[Get Solution] Sinclair Lewis Webliography

This is a is close to a research component as we will come this semester. There are very specific requirements but writing a paper IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This assignment is to help you hone your research skills to determine validity and robustness of web sites. Requirements: Find 4 sites that detail information about S.L.’s life. For each one give (or copy) the URL and then write one or two sentences about who maintains this site. Then write one or two sentences about whether you think it’s a reliable site AND WHY. Find 4 sites that detail information about his work. These sites will talk ABOUT his work, they will NOT be his actual work but rather critical  analyses of his work.   For each one give (or copy) the URL and then write one or two sentences about who maintains this site. Then write one or two sentences about whether you think it’s a reliable site AND WHY. Find 1 of his short stories.  Read it.  Write just a few sentences in response.  (Did you find it interesting?  Was it strange? Was there something disturbing in it?  How is it like/unlike the other authors we’ve read in class?) This can be your response and your opinion, but it must have some substantiation (at least one quote) to support what you’re saying. That’s it.  Voila, your research project.

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[Get Solution] Artistic Movements

Write a 5-page essay (not including notes and bibliography) analyzing one of the literary works, artistic movements, or the works by an author discussed during the first half of the semester. Make sure that your essay is well organized with a clear and original argument. Also, make sure that you include evidence of the validity of your argument in your essay (this evidence will come from the literary text), as well as a conclusion. Please note: If you essay includes any background information about the Central American context, please make sure to carry out research online or in person at the library, and make sure that your work is documented with academic sources. Use the MLA format.

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[Get Solution] The Walking Dead Volumes 

Write a 6-8 page research paper that analyzes a controlling idea in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Remember to interpret the graphic novel as a commentary that reflects contemporary society: Man’s fears that materialize in apocalyptic literature Actions that secure Maslow’s theory of the “hierarchy of needs” Posing philosophical questions regarding moral dilemmas A theory that works with psychology, shifts in women’s roles in society, shifts in racial identity, etc. Structure Because the research essay will look at a graphic novel, which reveals complexities in a bleak futuristic society, these are a few structures to consider. Regardless of the structure, the essay needs to be focused: I suggest limiting the essay to 4-6 specific aspects of the novel to support your assertion of Collins’s purpose. Classification: apocalyptic literature, Maslow’s theories of the “hierarchy of needs,” philosophical theories such as cosequentialism, utilitarianism. Compare/ Contrast: Looking at the two characters in the graphic novel to prove a point. In order to avoid having the essay read as a random list of facts, three considerations are necessary for a compare/ contrast structure There needs to be a theory that needs to be proven or a question that needs to be answered, through the comparison. The two characters being compared must be compared along the same points and equal attention should be given to both character. Analysis needs to be given (in other words don’t simply list similarities or differences between characters, instead explain what one character represents in American culture versus another) Cause and Effect: One approach could look at how gender roles affect the characters. Another approach could look at how a post-apocalytic society affects character’s moral imperative. Research A minimum of 3 sources of research should be included to enhance the essay’s analysis of the novel. Research should only contribute to 30% of the essay (maximum). The essay draws upon research completed for the annotated bibliography; however, the essay should focus on the writer’s analysis of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead Research will be used in the introduction to define the controlling idea through which the novel will be analyzed + to introduce Kirkman in a focused manner Research will only support the analysis of the graphic novel and not become the focus in the confirmation paragraphs In order to remain focused on the graphic novel: each confirmation (body/ supporting) paragraph will include a direct quotation or 1-4 frames from the graphic novel* Essays must meticulous with documentation and have parenthetical citations + a reference page More than three instances of research being included without proper documentation will result in a failing grade of plagiarism. Research can be added to any portion of the essay; however, remember to balance your research so that it is only 20-30% of your paper. Consider highlighting research (summarized or quoted) or putting research in a different color font. This will help quickly determine how much of the essay is drawing from research. *Frames do not contribute to the essay’s page count. Note on the prevention of plagiarism It is essential to demonstrate a proficiency with documentation with this essay including parenthetical citations and a works cited page (not the annotated bibliography). First, when reviewing research, highlight any material that might contribute to the research essay and organize your research for future reference (it is difficult to differentiate your ideas from someone else’s later in the project). Second, when copying and pasting from research, please include quotation marks + a parenthetical citation. Alternately, when summarizing research in your own words (specific facts, dates, etc.), include parenthetical citations—in each sentence Third, the reference page should only include citations (no annotations) and only include sources actually included in the essay (don’t forget to include the novel which was not part of the annotated bibliography). If you have questions concerning the inclusion of research, please let me know. Arrangement of the Essay The basic structure of this essay should follow a four-part arrangement of classical rhetoric. The research essay provides an in-depth analysis of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. The analysis will be supported by research. Introduction Provides a controlling idea through which the graphic novel will be analyzed (apocalyptic literature, Maslow’s theory of the “hierarchy of needs,” a philosophy, feminism, etc.) Introduces Kirkman—be selective—and the graphic novel, The Walking Dead, though the context given Informs the reader of the essay’s focus and purpose Thesis Title of the graphic novel + author + establishes the theory or question–concerning the controlling idea–through which the graphic novel will be analyzed Outlines the 4-6 points of analysis, which must be specifically listed and listed in the order of the essay’s Note: The essay must have a thesis in order to receive a passing grade The Confirmation Uses a compare/ contrast, cause and effect or classification pattern between characters or events within the graphic novel Give a topic sentence that establishes what will be analyzed in the paragraph Isolates specific direct quotations for evidence or 1-4 frames* of interpretation: each confirmation paragraph should contain a quotation from the novel (this will help remain focused on analyzing the novel & prevent the research from becoming the focus) Paragraphs should be fully developed and focused—the explanation of the quotation/ specific focus of the novel in the paragraph should support the controlling idea proposed in the thesis.  Ask yourself: what is revealed about the character and what that character symbolizes or how does this alter/ reinforce my theory for the essay? Transitions should connect paragraphs and provide direction for the essay’s direction—transitions are not optional Special Note on Compare/ Contrast Essays: Discussion of any two aspects of the novel should be balanced: an aspect discussed with one character will be discussed with the other (same with other aspects such as symbolism, themes, etc.) Further, with a compare and contrast structure, paragraphs should follow a recognizable pattern (either use a block method and discuss everything concerning one narrative element (such as character) and then the next or use an alternating method that follows a pattern of discussing character A then character B in a consistent pattern Conclusion Conclusions should discuss the significance of the novel: how does the novel affect a reader’s understanding of society, politics, economics, morality, etc. *frames do not contribute to the essay’s page count

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[Get Solution] Slides to an Audience

2. Methods a. Observation and recording b. Measurement 3. Results 4. Discussion a. Interpretation of results b. Limitations c. Conclusions d. Future Plans Use bullet points, not paragraphs or blocks of text. write out what you would say in the case that you were presenting the slides to an audience.

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[Get Solution] Literary Tools

Write a 4-8 page paper which analyzes the literary tools (setting, conflict development, characterization, mood, irony, symbolism, point of view, the author used in writing the novel you have chosen. Decide which three tools have most influenced the novel’s theme. The research paper will be an explanation of how each of these various tools develop the theme of the novel. Consider the relevant tools paragraph by paragraph from least to most important.

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[Get Solution] Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the most popular novel of the nineteenth century. While the novel certainly propelled the abolitionist movement in the nineteenth century, and bolstered support for the abolition of slavery, many 20th and 21st century scholars have criticized the novel for its patronizing portrayals of African American characters. In the short excerpts we have read for our class, discuss either or both of these aspects (abolitionism in the novel and Stowe’s depiction of the African American experience). http://www.gutenberg.org/files/203/203-h/203-h.htm#link2HCH0044

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[Get Solution] Life of a Slave Girl

Analyze an aspect of Harriet Jacobs’ autobiography, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, then compare it to another work we have read for Unit 4. I will list below what we read in unit 4 so you can compare it to the “life of a slave girl”: Another thing we read in unit 4 was: Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau 1849 http://xroads.virginia.edu/~Hyper2/thoreau/civil.html

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[Get Solution] Art or Entertainment Experiences

Why is it that they (the characters in The Making of Americans)—or rather we (our society)—can accept uncertainty and even complete mystification in some art or entertainment experiences but not in others? Can we take pleasure in adventures such as this, adventures into prose and poetry that seem to escape the usual chore of making sense and being clear? 5 5 0 5 Gertrude Stein – Objects: Part 1 Options Menu: Forum In “Objects” Stein explores describing everyday items. This seems like a simple enough task, right? For this discussion board, I would like you to describe one item that you own from this list (in your post do not say what you are describing): 1. smart phone 2.car 3. smart watch 4. laptop/computer 5. American Literature textbook 6. book bag 7. scissors 8. water bottle 9. a pair of shoes 10.an object of your choosing Here’s the catch: you have to describe it to someone who has never seen it. Good luck! P.S. As Gertrude Stein famously said, “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” What do you think she meant by that? P.S.S. Just for fun. Try to guess what other classmates are describing. P.S.S.S. Don’t forget. Do not mention what you’re describing. 11 11 0 7 Gertrude Stein – Objects Part 2: Options Menu: Forum What is the meaning of “Objects?” View Picasso’s cubist painting Seated Man. In what ways might Stein’s poem reflect the type of image Picasso created? Compare and contrast the picture with one of Stein’s poems. 6 6 0 6 Zora Neal Hurston – Sweat Options Menu: Forum What is Delia’s worst phobia? Why does Sykes declare that Delia is a hypocrite? Why does this accusation not seem fair given the source? Note the names of the figures who hang out at Joe Clarke’s porch: Joe Lindsay, Jim Merchant, Walter Thomas, and Moss. How might these names be symbolic? How does their dialogue help characterize Delia? How does their dialogue help characterize Sykes? Hurston’s stories (like Mark Twain’s) are known for their use of phonetic, regional dialect, in which character’s accents and pronunciations are reproduced phonetically. Did this add or take away from the story for you? Why? 5 5 0 5 Zora Neal Hurston – How It Feels to Be Colored Me Options Menu: Forum The NAAL editors say that Hurston “rejected the idea that a black writer’s chief concern should be how blacks were being portrayed to the white reader. She did not write to ‘uplift her race,’ either; because in her view it was already uplifted, she (like Claude McKay) was not embarrassed to present her characters a mixtures of good and bad, strong and weak.” What do you think of this approach? What are readers meant to take away from each of these two pieces(…Colored Me & Sweat)? In what ways are these Hurston texts — and, in fact, some of the other texts we’ve been reading — considered to be “modern?” Based on the texts we’ve read in this 1914-1945 “unit,” what is your working definition of “modernism?” 4 4 0 4 William Faulkner – A Rose for Emily Options Menu: Forum What is important about the title of the short story, “A Rose for Emily”? What are the multiple meanings for the “rose”? How essential is the setting to the story? Could the story have taken place anywhere else? Do you find the characters likable? Would you want to meet the characters? What makes Emily Grierson such an enigma to her neighbors? What is she hiding from them, literally as well as figuratively? Does the story end with a smoking gun that ultimately explains Emily’s behaviors, or with a red herring that provides more questions than answers? Is Emily crazy, or do her actions instead reflect on the community that raised her? 4 4 0 4 William Faulkner – Barn Burning Options Menu: Forum Where does Abner Snopes’s rage come from? A glitch in his personality? A reactionary protest against the inequities in the class system that have destined him to a dead-end life as a sharecropper? An existential agony of which he himself is only dimly aware? Faulkner gives us little insight into Abner’s motivation, even going so far as to tell the story largely through the perspective of a young child who can’t possibly fathom why Abner behaves as he does. Is Faulkner hiding something from us as readers, or is he underscoring the primal, inexplicable nature of Abner’s rage? Examine the boy’s “interior monologues,” the italicized parts of the story. What do these tell us about the boy, about others, about Faulkner’s style(s) of narration? What is the role of women in the text? What about single/independent women? What about the role of wife and mother? Examine the references to the boy’s sisters and the places where his mother and aunt appear in the story. How and why does Faulkner describe these women the way he does? What are we “to take” from this story? What is the central theme or message? Are there other themes or messages as well? 2 2 0 2 Langston Hughs: Part 1 Options Menu: Forum Mulatto Discuss the significance of the word ‘mulatto’ in relation to Langston Hughes’ life and works. What leads to the birth of a Mulatto boy? What is the attitude of the Mulatto’s white father toward him? Theme for English B What does Hughes mean by the lines, “You are white— / yet a part of me, as I am a part of you. / That’s American”? The Weary Blues Hughes often said that he came down with frequent cases of the ‘Blues.’ Explain what the blues are and what, if anything, Hughes felt was the remedy for this illness. Note on Commercial Theatre What is Hughes protesting? The Negro Speaks of Rivers Four rivers are named: the Euphrates, the Congo, the Nile, and the Mississippi. What special significance do these four rivers have in terms of creating the world of the poem? What historical or cultural worlds do they help us imagine? How is the history of humanity related to the history of an individual man in this poem? With that in mind, what do you think the speaker means by “My soul has grown deep like the rivers”? I, Too In “I, Too,” what do you think the speaker means by “I am the darker brother”? Why is the speaker sent to the kitchen? Why will they be “ashamed”? In your opinion, what is the message being sent in this poem? 2 2 0 2 Langston Hughes: Part 2 Options Menu: Forum Discuss whether you believe Hughes’ was a political poet. Cite examples of his life and works to support your argument. Hughes often incorporated other art forms into his poetry. Give an example of this and explain how the inclusion of other forms affected Langston’s verse. Why was Hughes considered a Blues poet? What is the significance of the period in which Hughes lived in relation to his writing? What characteristics of Modernism do you see in Hughes’ poetry

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[Get Solution] Role of Poetry and Creative Expression

This assignment will be based on the reading Yuan Chen and “The Story of Ying-Ying” by James R. Hightower. I will attach the reading as a PDF as a file. *Read “The Story of Ying-Ying,” by Yuan Chen and additional scholarly info: pages: 90-106 (ending with the paragraph closing with “…Wang Chih’s friend Yang Fu-Kung.” *Note: focus primarily on the text of the actual story, “The Tale of Ying-Ying” (pages 93-103). Once having read the PDF and the required parts, Consider the following questions. Note SPECIFIC QUOTES, annotate or make note of page numbers to support your comments for the questions below!! 1 – Why does Chang’s attitude toward Ying-Ying change after he goes away? Why doesn’t he ask her to marry him? Write out your response and use a quote to support your explanation! 2 – How do you view the role of poetry and creative expression in this story? 3 – What is this story about? What themes are suggested? 4 – At the end of the story we read that Chang’s contemporaries agreed that he had “done well to rectify his mistake”. What was “his mistake” from his contemporaries’ point of views? What does this viewpoint reveal about social norms/gender relations at that time? All questions should be backed up by a quote from the text. Do not make the response long, just make them address the whole question with evidence and get straight to the point.

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[Get Solution] Bibliographic Listing

1)– Write at least 100 words about your plans for this Essay . What questions do you have so far? What do you think you need to learn? Use these questions as guidelines for your essay proposal. Additionally, list the complete bibliographic listing for at least one source you are considering using. Your source must be scholarly/peer-reviewed, and cannot be a book review, dictionary, encyclopedia, video, or anything longer than 20 page. 2) Write an Essay on Tennessee Williams “A Streetcar Named Desire” conduct research on how this story is representative of a particular movement. Your essay must be 700-1000 words, and must include a Works Cited page (not included in the word/page count). You must use at least two secondary sources, but do not use more than four. Do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias. At least one of your sources must be a scholarly/peer-reviewed source. You have two choices for this first essay: Pleas ,I need a rough draft and the complete essay.

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