts)

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Thematic Connection

THE BOOK IS INTRODUCTION TO HUMANITIES With discussions they must be one to two paragraph Discussion 1 identifying a common theme in two different works, choose any two works from any time period, and find a thematic connection. Explain your choice using specific examples from each work. (The works you choose do not have to be from this week’s module. They can be from any time period or style—your choice!) Discussion 2Choose a work of Rococo or Neoclassical art and relate it to a contemporary work or social construct. What are some of the shared ideas or values that you see expressed, both in Rococo or Neoclassical art and in contemporary society? Discussion 3 Choose a work of art from the Romantic period that depicts Revolution/war (or anything related to it). Discuss the following: How do the formal qualities convey mood/tone/emotion? How are you (the viewer) encouraged to feel about this depiction and its participants (e.g., are you encouraged to take sides, be impartial, feel pity for/anger towards anyone)? Discussion 4Choose an Impressionist work of art that illustrates a significant cultural influence on its creation and discusses its historical context. How did the culture in which the work was created influence the work? (What particular ideologies played a role in its creation and where do you see this influence reflected in the work you chose?) Make sure to point to specific examples of the influence of the culture on the work. Use details in your explanation. For more information read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thematic_relation

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