[ORDER SOLUTION] Leadership Theory

Write a 500-750-word paper that addresses the following: 1. Evaluate each leadership theory in each management style and identify the benefits and challenges of each manager’s characteristics. 2. Explain what elements are situational leadership, transactional leadership, and transformational leadership theories are present. 3. Describe how each leadership style assists in meeting major challenges in health care organizations today. Include two to three peer-reviewed scholarly sources and your textbook. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Trading Debate

This discussion has 2 parts: What is your opinion on the insider trading debate? In other words, should insider trading be illegal or legal? Offer your view on this statement based on your readings, life experiences, and ethics. See Assigned Readings “Related to insider trading” Do you think financial markets, such as the stock market, are efficient? Offer your view on this statement based on your readings and/or real life experiences. See Assigned Readings “Related to market efficiency” Your initial post for each question should be approximately 100 to 200 words (unless the discussion question specifically provides a different guideline), formatted and cited in current APA style with at least one source other than the required textbook. Your initial posts are worth 8 points each. You should respond to two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts. student #1 Jun 30 at 3:49pm Hello everyone, Insider trading is an illegal ethical issue that has happened many times before, and many people have been caught doing this illegal act. For example, if someone works for a company that is planning on releasing a new product which will cause their stocks to skyrocket they could go and tell someone to invest in that company because they have insider information that gives them the information of knowing that investing in this companies stocks at a specific time will lead to a lot of money earned. “Obviously, the reason insider trading is illegal is because it gives the insider an unfair advantage in the market, puts the interests of the insider above those to whom he or she owes a fiduciary duty, and allows an insider to artificially influence the value of a company’s stocks” (HG Legal Sources 2020). Overall, I definitely think that insider trading should be illegal because of the unfair advantage that it gives people who are aware of this insider information. For the most part financial markets are efficient; however, they do tend to have some flaws that don’t always make them completely efficient. “The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) maintains that all stocks are perfectly priced according to their inherent investment properties, the knowledge of which all market participants possess equally” (Dhir 2019). Investors value stocks differently, so it is nearly impossible to determine what a stock should be worth under an efficient market, which is an argument against the EMH. Also, no single investor can attain greater profitability than another investor with the same amount of invested funds under the EMH. Overall, there really is no such thing for financial markets to have perfect efficiency, but they can still be efficient. HG Legal Resources. “What Is Insider Trading and Why Is It Illegal.” Hg.org, 2020, www.hg.org/legal-articles/what-is-insider-trading-and-why-is-it-illegal-31598#:~:text=Obviously%2C%20the%20reason%20insider%20trading,value%20of%20a%20company’s%20stocks (Links to an external site.). Dhir, Rajeev. “Is the Stock Market Efficient?” Investopedia, Investopedia, 17 May 2020, www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/04/022004.asp. student #2 YesterdayJul 1 at 5:43pm What is your opinion on the insider trading debate? In other words, should insider trading be illegal or legal? Offer your view on this statement based on your readings, life experiences, and ethics. Andrew Sebastian (2018) refers to insider trading as the purchase or sale of securities by someone with information that is material and not in the public realm and it can be done by not only company management, directors, and employees but also by outside investors, brokers, and fund managers (para. 1). While there is great debate on whether insider trading should be legal or illegal, I personally think it should remain illegal. My number one reason for this is that is an unethical practice. The people who benefit from utilizing insider information have a greater advantage than those who have invested stock and money but are still left in the dark. When trading, it should be equal, honest, and fair for all involved parties. Furthermore, Sebastian (2018) explains that insider trading “robs the investors who do not have non-public information of receiving the full value for their securities [and] if a select few people trade on material nonpublic information, the integrity of the markets will be damaged and investors will be discouraged from partaking in them” (para. 3-4). Do you think financial markets, such as the stock market, are efficient? Offer your view on this statement based on your readings and/or real-life experiences. I do not think financial markets, such as the stock market, are efficient, however, they are not 100 percent inefficient. “Market efficiency… suggests that the price of a security reflects all the information available about that security” (“Market Efficiency and Its Three Forms”, 2012, para. 2). Therefore, if the market were actually efficient, investors would not have access to any privileged and/or special information that they can use to their advantage to earn an extra profit; but unfortunately, that is not the case for financial markets, like the stock market. Then, to further confirm the inefficiency of certain financial markets, Adam Hayes (2020) explains that in inefficient markets, while some investors can make excess returns, “others can lose more than expected, given their level of risk exposure. If the market were entirely efficient, these opportunities and threats would not exist for any reasonable length of time since market prices would quickly move to match a security’s true value as it changed” (para. 9). References Hayes, A. (2020, April 03). Inefficient Market Definition. Retrieved from https://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/inefficientmarket.asp (Links to an external site.) Market Efficiency and Its Three Forms. (2012, April 20). Retrieved from https://financetrain.com/market-efficiency-and-its-three-forms/ (Links to an external site.) Sebastian, A. (2018, September 29). Why Insider Trading Is Bad for Financial Markets. Retrieved from https://www.investopedia.com/articles/markets-economy/092216/why-insider-trading-bad-financial-markets.asp

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Business Operations

this is an admission essay for Santa Clara University MBA graduate program. I believe I will gain the knowledge and skill set to be a success business operations a manger. in the future I also hope as a Asian-American minority I will be able to open an e-commerce shop inspiring, supporting, and uplifting other women to become an entrepreneur. I know the ratio of women who are a CEO is significantly smaller than men, I know the class discussions, learning from my professors, and students will give me the boost I need to propel in my next steps as becoming a successful business operations manager and understand the scope of a business from the top down. Bay Area is such a hub for these amazing people to get together and Santa Clara has a huge reputation in the Bay Area and I hope to be part of that network and build life long impactful relationships with my cohort and professors.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Celebration’s Event Planning & Catering Services

I have been hired as the first director of human resources (HR) for Celebration’s Event Planning & Catering Services. For this assignment, complete the steps listed below. ? First, begin with an introduction that provides the name and basic description of your fictional organization. Include the location (Spanish Fort, AL), type of industry, and number of employees (100). o The organization must have 20 or more employees. o It must be an organization where unionization and globalization are possible. ? Second, explain the importance of equal employment opportunity as you see it through your eyes as the HR director. Why is it important to have up-to-date knowledge about federal laws against discrimination? ? Third, select three federal or state discrimination laws that you consider to be important for your organization. ? Next, evaluate the laws and why you selected the laws that you chose. ? Provide a summary of the total amount of charge statistics in your organization’s state that are related to the three laws you described. ? Finally, develop a brief nondiscrimination policy for your organization. Ensure that it reflects what you must do to prevent discriminatory practices at your organization. Be sure it contains all recommended requirements discussed in the unit lesson.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] admission essay

Ed.M. Applicants As a reminder, competitive candidates need not have prior direct experience in an education setting though they should have a clear conception of why they’re pursuing a master’s degree in education. In addition, “education” and “education-related” are broadly defined at HGSE and encompass all fields covered by the Ed.M. programs we offer. In your statement, please discuss: 1. Your background: what key experiences have contributed to your commitment to work in the field of education or with education-related issues 2. Your objectives for graduate study: what are your academic and professional goals and what knowledge, skills, and tools are you hoping to develop through enrollment in a graduate program 3. Why HGSE, and why this specific program (and strand within the program, if relevant): why is enrollment at HGSE, and in this master’s program/strand specifically, critical in helping you achieve your goals 4. Where are you now 5. What knowledge, education, experience gaps are you trying to fill by this master program

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[ORDER SOLUTION] real life application

Parenting Styles, Attachment Theory and How it Applies to You: In this summary, you will apply information about parenting styles to your own self. Based on Baumrind’s parenting styles (authoritarian, authoritative, permissive), summarize the parenting style with which you were raised. Discuss the key elements of that parenting style and how it applies to how you were raised. Give some examples from your childhood that supports your thinking concerning this topic. Also, discuss attachment theory and what type of attachment you have with your own parents based on this information. Discuss attachment theory as an infant and how that impacts the rest of one’s development. Your response should be 500 words and include APA style reference to the book or other material. here is what I would like for you to edit it for me also please make sure it on APA style my laptop need settings so I can’t do any APA format here is my draft

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[Get Solution] Admission Essay

300-word essay that address one of the two program-specific mission questions below… We seek to eliminate healthcare disparity and improve the wellbeing of underserved populations by developing competent, compassionate, and mindful clinicians who may not share a similar background as their patients. Tell us about an experience that has broadened your own view of cultural competence and has enhanced your ability to understand those unlike yourself.   OR   Addressing disparities in health and health care is important not only from an equity standpoint, but also for improving overall quality of care and population health. Please share a personal experience you feel makes you more qualified to address these health disparities as a physician assistant and why it is important to you. School: https://www.canisius.edu/about-canisius/mission-vision-strategic-plan Note: Please also attach the plagiarism check report as well.

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[Get Solution] Testing and Assessment of Technical Designs

The task of a mechanical engineer is to develop and to incorporate cost-efficient improvements in equipment to improve safety, reliability and efficiency. They collaborate with colleagues in the production, testing and assessment of technical designs that tackle complex problems within projects and solve them. In my early childhood years my father gifted me a laptop and as I took that laptop into my hand’s questions began pouring out of my mind that how this machine was designed, constructed and how it worked. Since then I’ve become very intrigued by the mechanics behind the devices. This aspiration was intensified when I discovered the internet. As a vast amount of knowledge came to my grasp, I started studying the mechanics of different machines and read several articles as well as magazines like ‘science daily’ and ‘engineering.com’. I have also acquired as many skills as possible that I can gain myself in software like ‘Mat Lab’ and ‘Unity” and done projects such as creating facial recognition software as well as creating theoretical designs for a fully automated and environment friendly home.Each taste of life provides every person with new knowledge and therefore experience is our way of developing, our way of learning and our way of living in this changing world. Thus I have a two and half year internship at my father garment manufacturing company, the most important opportunity that makes me recognize and follow my career direction. I work as an assistant manager. During my first year of internship my duties were to respond to any complaints or comments against the orders. Throughout this time, I had to use critical thinking in every phase to respond to the customers, as I had to have logic and rationale behind our goods, and I also had to provide them with alternative solutions. I needed to develop mutual trust with my colleagues to keep me successful and one of the ways to boost moral values when raising trust is to have team-building exercise. Often I eat and share my thoughts with them during the launch break. I tried to support someone with a tight schedule in his job and got the same kindness back and forth, and in a slow pace I won their vote of confidence in myself.However most productive time of my internship was later half where I was given duty to overseas the manufacturing process this helped me learn very vital skills such as monitoring, management of personals, time management, and decision making since I had to assess, define and evaluate the success of staff and then have to inspire, improve and guide them. It was also the time that I met with the company’s engineering team and studied about the various equipment systems, how they were designed and how they could be fixed.Next came the Covid-19, and foreign trade almost collapsed. My father also suffered a great loss and amount of clothing was going to be wasted, so when I learned that I began looking of how to fix this issue, I eventually came up with the idea that these clothing should be utilized in the production of masks. As I made this recommendation to my father, he instantly assigned me the duty to track and execute this mission. It was a massive challenge and I needed to do so with the utmost commitment.We had begun this project with entire week of meeting executives, working with colleagues throughout the night to complete design and business plan. It was an exhausting operation, but all went smoothly until a big challenge occurred to us that our main cutting machine was not functioning, the mechanical head of our company was not in the town. So, I attempted to fix it myself with my junior in the department, and we were successful. Finally, within two weeks we were able to donate ten thousand masks to the local NGOs.

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[Get Solution] Statement of Purpose for Admission

1-talk about yourself and motivation: Holder of a bachelor in mathematics, currently completing a Master in Mathematics (Finance option) interested in Ph.D. in finance. Have noticed while completing my undergrad my strong interest in using mathematics to solve real-world problems. my Mathematics skills in Finance since the modern financial needs a complex mathematical model. 2- Summarized  undergraduate and previous graduate career: My undergraduate studies and master gave me a strong background in Algebra, Analysis, probability theory. The most important is the course of Financial math in my graduate program that gave me a deeper understanding of the pricing theory from the Black Scholes model, the binomial pricing, stochastic analysis, and how to solve a stochastic differential equation. Have also been exposed to a course of econometrics which helped me to know how to use mathematical concepts such as matrice algebra in multilinear regression and also introduced me to the concepts of times series and financial time series. I didn’t perform well in some units of the second semester as econometrics because of some health issues during the period of exams. 3- Relevance of recent current activities: After completing my master coursework, I have successfully defended my research proposal in pricing financial derivative mainly how to price lookback options under stochastic volatility. Besides, I have been reading on my own books on intermediate the intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics to catch up on the lack in that field(you can mention any good book ). 4: Elaborate on your academic interest: I am interested in Asset pricing mainly on how to price financial derivatives. Also interested in corporate finance. 5-Conclusion Can kindly see the instruction on the website of UC-Berkeley.

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[Get Solution] GPA Addendum

“Describe the circumstances that contributed to your undergraduate GPA being around or under a 3.0 (provide details). Then, describe the changes you’ve made and lessons you’ve learned to be better prepared to maintain a GPA of 3.0+ as a student in this program.” I have a 2.4 undergraduate GPA. I recently took classes post baccalaureate and I now have 3.9 GPA.  My experience with my undergraduate was difficult because I had just moved to America from Lebanon at 17 years old.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so it was difficult to stay motivated and along with that, my mother was in and out of the ICU with only myself around to care for her. Now that I know what I want to do with my life, with proof of my recent grades, I am motivated more than ever to continue with my education and maintain a high competitive GPA.

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