Active Listening

Active listening and reiteration:For this exercise you will once more have to find someone who would be willing to help you. Anyone who is willing to give you about 10 minutes of their time. The goal of this exercise is to reflect on how much you retain when listening to others.Step one:Ask your volunteer to tell you the story of a time when they felt like an outsider. Frame it by letting them know that they have two minutes to tell you the story with every detail they can imagine. They will talk for two minutes and you may ask two clarifying questions. The questions should tie directly with what your volunteer is saying. For example: Can you tell me more about that… What was that like for you?Make sure you time yourself (a good use of your cell phone).After you are done please say thank you to your volunteer.Step two:Ask your volunteer to tell you about the person who has always been there for them. They will speak again for two minutes and you will listen. You will not speak, but this time you may ask two clarifying questions.Once you are done you will tell them what you hear. You will start with: “This is what I hear you say…”Ask them how well you got their story.Now please write a small reflection on your experience. Think about what that was like for you and also evaluate how well you think you listen and retained the telling.

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