[SOLVED] The Walking Dead Volumes 

Write a 6-8 page research paper that analyzes a controlling idea in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Remember to interpret the graphic novel as a commentary that reflects contemporary society: Man’s fears that materialize in apocalyptic literature Actions that secure Maslow’s theory of the “hierarchy of needs” Posing philosophical questions regarding moral dilemmas A theory that works with psychology, shifts in women’s roles in society, shifts in racial identity, etc. Structure Because the research essay will look at a graphic novel, which reveals complexities in a bleak futuristic society, these are a few structures to consider. Regardless of the structure, the essay needs to be focused: I suggest limiting the essay to 4-6 specific aspects of the novel to support your assertion of Collins’s purpose. Classification: apocalyptic literature, Maslow’s theories of the “hierarchy of needs,” philosophical theories such as cosequentialism, utilitarianism. Compare/ Contrast: Looking at the two characters in the graphic novel to prove a point. In order to avoid having the essay read as a random list of facts, three considerations are necessary for a compare/ contrast structure There needs to be a theory that needs to be proven or a question that needs to be answered, through the comparison. The two characters being compared must be compared along the same points and equal attention should be given to both character. Analysis needs to be given (in other words don’t simply list similarities or differences between characters, instead explain what one character represents in American culture versus another) Cause and Effect: One approach could look at how gender roles affect the characters. Another approach could look at how a post-apocalytic society affects character’s moral imperative. Research A minimum of 3 sources of research should be included to enhance the essay’s analysis of the novel. Research should only contribute to 30% of the essay (maximum). The essay draws upon research completed for the annotated bibliography; however, the essay should focus on the writer’s analysis of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead Research will be used in the introduction to define the controlling idea through which the novel will be analyzed + to introduce Kirkman in a focused manner Research will only support the analysis of the graphic novel and not become the focus in the confirmation paragraphs In order to remain focused on the graphic novel: each confirmation (body/ supporting) paragraph will include a direct quotation or 1-4 frames from the graphic novel* Essays must meticulous with documentation and have parenthetical citations + a reference page More than three instances of research being included without proper documentation will result in a failing grade of plagiarism. Research can be added to any portion of the essay; however, remember to balance your research so that it is only 20-30% of your paper. Consider highlighting research (summarized or quoted) or putting research in a different color font. This will help quickly determine how much of the essay is drawing from research. *Frames do not contribute to the essay’s page count. Note on the prevention of plagiarism It is essential to demonstrate a proficiency with documentation with this essay including parenthetical citations and a works cited page (not the annotated bibliography). First, when reviewing research, highlight any material that might contribute to the research essay and organize your research for future reference (it is difficult to differentiate your ideas from someone else’s later in the project). Second, when copying and pasting from research, please include quotation marks + a parenthetical citation. Alternately, when summarizing research in your own words (specific facts, dates, etc.), include parenthetical citations—in each sentence Third, the reference page should only include citations (no annotations) and only include sources actually included in the essay (don’t forget to include the novel which was not part of the annotated bibliography). If you have questions concerning the inclusion of research, please let me know. Arrangement of the Essay The basic structure of this essay should follow a four-part arrangement of classical rhetoric. The research essay provides an in-depth analysis of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. The analysis will be supported by research. Introduction Provides a controlling idea through which the graphic novel will be analyzed (apocalyptic literature, Maslow’s theory of the “hierarchy of needs,” a philosophy, feminism, etc.) Introduces Kirkman—be selective—and the graphic novel, The Walking Dead, though the context given Informs the reader of the essay’s focus and purpose Thesis Title of the graphic novel + author + establishes the theory or question–concerning the controlling idea–through which the graphic novel will be analyzed Outlines the 4-6 points of analysis, which must be specifically listed and listed in the order of the essay’s Note: The essay must have a thesis in order to receive a passing grade The Confirmation Uses a compare/ contrast, cause and effect or classification pattern between characters or events within the graphic novel Give a topic sentence that establishes what will be analyzed in the paragraph Isolates specific direct quotations for evidence or 1-4 frames* of interpretation: each confirmation paragraph should contain a quotation from the novel (this will help remain focused on analyzing the novel & prevent the research from becoming the focus) Paragraphs should be fully developed and focused—the explanation of the quotation/ specific focus of the novel in the paragraph should support the controlling idea proposed in the thesis.  Ask yourself: what is revealed about the character and what that character symbolizes or how does this alter/ reinforce my theory for the essay? Transitions should connect paragraphs and provide direction for the essay’s direction—transitions are not optional Special Note on Compare/ Contrast Essays: Discussion of any two aspects of the novel should be balanced: an aspect discussed with one character will be discussed with the other (same with other aspects such as symbolism, themes, etc.) Further, with a compare and contrast structure, paragraphs should follow a recognizable pattern (either use a block method and discuss everything concerning one narrative element (such as character) and then the next or use an alternating method that follows a pattern of discussing character A then character B in a consistent pattern Conclusion Conclusions should discuss the significance of the novel: how does the novel affect a reader’s understanding of society, politics, economics, morality, etc. *frames do not contribute to the essay’s page count

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[SOLVED] Interaction between Religion

This week I want us to reflect on the interaction between religion and the world today.  What do you feel is the role of religion today?  Is it positive or negative on the whole?  Is religion free of politics either generally or specifically?  What problems are inherent in dealing with religious beliefs?  Remember that this forum is public, so please respect the beliefs of others.  Refrain from naming specific religions or denominations and speak in generic terms.    You may choose, either instead or in addition to, to speak directly to one of the stories and the impact of the Puritan religion on the people of the 19th century or analyze the effects on the characters.  For example, how wise was Rev. Hooper in his actions or Goodman Brown in his?  Speaking of Goodman Brown, is his case relevant today?

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[SOLVED] America Government Exam

Exam #2 Directions: Respond to 3 of the following questions in a full paragraph (5-7 sentences @ least). Support your claim using evidence, examples, quotes, etc. Make sure to provide a topic sentenceand stick to material discussed in class/ textbookKey Terms: incumbents/ bicameral legislature/ speaker of the house/ bill/ interest group /PAC (political action committee)/ campaign strategy/ national party convention/ party platform/ presidential primaries Determine the significance of party identification in America today.Describe campaign methods and strategies.Identify the factors that influence whether people vote.Evaluate the fairness of the Electoral College system for choosing the president. Why was it established? What are the benefits and negative effects? Identify the major factors influencing the outcome of congressional elections. Question 1 and 2 amd 3…

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[SOLVED] Asian America Literature

Consider the binaries in M. Butterfly (i.e. Orient vs. Occident, Hetero vs. Homosexual, Masculine vs. Feminine). What do you think David Henry Hwang is trying to do with our understanding of these categories? Choose at least one binary to discuss in depth.

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[SOLVED]  The Norton Anthology American Literature 9th Edition

Read: — The Age of Exploration & Discovery; pp. 7-10—Note how Columbus’s arrival brings European conquest and disease to Native Americans, and how religious settlers (Puritans & Pilgrims) establish the foundation of Christianity in the America we know today   –See engraving, “Indian Village of Secoton, 1585” in “shiny pages (where the pictures, engravings, and portraits are),” p.C3—Note that eastern tribes did not live in tepees, but rather houses resembling those which the whites would build — Native American Creation Story: “The Iroquois Creation Story,” pp. 31-35 –“King Philip’s Speech,” p. 40 –“Lenape War Song,” p. 43 –Christopher Columbus: Bio, p. 44-45, and “Letter of Discovery [to Luis de Santangel],” pp. 45-51; “Letter [of] the 4th Voyage,” pp. 51-3 Journal #1 Assignment (Written for Homework, or in Class, at Instructor’s discretion) DUE THURS.—Week 1, Day 3: 750 words (50 pts.) in response to a literary work read in class this week. Should focus on a literary element or device in the story and include a thesis analyzing its importance to the literary work. Did you enjoy the work? Did you learn anything from it? Explain why. You must use APA Template for all submitted work–Cover Page (Running Header not required), Times New Roman Font Size #12, Doublespaced, or points will be taken off! 1.       Years ago, Columbus was considered a hero, because he “discovered” America. Today, we understand that he never reached mainland; instead, he may have visited Hispaniola, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands. Furthermore, he was very cruel to the natives already living there—he forced them to work on the Spanish plantation-farms (encomiendas) and murdered them for no reason, to the extent that pregnant Indian women would flee into the jungle to have their children, and afterwards kill them, so that the Spaniards could not enslave them. What do you think of Columbus today? 2.       We would not have known anything about the crimes against humanity which Columbus committed against the Indians were it not for the writings and testimony of Bartolome de las Casas, who had started out as a soldier of Columbus, but afterwards became a Catholic priest, working with the Indians. Was it right for de las Casas to turn against his former superior and testify against him? 3.       Note that Columbus did a lot of his crimes out of sheer ignorance—slavery was common in those days. As a matter of fact, after five years, with most of the Indians dead (of diseases which the Spanish sailors and soldiers brought—STDs, smallpox, and even the common cold, against which the natives had no natural antibodies—he allowed and encouraged the import of Black African enslaved persons. However, there was one instance where he “stood up” for the Indians, after a fashion—see p. 47, text, 20 lines (ll.) from page bottom, where he prevents his men from cheating the Indians in trade; e.g., giving them broken glass or broken leather straps in exchange for spun cotton or gold.

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[SOLVED] Racial Identity Impulse 

Dear Writer my instructions are as follows: The work must be original, no plagiarism, and high level academic wording Before tackling the novels, you need to write about Chapter One: Post-colonial discrepant records: Post Colonialism vs structuralism theories, feminism quest and class gender in literature. Post-colonial thematic concepts (Colonizer vs Colonized) ……….  Chapter Two: The United States as an internal post colony? Re-writing American Minorities literature in post-colonial perspectives. Civil rights movements Upheaval and Minorities literature Jewish American Literary impulses VS African American literary persistence.      Chapter Three: Parallel James Baldwin racial identity VS Paradoxes double consciousness.          Chapter Four: Towards a study of the Racial identity impulse and double consciousness: Similarities and differences in Fire next time, the dangling man and tie that blind       Note: I made those chapters so you are free to modify these chapters for best.

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[SOLVED] Challenges in Healthcare

Discuss one thing you found interesting, thought-provoking, or challenging from this week’s readings. Using the links below and the three others attached.  https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/08/long-haulers-covid-19-recognition-support-groups-symptoms/615382/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XJdfC_1JT4

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[SOLVED] Textual Analysis of Rip Va Winkle by Washington Irving

*ONLY CITE FROM: Rip Va Winkle by Washington Irving* For this assignment, begin by going back through the specific text you’ve chosen and performing an analysis of its literary elements. For this, you’ll need to engage in close reading. In order to complete a textual analysis, you need to consider how individual elements of the text combine to create the whole. In order to do that, you will look at each individual element on its own. Essentially, you are mining the text for additional, specific details that you may have overlooked before. In your analysis, please include sections on the following: Setting: What is the setting? Why is it important? Is there any information given about time and location? Is there anything implied? Why might this be significant? Character: Who are the major characters? What are their defining characteristics? Do any characters change significantly throughout the text? Does it seem like a certain character is meant to represent something? Plot: What is the basic outline of what happens in the text? What are the most important moments in the text? Include information about any exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Point-of-view: what is the POV? Why is it important? What style of narration is presented? How does this affect the text overall? Theme: What point or lesson is the author trying to highlight in this text? Are there multiple themes? Are these themes easily recognizable? How might viewers relate to these themes? Symbolism: Is there anything in the text that seems to stand for something else? Are there certain figures or objects of importance? Why might these items be made to stand out?  You might also include information about imagery, writing style, tone, and/or diction in addition to (or in place of) any of the elements listed above. Structure This analysis should be at least 700 words in length, and should be written in essay/paragraph form using the 3RD PERSON POV academic voice. Please address all significant elements of the text, based on the above list. An effective approach might be to devote a paragraph to each element. MLA Style Your paper must be formatted according to MLA format (this includes having a header, double spacing throughout the document, appropriate font, etc.) Include at least one quotation or paraphrase in each element section with appropriate usage and citation, according to MLA formatting standards. You must include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper. For more information about MLA style, you should view the Purdue OWL’s pages on MLA. Mechanics, Grammar, and Punctuation All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct with proper punctuation. For more information on each of these, you should view the Purdue OWL’s General Writing Resources page.

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[SOLVED] Summary and Response to Jonathan Edwards

At this point, you should have finished reading the biography you have selected. For your final assignment, you will submit a summary and response paper on this reading. Summarize and highlight major points and insights presented in the book as a whole, as well as assess the significance of such insights for today. This paper should be clearly divided and organized into two distinct sections: Section One: Summarizing the major themes/points that the author is making about the subject. (three to four pages) Section Two: Responding to reading and noting any significant connections that the individual has to either past or present events in Church history. (one to two pages) No other sources are required for this paper; however, you should demonstrate a thoughtful interaction with your selected biography. Your paper should be approximately four to six pages in length and writing in APA style, with an introduction, conclusion, and three to four pages of summary and one to two pages of response.

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[SOLVED] Writing of Superman and Wonder Man

You will write a research paper answering a simple question.In a 1952 ruling, Supreme Court Justice Learned Hand gave a simple definition of the superhero.   Hand, in writing of Superman and Wonder man, claimed the superhero “at times conceals his strength beneath ordinary clothing but after removing his cloak stands revealed in full panoply in a skintight acrobatic costume.”  Hand further noted that the superhero uses his “sufficient strength” as “the champion of the oppressed,” “battling evils and injustice.”  Hand’s definition can be simplified to include only four major aspects: a selfless, pro-social mission; powers; costume; and identity.  If Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a story of superheroes, given Learned Hand’s definition or other definitions of the heroic, who, by the end, is the story’s hero?

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